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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2009!!

Some of the more interesting visitors in 2009 that I managed to capture!!

Tuesday Jan 6th  The only excitement of the new year is we now have a number of mail/freight flights due Mon-Fri as nearby Newcastle Airport is having its runway resurfaced at night, basically we get 2x Jet 2 B737-300 and a Atlantic ATP 'which day stops' all possibly operating for three months...  anyway my first visit in the new year produced the following of interest OE-FLG Ce525 Citationjet, which routed from Altenrhein and departed back their the next day. The weekly Thomson Airways (TOM6822/3) to Alicante was G-CDZI Boeing 737-804, PH-CDL PA34 Seneca and the day stopping Atlantic BAe ATP was G-BUUP, and lastly a couple of the based FR Aviation's Falcon 20 G-FRAS/G-FRAU arriving as (Warthog 2/1) respectively).


Friday Jan 9th Not much in this afternoon apart from the ex Titan Airways Be200 Super King Air LN-IDA 'now having a fresh coat of paint' it arrived from Torp on the 7th (HSG02) and departed back their this afternoon, and the day stopping Atlantic BAe ATP G-MANH, which routed Bristol/Newcastle as (NPT026M/027P).


Sunday Jan 11th  A couple of things in mid day today.... First Choice/Thomson Airways (TOM2408/2408P) Airbus A321 G-OOPH on the weekly Grenoble/Manchester ski charter, bmi-regional ERJ145 G-EMBN on the (BMI332/3) Heathrow schedule, and a Flyglobespan B767-300 G-CEOD on a MoD charter as (GSM8656), and lastly on the lighter note was resident Beech 200 G-BVMA.


Friday Jan 16th  Air Atlantique Dakota G-ANAF has been operating out of DTV most of the week but unfortunately it was parked south side which is no good for a shot!! (Gone tech, left 26th!) 'another Douglas aircraft'  Royal Netherlands Air Force KDC10 T-255 did a overshoot during my visit calling up as (FOP255).. also of interest was VP-BSI Gulfstream G550 'which arrived from Farnborough yesterday' and left Sat 17th back their.. and Atlantic BAe ATP G-BTPH and Eastern Airways BAe Jetstream 41 G-MAJG which had gone tech!!

Sunday Jan 18th  Nipped up to catch the Turkish Hawker 800XP TC-TAV, which routed from and to Istanbul.. Not much else of interest apart from Cobham's Dornier 228 G-MAFE, operating out of here for a while and yet another Atlantic ATP G-BTPA!

Sunday Jan 25th New Global Express N288Z "which should be a regular" arrived last night on its second visit!! others of note was the resident FR Aviation Falcon 20 G-FRAI and Beech 200 G-FPLB!

Friday Feb 13th  The airport was closed for a number of hours this morning due to the heavy snow late yesterday afternoon so not much of interest apart from bmi-regional Embraer RJ135 G-RJXP 'on the Heathrow (BMI332/3) Schedule' Cityjet Dornier 328 G-BZOG routed from Dundee to London City as (SAY650P/651) taking Middlesbrough FC out to play West Ham in the FA Cup tomorrow, and lastly the Italian Cessna 550B Citation Bravo I-MTVB 'which arrived 3 days ago' departed back to Milan Malpensa as (ENV37)

Saturday Feb 14th  Nipped up 2night to shoot another Atlantic BAe ATP G-BTPE, and also TAG Aviation's Learjet 40XR G-HPPY arriving just before dark for a night stop from Sion in Switzerland!!


Friday Feb 20th  Always up for a classic and today produced a nice one!  One of Jet2's B737-300s 'on a mail flight' went tech last night so Atlantic sent in an Electra in the shape of G-LOFE as a replacement! It departed back to its base after arriving from East Midlands early this morning as (NPT761/761P), also of interest was N700S TBM-700 which arrived yesterday, and stopped for the weekend..

