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  Elbow's Aviation Shots!

 Latest shots to be added to the website             .......... recent visits to Durham Tees Valley in (DTV 2017)

           Friday 27th October (14.35pm - 17.15pm) Of interest this afternoon.. Pilatus PC12 OO-PCM arrived lastnight from Brussels Charleroi, Extra EA-400 arrived from Bournemouth on the 25th, whilst the airliner movements.... Blue Islands/flybe ATR42 G-ISLF positioned in from Jersey as (BCI502P), then took BORO FC to Farnborough an hour later as (BCI504) for their game with Reading FC tomorrow. Loganair Saab 2000 G-LGNT operated the Aberdeen-Norwich-Aberdeen (LOG4BU/5DQ) route, and lastly 'and soon to be replaced' (KLM15S/1536) was operated by Fokker FK70 PH-KZM.


 Saturday 28th October (09.30am - 12.50pm)  Longer than planned stay today for three aircraft that were spread out....  firstly sees the last ever Fokker FK70 KLM Cityhopper flight through DTV which was operated by PH-KZB as (KLM1533/66H)  "Bye Bye Fokker.. RIP!".... West Atlantic sent in a Boeing 737-300F G-JMCP for 2 hours of circuit bashing routing from and to East Midlands as (NPT737T, and lastly routing from Edinburgh to Guernsey as (CLF215) was Falcon 2000 G-PULA.


 Wednesday 1st November (19.10pm - 19.30pm) A couple form an early evening visit... Gulfstream G550 N551VL arrived from Luxembourg, whilst Ce560 Citation Encore LN-IDC arrived from Sanefjord as (HSG04) 31st Oct.


 Friday 3rd November (13.55pm - 14.25pm) Noteables this afternoon....  Eclipse EA-500 N117EA arrived last Sunday evening (31st October) from Isle of Man and was due back their later this evening. Be90 King Air G-ORTH arrived on the 1st from Leeds Bradford. D-INOB Ce525 Citationjet CJ2 routed from London Gatwick to Bremen as (ATL3Z), and lastly two RAF Tucano's ZF342/ZF135 as (Cordite 1/Cordite 2) operated from and to there base Linton on Ouse.


 Saturday 4th November (12.15pm - 12.45pm) Ce525B Citationjet CJ3+ D-CUGF arrived lastnight from Dublin as (FFD525) and after a nightstop departed to Berne, whilst Fadmoor based PA31 Navajo Chieftain G-EEJE operated a horse related day return charter to Newmarket Heath.


 Saturday 11th November (14.45pm - 14.50pm) A very breif visit for Honeywell's Gulfstream G550 N599H, which arrived yesterday (10th) late afternoon from London Luton.


 Sunday 12th November (17.50pm - 18.10pm)  Two worthy visitors in the cold was the reason for the late visit this evening....   Ce560XL Citation Excel OH-RBX arrived from Helsinki via kristianstad, while in on a very quick turnaround was North Flying SA227 Metro OY-NPG, routing from Cologne to Aberdeen as (NFA107/109P), 'and lastly' first time ive shot one of the new KLM Cityhopper ERJ175s, which was PH-EXJ and on the (KLM1537/62G) service..


 Monday 20th November (09.20am - 09.30am)  Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 CS-DGW arrived late lastnight from Luton as (VVV112), and was due out to Granada as (VVV121) mid day..


 Wednesday 22nd November (10.45am- 12.30pm)  Blue Islands ATR42 G-ISLH routed from and to Birmingham as (BCI522/523) with Birmingham FC for there game with Middlesbrough FC tonight, while N463RD TBM-850 arrived from Biggin Hill..


 Thursday 23rd November (15.45pm - 16.30pm) A visit in the golden hour this early evening seen two visitors of interest.. Flairjet Be400XT Beechjet G-FXAR arrived from Edinburgh as (FLJ51) lastnight, while arriving from Moscow Vnukovo was ERJ135BJ Legacy 600 D-AVAN as (FBR103N).







United Kingdom

      Well hello!

    I'm Ian Ellington, a keen aircraft photographer from the north east of the UK! I started taking photos in the late 70's with a instamatic camera but moved quickly onto SLR's with a Zenith E in 1979, I then settled with a Cannon SLR mid 80's of which I've had several up to the present day! I started prints but moved onto slides in 1991, eventually starting the digital era in late 2003! I have a keen interest in the older types of transport aircraft but unfortunately not many visit my local airport (Durham Tees Valley) "better known now as Teesside'  

     I am currently scanning all of my negatives/prints & slides from my collection, with the aim being to try and get all of my collection digitalized!

        I also have a keen interest in Radio Controlled model aircraft and have several which I fly on a regular basis at my local club.

    Anyway here's some shots taken from over the years from my collection.  Any Comments, or if I can be of any help then please feel free to contact me on propsmoke@googlemail.com


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