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  Elbow's Aviation Shots!

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  Shots around the UK in UK Trips 2017

 East Midlands 07/07/17 (16.20pm - 22.10pm)  Things got off to a slow start with only West Atlantic Boeing 737-400F G-JMCB arriving from Coventry as (NPT614P), Ce750 Citation 10 D-BUZZ departing to Venice and the day stopping Star Air Boeing 767-200F OY-SRU which arrived early morning from Belfast as (SRR6977), but things then picked up around 19.30pm with a steady stream of arrivals... DHL Boeing 767-300F G-DHLH arrived from Cincinnati as (DHL973), while Airbus A300 D-AEAG departed to Leipzig as (DHL2197). UPS Boeing 767-300F N312UP arrived from Philadelphia as (UPS237), Challenger CL605 C-FNVT arrived from ???  , West Atlantic's Boeing 737-300F G-JMCP arrived from Jersey as (NPT23H), while G-JMCV Boeing 737-400F arrived from Aberdeen as (BCS2877). ASL Airlines Boeing 737-400F EI-STM arrived from Belfast as (TAY014F), West Atlantic Boeing 737-400F G-JMCS departed to Belfast as (NPT01B), Icelandair Cargo Boeing 757-200F arrived from Keflavik as (ICE746), West Atlantic BAe ATP SE-MAO arrived from Guernsey as (SWN022B), Star Air Boeing 767-300F OY-SRU arrived from Edinburgh as (SRR6565), another West Atlantic BAe ATP SE-MHD arrived from Isle of Man as (SWN521), 'not to be outdone by the cargo' Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELY arrived from Malaga as (EXS6MG), ASL Airlines Boeing 737-400F HA-FAU arrived from Shannon as (TAY2939), DHL Boeing 757-200F G-BIKZ arrived from Edinburgh as (BCS2135), EI-STN Boeing 737-400F of ASL Airlines arrived as (TAY2135) from Belfast, and lastly Primera Air/Jet2 Boeing 737-800 OY-PSA arrived from Palma as (EXS604)



 Leeds Bradford 22/07/17 (15.10pm - 20.00pm)  With not much wind at Leeds today arrivals/departures were using both ends of the runway which made things difficult for decent landing shots, so i decided to stay at the mid point until the arrival of the Trade air FK100 later which was on runway 14....  anyway Thomson/TUI changed the Sunwing Boeing 737-800 to C-FEAK which arrived from Palma as (TOM3619), "five from Jet2" Boeing 737-300s first G-GDFH from Naples as (EXS366), G-CELF arrived from Palma as (EXS230), G-CELG arrived from Jersey as (EXS176) and G-CELK departed to Faro as (EXS247) while Boeing 757 G-LSAB arrived from Faro as (EXS252), two Embraer executives in were, D-CASH Phenom 300 which headed to Durham Tees Valley as (AHO297A) and arriving from Kos was Legacy 500 N721EE, Balkan Holidays Airbus A320 LZ-BHG routed from and to Bourgas as (BHH5569/70), and Trade Air Fokker Fk100 9A-BTD arrived from Innsbruck as (TDR103), and lastly in the Ryanair/Dreamliner/Boeing house colours was Boeing 737-800 EI-DCL departing to Dublin as (RYR157)..


   Newcastle 06/08/2017 (14.00pm - 15.15pm) Showing signs of its ex operator Dniproavia, Enhance Aero Group Embraer ERJ145 F-HFKC arrived from Verona yesterday as (SVB480) with Hellas Verona FC who were playing Newcastle United today. BD700 Global 5000 N103ZZ arrived lastnight from Beijing. Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-GDFE arrived from Malaga as (EXS558). Easyjet (Venezia Livery) Airbus A319 G-EZDW arrived from Bristol as (EZY566). Emirates Boeing 777-300 A6-EBH operated the (UAE036) Dubai service and lastly Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELX arrived from Rome as (EXS538).



 ...........and recent visits to Durham Tees Valley in (DTV 2017)

  Sunday 13th August (16.50pm - 19.30pm)  Well.. the grouse season started with a bang as a trio of smart American machines arrived early evening... N2FD CL604 Challenger arrived from Béziers Cap d'Agde, N988S Falcon 2000 arrived from Farnborough, while Embraer ERJ135 Legacy N810TD arrived from Westhampton (NY) as (JM810), all looking good for a night stop,  others of note were.. Ce510 Citation Mustang G-LEAC arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK24X), and left after a nightstop to East Midlands. Eurocopter EC135 G-SENS arrived as (WDK37), while on the Eastern Airways (EZE15W/16W) Aberdeen-Humberside-Aberdeen service was Saab 2000 G-CIEC.


 Tuesday 15th August  (16.50pm - 18.10pm) Businesswings Dornier 228-100 D-IROL arrived from Mannheim as (JMP421) and after a refuel headed off to Skavsta as (JMP422), Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang F-HERE arrived lastnight (14th) from Edinburgh as (BKK12L) and departed to Farnbrough this evening and lastly operating the (KLM1535/6) was KLM Cityhopper Fokker FK70 PH-KZK.


 Wednesday 16th August (17.25pm -19.20pm) Noteables tonight...  A couple from Netjets, Hawker 800XP CS-DRN arrived from Ibiza as (NJE454E), while Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXI routed from Salzburg to Malaga as (NJE9LH/385U). London Executive Ce560XL Citation Excel G-CIEL routed from and to Luton as (LNX97CE). SprintAir Saab SF340 SP-KPZ arrived from Warsaw as (SRN030), and left to Stavanger as (SRN031) with some Scania parts, and lastly RC114 2-LAND arrived from Guernsey.


 Friday 17th August (15.00pm - 15.50pm)  More executives today....D-CFHZ EMB505 Phenom 300 arrived yesterday (16th) from Hamburg, Vistajet Challenger 350 9H-VCN arrived lastnight from Biaritz as (VJT437), and after a nightstop departed to Zurich under the same callsign, while routing from Berne to Deauville as (XJC02) was Ce550 Citation Bravo G-SPRE.







United Kingdom

      Well hello!

    I'm Ian Ellington, a keen aircraft photographer from the north east of the UK! I started taking photos in the late 70's with a instamatic camera but moved quickly onto SLR's with a Zenith E in 1979, I then settled with a Cannon SLR mid 80's of which I've had several up to the present day! I started prints but moved onto slides in 1991, eventually starting the digital era in late 2003! I have a keen interest in the older types of transport aircraft but unfortunately not many visit my local airport (Durham Tees Valley) "better known now as Teesside'  

     I am currently scanning all of my negatives/prints & slides from my collection, with the aim being to try and get all of my collection digitalized!

        I also have a keen interest in Radio Controlled model aircraft and have several which I fly on a regular basis at my local club.

    Anyway here's some shots taken from over the years from my collection.  Any Comments, or if I can be of any help then please feel free to contact me on propsmoke@googlemail.com


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