Friday Feb 27th  Aeronova Metro EC-JCU was the only thing of interest in this afternoon, It has sat on stand 2/13 since its arrival on Tues 24th from Graz as (OVA42F), eventually departing Sat afternoon. Managed to finally shoot the ex British Airways Flying Club PA38 Tomahawk G-EORG, Although still wearing the BA world Tail scheme (Whale Rider) it now operates for Tees Valley Flight Training, and took me nearly a year since its arrival to shoot it without the cover on!!

Sunday March 1st  Not much of interest in this afternoon apart for the first Boeing 757 with winglets to visit DTV in the shape of Jet2's G-LSAB! While waiting for it to depart I shot the resident Yakovlev YK52 G-YYAK,  Departing also just before dark was PA34 Seneca G-OWAL.

Sunday March 8th  Midday produced a couple of arrivals in the in the shape of Flyglobespan Boeing 767-319 G-CEOD on a charter and NetJets Cessna 560 Citation XLS CS-DXP!!

Saturday March 14th  Bizjets were the order of the day today!! Falcon 900EX VP-BMS and Learjet 40 G-STUF were both due in early afternoon!! nothing else of note at a windy DTV!! apart from FR Aviation's/Cobham Falcon 20 G-FRAH.


Sunday March 22nd  A couple of executive arrivals in the shape of  TAG Aviation's Learjet 45XR G-SNZY and G-MOLO Pilatus PC12 warranted a visit this morning, plus the soon to be discontinued Heathrow schedule which was Embraer RJ145 G-RJXN. The route finish's on March 28th and was the first route that British Midland had into Heathrow back in the mid 70's!!!!  Shame!!!!! Also rumour has it that Ryanair are pulling off the Dublin route in June!!!!!

Monday March 30th  Nipped up tonight to shoot the only two schedule's left operating through DTV "once Ryanair pulls off the Dublin route in June!!!!!!"  KLM Cityhopper Fokker FK70 PH-JCH and Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJV!  But the main reason was Air Atlantique's Douglas Dakota G-ANAF was back, It's been operating in the area doing surveys around the north east for Google??? "Or so I've been told??"

Monday April 6th  Arriving just before dark tonight was TAG Aviation's G-TLFK Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign, Nothing else to note apart from one of FR Aviation Falcon 20's G-FRAW

Tuesday April 7th  One of the more exotic visitors so far for 2009!  4X-CLL Gulfstream G200 arrived mid day from Tel Aviv and departed back there just after 5pm!!!!  others of note were KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZW and one of the resident Flight Precision Beech 200's G-FPLE.

Saturday April 11th  !!Nipped up midday today to catch a couple of Bizjets in the shape of  G-ODAG Ce525 Citationjet CJ2, G-OLDW Learjet 45 also arriving was Ryanair B737-800 EI-DAH from Gerona! On the lighter note was Be36TP Bonanza N836TP which arrived thur

Sunday April 12th  Ryanair's Dublin flight today produced Boeing 737-800 EI-DCC, while flyglobspan sent in there newly acquired Boeing 767-300 G-SPNA on a charter


Friday April 17th  A couple of things to note this afternoon were Eastern Airways Saab 2000 G-CFLU, which brought in Fulham FC for tomorrow's game with Middlesbrough, LX-PMA Challenger 300 arrived from Florence and departed to Luxembourg, and the now regular N352CM PA46 Malibu which arrived from Geneva! On the schedule's were KLM PH-KZC Fokker FK70 and Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJD, while on the lighter note where Flight Precision Beech 200 G-FPLD and the newly painted Cobham Falcon 20 G-FRAI.

Saturday April 18th   Flyglobespan Boeing 767-300 G-SPNA was on a outbound charter to Calgary while Ryanair's Gerona service produced Boeing 737-800 EI-DAH, and Air Partner's Learjet 45 G-CDNK were the only worthy visitor's on this midday visit!

