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Some nice ladies at Farnborough Airshow July 2008

While at Farnborough Airshow 2008 these lovely ladies posed for the camera!! Unfortunately no numbers where taken though!!!


Real dodgy looking character doing some war dance and like a serial predator sneaking up onto its pray!!!




While at DTV/Teesside Airport on 7th Aug 2010 I seen this strange sort of character acting very suspicious indeed!!

He seemed to be scouring the field looking for some sort of pray and tempting it in with his war dance/vocal howling shenanigans!!

HOLD ON A MINUTE!!!!!   He found it and like a true predator sneaks up to the vulnerable beast!!!!

One more move and the predator is just about to pull the trigger!!!!!!!!

But the beast is having none of it and in true style runs away with its ears flapping in the wind!!!!!


Just goes to show what people get up to for a couple of hours at a DTV Airport waiting between flights to arrive!!




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