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  Elbow's Aviation Shots!

 Latest shots to be added to the website                                               

 .......... recent visits to Durham Tees Valley in (DTV 2017)

       Thursday 31st August (13.15pm - 16.30pm)  Of interest this afternoon..  D-ISJP Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 routed from Manchester to Vienna as (ECA111) "and did a very spectacular approach",  Air Ancyra Learjet 45 TC-CMB arrived from Izmir and after a nightstop headed off to Sabiha Gokcen,  G-HOLM Eurocopter EC135 arrived/dept as (WDK34), Jetfly Pilatus PC12 LX-JFB routed from Luton to Lyon as (JFA29B/08S), New Resident Be200GT Super King Air G-IASB departed to Newcastle as (MDI02), and lastly operating the (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was PH-KZM Fokker FK70.


 Friday 1st September (07.30am - 08.00am//16.25pm - 18.05pm) First visit today to catch up with a couple of now regular executive jets that arrive annually this time of year which arrived over the last couple of days, and were better for shots in the morning regarding the Sun, 'hence why a early visit'..  N978PW Falcon 900 arrived from Carlisle on Monday 28th, and Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ arrived from Iqaluit on Tuesday 29th as (CNK715),  while Jetfly Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 LX-NCG arrived lastnight as (JFA11S) and was due out to Brussels as (JFA86A) this afternoon, and lastly arriving late lastnight 'and to become common here at DTV operating for Eastern Airways on the Aberdeen schedule' was AIS Airlines BAe Jetstream 32 PH-FCI which arrived from Munster as (PNX088) and was due out on the mid morning (EZE632) service.......On the later visit, Falcon 2000 OO-DFG arrived from Brussels as (AAB571), Ce560 Citation XLS+ EC-LYL arrived from Madrid Barajas on 30th as (GES382) and departed to Shannon as (GES381) this afternoon, NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS routed from Dublin to Madrid Barajas as (NJE873F/714A), Hanger 8 Hawker 4000 G-PROO routed from Palma to Blackpool as (JME404G), and lastly PH-KZK Fokker FK70 operated the (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service just as the cloud broke and the sun came out!!!


 Saturday 2nd September (15.25pm - 16.00pm)  A couple today.......NetJets EMB505 Phenom 300 CS-PHF routed from Oxford Kidlington to Le Bourget as (NJE5BF), while classic Ce501 Citation 1/SP F-HFRA routed from Bordeaux to Le Bourget as (ARL505).


 Monday 4th September (16.45pm - 17.10pm) Groundhog day with a few exceptions today, with all arriving lastnight..... Falcon 2000 EC-LGV arrived from Barcelona as (EXU201) and returned back there this afternoon, EMB505 Phenom 300 F-HEGA from Le Bourget, Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-LEAC arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK24X), Learjet 45 I-FORU arrived from Milan Linate as (VND2261), whilst the rest, OH-RBX Ce560 Citation Excel arrived this morning from Helsinki, and lastly N450EE Gulfstream G450 arrived from DuPage IL on sat 2nd..


 Thursday 7th September (17.00pm - 17.10pm) Noteables on this short visit..  Sun Air Dornier 328-300 Jet OY-JJB arrived from Billund as (SUS001), while on the (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZS.


 Friday 8th September (16.10pm - 17.45pm) Pilatus PC12 M-JJTL routed from Denham to Fairoaks as (XCH288G), Falcon 900 D-AWKG operated from and to Schwabisch Hall, while arriving from Bournemouth as (FRA88) was Falcon 20 G-FFRA. Operating the tea time (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZB. Air Hamburg Ce560 Citation XLS+ D-CAHO routed from Hamburg to Nice as (AHO189Z), lastly, and saving the best till last was LZ-PDM RB390 Premier arriving from Ibiza as (TJJ503), it departed to Grosseto as (TJJ601) the next morning.


 Sunday 10th September (15.10pm - 18.20pm) Several executives tonight... EMB545 Legacy 450 OO-NEY routed Bordeaux/Brussels, TBM700 2-PLAY routed Jersey to Guernsey, Arcus Air EMB500 Phenom 100 D-IAAR arrived from Geneva as (AZE77P), while another EMB500 Phenom 100 9H-FGV arrived as (LWG701 from Palma and departed to Albert/Picardie as (LWG792). Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang's G-FBLK and G-FBNK both arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK1A) and (BKK26Z) respectively, Jetfly Ce525Citationjet CJ3 LX-WEB routed Southampton/Geneva as (JFA75S/87S), and lastly Avionord Learjet 45 I-FORU arrived from Milan Linate as (VND2272).


 Wednesday 13th September (18.30pm - 19.40pm) Ce525 Citationjet CJ3 G-PAOL arrived lastnight from Dublin as (BHK01G) and was due back their Thursday 14th,  Learjet 35 D-CFOR routed from Kefallinia to Birmingham as (AYY117). (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was operated by Fokker FK70 PH-KZL, Gulfstream G650 N1F was the second of the type to visit here when it arrived from William P Hobby, it left to London Stansted on Fri 15th, and lastly arriving in the golden hour from Tirana as (MLT628) was Boeing 737-300 9H-PAM, after an hour it headed off to Keflavik.







United Kingdom

      Well hello!

    I'm Ian Ellington, a keen aircraft photographer from the north east of the UK! I started taking photos in the late 70's with a instamatic camera but moved quickly onto SLR's with a Zenith E in 1979, I then settled with a Cannon SLR mid 80's of which I've had several up to the present day! I started prints but moved onto slides in 1991, eventually starting the digital era in late 2003! I have a keen interest in the older types of transport aircraft but unfortunately not many visit my local airport (Durham Tees Valley) "better known now as Teesside'  

     I am currently scanning all of my negatives/prints & slides from my collection, with the aim being to try and get all of my collection digitalized!

        I also have a keen interest in Radio Controlled model aircraft and have several which I fly on a regular basis at my local club.

    Anyway here's some shots taken from over the years from my collection.  Any Comments, or if I can be of any help then please feel free to contact me on propsmoke@googlemail.com


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