Tuesday April 21st  Several things to note this afternoon, 3x Boeing 737-800's, a pair from Ryanair EI-DWG from Gerona/EI-DYB and G-CDZL Thomson Airways both from Alicante!  Schedule's were, KLM Fokker FK100 PH-OFO & Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJM (North East of England Colours!) "Another Jetstream" ex Eastern Airways G-OAKJ and once a regular, but now with Helitrans as LN-HTB arrived and departed back to Alesund! Others of interest were N718DW Gulfstream G400 and Northern Aviation's Ce550 Citation on its first visit!!!

Thursday April 23rd  It was the Light Aircraft that made the interest today with three American aircraft arriving! N22NN Cessna 182, N982CD Cirrus SR22 was in for some training and N41098 Ce421,  Royal Air Force Agusta A109 ZR321 dropped in for a couple of hours before heading off to Catterick! On the heavier side were the three schedule Ryanair B737-800's EI-DPK from Alicante, EI-DPA from Gerona and EI-DHP from Dublin, While on Eastern Airways afternoon Aberdeen rotation was Jetstream 41 G-MAJW.

Thursday April 30th  A couple of executive arrivals warranted a midday visit today! G-XBEL Ce560 Citation XLS from Jersey and N850LH TBM-850 from Biggin Hill, while in for a bit of training was G-EEJE Pa31 Navajo from Fadmoor "a local Strip!" and Ryanair EI-DHN B737-800 was on the Dublin service!

Sunday May 3rd  Durham Tees Valley doesn't get many wide bodied aircraft visiting!! But today produced a first visiting type for DTV in the shape of a Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-300 G-VSEA! It positioned in from Heathrow and departed on a charter to Calgary some 3 hours later!!

Saturday May 9th  Isle of Man registerd Falcon 2000 M-CHEM "which night stopped and departed sun" was the only worthwhile visitor today!

Wednesday May 13th    Onur Air have several flights in the week during the summer season!  TC-OAI Airbus A321 seen arriving on the start of the Wednesday morning flight from Dalaman! Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJC and KLM's Fokker FK70 PH-KZC were the schedules on the morning while G-SGEC Beech 200 and G-HPPY Learjet 40 also arrived/departed during my morning visit!

Wednesday May 20th  G-REYG Falcon 900EX arrived mid morning from Northolt and departed to Aberdeen early evening!

Friday May 22nd  Notables today for a quick morning visit were! KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZP, Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJH on the schedules, while a duo of Titan Airways Boeing 737-300s G-ZAPW & G-POWC were on a charter to Lourdes!!

Saturday May 23rd  bmi returned to DTV today with Airbus A319's. G-DBCG was on the start of the weekly summer Palma flight. Others worth a mention, PH-JCH Fokker FK70 on the Amsterdam afternoon rotation, N818Y PA30 Twin Comanche from Old Sarum for a night stop! while LX-JFH Pilatus PC12 arrived from Angers and departed to Paris Le Bourget! and the Very Dark Green Resident Ce550 Citation 2 G-CEUO!

Monday May 25th  A couple of Airbus A320s arrived mid morning on summer charters, LZ-BHB of Balkan Holidays arrived from Manchester and departed to Bourgas while Thomas Cook G-KKAZ arrived and departed to Reus!!

Tuesday May 26th  Notables today for a hour's visit were! N977RB Mitsubishi MU-2 from and to Jersey, G-STUF Learjet 40 on a Air Partner flight from Jersey to Hannover and G-SASA Eurocopter EC135T-1 of the Scotish Air Ambulance!

Thursday May 28th  Not much of interest during a midday visit today!  Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-DLM with  "bye bye Latehansa titles,  The weekly Thomson Airways to Palma was Boeing 757 G-OOBE and NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXC, which was in for a night stop from Rome..

Friday May 29th   The mornings Aberdeen and Amsterdam rotation's were G-MAJW Jetstream 41 of Eastern Airways and KLM's Fokker FK70 PH-JCT, Movements from Cobham's Falcon 20's were G-FRAS in the new scheme, while G-FRAO still has the old titles and logo!  Air Partner Learjet 45 G-OLDK was also a brief visitor from Biggin Hill!


Wednesday June 3rd  The usual morning Schedules were Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJC while KLM sent in PH-WXD Fokker FK70. Onur Air Airbus A321 TC-OAE arrived on the weekly Dalaman flight, Others of Interest were Ce560 Citation XLS G-KPEI and another one of Cobham's Falcon 20s in the new scheme!

Thursday June 4th  Only two aircraft worth a mention while on a brief visit this morning!  N147VC Cirrus SR22 had arrived Tuesday while G-OLDW Learjet was on its first of two visits today!

Sunday June 7th  The only Visitor of interest today "in typical north east weather" was OE-GVX Learjet 40!

Wednesday June 10th   Air Jota Piper PA31 Navajo G-BBDS and Learjet 45 G-SNZY had arrived late last night,  KLM sent in PH-KZM Fokker FK70 on the morning Amsterdam rotation while Onur Air's weekly flight to Dalaman produced Airbus A321 TC-OAL!  Arkefly Boeing 767-300 PH-AHQ was on its second visit from and to Calgary!!

Friday June 12th  More Heavy action at DTV today!! Monarch Airlines Airbus A330-200 G-SMAN positioned in from Gatwick and departed to Calgary! Others of note were KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZW and a couple of Cobham's Falcon 20s arrived from Bournemouth G-FRAK and G-FRAR.

Saturday June 13th Nice surprise today was Tristar Air Cargo Airbus A300F SU-BMZ, It positioned in from Amsterdam mid afternoon and night stopped, also of note was N223JG TBM850 which arrived Friday evening!

Sunday June 14th  Tristar Air Cargo Airbus A300F SU-BMZ departed to Calgary via Goose Bay,  While also returning and heading back to Calgary was Arkefly Boeing 767-300 PH-AHQ. KLM sent in Fokker FK70 PH-WXC on the morning Amsterdam Schedule, others of note were D-CATE Ce680 Citation Sovereign.and VP-CED Ce550 Citation Bravo.


Monday June 15th  A midday visit produced G-VUEM Ce501 Citation, while on the Reus flight was G-TCAC Airbus A320 of  Thomas Cook.

Thursday June 18th Notables today were G-OMRH Ce550 Citation Bravo, while N450PG Gulf G450 and D-CATE Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived Monday and Tuesday Respectively

Friday June 19th  An early morning visit to catch the Air Italy Boeing 767-300 I-AIGG! It arrived from Calgary and headed to Brize Norton a couple of hours later! others of note were the two schedules! G-MAJP Jetstream 41 Eastern Airways and KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZR.

Monday June 22nd  A couple of interesting arrivals around midday were! D-CADN Beech 350 from Nuremburg, departing to Bremen half and hour later. ZD703 BAe 125-CC3 from and to Farnborough while G-RAFP Beech 200 did a overshoot and the first visit of the year from N711EG Gulf 3!

Thursday July 9th  Notables on an early evening visit were Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJB on the Aberdeen rotation, two Flex Jets Bombardier Challenger 300's N519FX & N514FX, Gama Aviation Beech 200 G-SASD arrived on a ambulance flight, while visiting Cobham was G-FRAP Falcon 20 "still with FR titles!!"

Friday July 24th  Every year Cobham have a family's day! Sometimes you get the odd aircraft turning up for a visit or a display! The main event is a Falcon and a Beech doing a couple of low passes in formation!! Unfortunately though this year the weather wasn't to kind!!!

Saturday July 25th A trio of executive aircraft were the order of the day during this midday visit!  A6-SAC Falcon 900 arrived early in the morning, routing from and to Dubai after a night stop! G-FCED Piper PA31T arrived from Jersey on an Ambulance flight while G-VUEM Ce501 Citation had an hour stay!

Sunday 9th August  Only aircraft worth a mention today was Pilatus PC12 EC-ISH.

Wednesday 12th August The Start of the grouse shooting season always produces loads of biz-jets, so today got of to a good start! VP-BZE Falcon 7X and N22T Falcon 900 arrived along with the regular Global Express N288Z.

Saturday 5th September   Notables today were N978PW Falcon 900, N550FP Ce550 Citation Bravo and HB-GJT Be350 Super King Air! While I-AIGG Boeing 767-300 arrived Fri for a weekend stay, Departing Monday on a charter.

Friday 11th September  A mid afternoon visit produced PH-RID Ce680 Citation Sovereign "which arrived last night" while I-ERJE Learjet 45 arrived from Venice this morning!

Friday 18th September  Bizjets "again" were the highlight of this afternoons visit! One of which is now a regular in the shape of N288Z Global Express! Ce510 Mustang G-LEAC routed from and to Oxford!


Saturday 19th September  A dull day was brightened up by 6 executive aircraft worth a mention! I-TOPD Be400 Beechjet arrived early yesterday morning from Milan Linate and departed to Venice late afternoon, while I-FORR Learjet 40 also arrived from Milan Linate Fri and departed back late afternoon! NetJets Ce550B Citation Bravo CS-DHQ routed London City to Heathrow while G-CXLS Ce560 Citation XLS arrived from and to Jersey! also of note was N288Z Global Express and Semi resident G-MEGN Be200 Super King Air of Dragonfly Aviation Services.

Sunday 27th September Two aircraft warranted a mid morning visit this morning,  N511CT Gulfstream G150 and N601WM CL601 Challenger both arrived from Shannon!

Saturday 03rd October  Noteables on a midday visit were Air Italy Boeing 767-200 I-AIGH "which arrived to do a Charter, while N225EE Gulfstream 5 dropped in for a half hour visit from Farnborough.

Friday 30th October  A very dull afternoon visit produced a couple of aircraft of interest, N250BL Ce525A Citationjet CJ2+ arrived from Gamston on Thursday evening, It stayed until Saturday early evening when it departed to Biggin Hill, While G-GEVO Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived also on Thursday evening from Zurich! A new resident with Cobham which has been here for a couple of weeks now is D-CFIS Beech 350 Super King Air. No sign of it going onto the British register as yet??

Saturday 31st October  Having arrived early yesterday evening for a night stop!  Vickers VC10 XV104 had to be shot this morning! So with what was perfect light conditions i headed up and waited for it to depart!  It eventually started up and departed to Kevlavik as RRR2318 mid morning! "maybe off to Canada???"  Words cant describe the sound of this classic as it took off heavy heading north!! awesome!!

Friday 6th November  A quick visit just before dark to catch some of the executive day stoppers! N550FP Ce550 Citation Bravo arrived from Antwerp lastnight and dept back there Sat teatime! Also arriving yesterday afternoon for a couple of days stay was Gulf 5 VP-BSI, which arrived from and to Farnborough, While N755VE Gulstream G550 arrived from San Antonio Texas and dept to Luton also on Sat afternoon.

Sunday 15th November  A classic in the shape of VC10 XV109 arrived as RRR2103 from Gander and departed to Brize Norton,  might have been the return flight from a couple of weeks ago!! Others worth a mention were, G-SIRJ Ce680 Citation Sovereign routing Gatwick/Farnborough while PH-SOL Ce525A Citationjet CJ1 departed to Eindhoven after arriving from Munster late Last night!

Friday 4th December Notables today included a number of aircraft that arrived a couple of days ago! VP-CRB Learjet 60 arrived Wednesday from Guernsey along with N678RC ERJ135 Legacy 600 which arrived from St Johns Canada! It departed to Torrejon on Saturday! while others of note were the regular Global Express N288Z which arrived from Westchester County USA on Thur Night departing to Hong Kong Saturday evening. The lighter side were N12RG Pilatus PC12 routing from and to Fairoaks and N500CS Be200 Super King Air from and to Bournemouth.

Friday 18th December  A snow covered Durham Tees Valley this morning produced a couple of biz jets in the shape of  N663MK Falcon 900EX which arrived yesterday from Trenton/Mercer USA, heading back there after dark, While G-CDSR Learjet 45 also arrived yesterday from London City and headed to Tours Loire Valley late afternoon.

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