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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2010!!

Some of the more interesting visitors in 2010 that I managed to capture!!

Saturday 23rd Jan.  My first visit to Durham Tees Valley of the new year produced a couple of aircraft worth a mention, OY-OKK Falcon 900EX arrived from Billund as (MMD6433) on the 21st Jan, It departed late afternoon to Luton using the same call sign! While Loganair/flybe Saab SF340B G-LGNG arrived Friday evening with Swansea FC from Cardiff as (LOG821), it departed back to Cardiff as (LOG822) late afternoon with Swansea FC after the 1-1 draw with the mighty BORO!!!! Also the mid morning Amsterdam rotation (KLM1533/4) was operated by PH-OFN Fokker 100.

Saturday 30th Jan. A couple of biz jets resulted in a late afternoon visit! The now regular Global Express XRS N288Z arrived from Westchester County as (BJT889) yesterday and G-SONE Ce525 Citation Jet CJ2 routed from Edinburgh to Bristol as (CLF9).

Friday 12th February  A quick visit whilst going to the dentist this afternoon resulted the now regular G-CXLS Ce560 Citation XLS. It went tech after arriving from Jersey on Tuesday as (AVB791),  eventually departing back to Jersey Saturday as (AVB731).  Others of note was a Bristow's AS332 Super Puma G-BWWI doing a low fly by heading in from the coast, whilst G-FFRA Falcon 20 was visiting Cobham.

Saturday 20th February  Notables on this afternoon's hour visit were Air Charter Scotland Ce525 Citationjet G-EDCJ, It arrived from Guernsey as (CLF03) on Thursday and departed to Dundee using the same call sign late afternoon. Resident Dragonfly Be200 Super King Air G-BVMA headed off to Grenoble whilst G-SNZY Learjet 45 dropped in for half an hour visit routing Sion to Farnborough. While KLM sent in PH-KZS Fokker FK70 on (KLM1537/8) arriving just before dark!!!!

Saturday 27th February  A dull mid morning visit produced the following, Royal Air Force Queens Flight ZE700 BAe 146-CC2 arrived as (RRR1920) from Northolt and headed up to Wick an Hour later, G-RHYM PA31 Navajo arrived from Sywell, it also routed up to Wick half an hour later. The now regular G-XBEL Ce560 Citation XLS arrived from Jersey as (AVB871) with Steve Gibson "the BORO Chairman! While KLM s PH-KZR FK70 was operating (KLM1533/4).

Friday 19th March.  Two of the more interesting aircraft today unfortunately had the most unimpressive colours!! "both all white!! LY-OOV ATR,42F arrived from Lille as (DANU319), It departed to Lydd as (DANU919) an hour later, While CS-TQI Boeing 767-300 "belonging to Luzair" arrived as (LUZ206P) for a charter. On the lighter side were G-CXLS Ce560 Citation XLS which arrived from Jersey as (AVB791), N35KN Ce401 arrived yesterday but repositioned from Stand 8 to 13. G-FPLE Be200 Super King Air in the new Cobham Colours whilst RAF Tucano ZF319 did an overshoot as (LOP72!

Sunday 28th March  The start of Spring/Summer saw a new schedule at DTV, Aer Arann with ATR,42/72s have started a Sun/Mon/Wed-Fri tea time Dublin service,  EI-REM in full Aer Lingus Regional colours was the first aircraft to appear on (RE3286/3287). KLM sent in PH-KZF Fokker FK70 on (KLM1537/8) from and to Amsterdam, while on the usual weekend stop over was G-MAJB Jetstream 41 of Eastern Airways.


Friday 2nd April.  Notables on this afternoon's hour long visit were G-FCED PA31T Cheyenne as (MCD076), routing from Rennes to Oxford, while G-GMAA Learjet 45 arrived from Sion and headed to Farnborough as (GMA997), and Aer Arann ATR72-212A EI-REP on (RE3286/3287) from and to Dublin.

Saturday 8th May.  Two Falcon Bizjet's warranted an hours visit today! The culprits were CS-DSA Falcon 7X routing from London Heathrow to London Gatwick as (NJE95C/95D),While G-WLVS Falcon 2000EX arrived from Le Bourget for a night stop.

Sunday 9th May.  Another Netjets this morning, CS-DUB Hawker 750 arrived from Frankfurt as (NJE868W), It Departed to London Gatwick as (NJE437K) mid afternoon. Others of note while waiting for the delayed Global Express N816DC to show were, EI-REL ATR72-212A on (RE3286/3287) from and to Dublin, while on KLM's Amsterdam rotation was PH-OFP Fokker FK100 as (KLM1537/1538) and the Eastern Jetstream G-MAJE (EZE67L/68L) was from and to Aberdeen.

Thursday 20th May  Noted on this evening's visit was G-XAVB Ce510 Citation Mustang, it arrived on Tuesday as (AVB581) from Jersey! After night stopping for three nights it departed to Le Bourget on the Fri morning as (AVB511). 

Saturday 22nd May An early morning visit to catch the departure of Ryanair B737-800 EI-DWX, It arrived from and to Alicante as (RYR5572/5573) and was followed soon by the arrival of N300L Gulfstream 5 routing from and to Farnborough.  Another visit this afternoon for the departure of PH-KZH Fokker FK70 to Amsterdam as KLM1538) While TC-OAF Airbus A321 was routing from and to Dalaman as (OHY4671/4672).

Sunday 23rd May  Notables on this mid day visit were, N497XP Beech 400XP which routed from Cannes, after four hours on stand 12 it departing to Gloucester Staverton, while at Cobham was G-FRAS Falcon 20.

Saturday 29th May  G-RAJJ BAe 146-200 was the only worthy visitor on this wet and dull morning, It arrived from Liverpool for a crew change then headed off to Doncaster 20 minutes later. Cobham are having their ramp resurfaced so all the Falcon's are now parking on stands 11-13, "so good for photos"

Sunday 06th June  Welcome Air Dornier 328 OE-GBB brightened up this afternoon's dull weather, It routed Antwerp/Innsbruck as (WLC572/573). Global Express N816DC finally left this afternoon also, having arrived from Farnborough on Thursday it departed as (BJT95), While on KLM1537/1538 was PH-KZG Fokker FK70 from and to Amsterdam.

Friday 18th June  A late afternoon visit produced a triplet of Biz jets, OE-GVA Learjet 40 arrived as (VJT5201) from London Gatwick , after an hour on the ramp it departed to Schonefield as (VJT22F).  N453DW Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived from Perranporth and stayed until Sunday evening when it departed to Guernsey, while CS-DMB Hawker 400XP arrived from Exeter as NJE100U, it night stopped and departed to Chester as (NJE486R) Saturday morning. Cobham's newly painted Be350 Super King Air G-COBM arrived as (CLB298). On the schedules were PH-KZD Fokker FK70 on (KLM1537/1538) from and to Amsterdam, while Eastern Jetstream's G-MAJV operated the Southampton service as (EZE86D) while G-MAJC routed from and to Aberdeen as EZE67L/68L).

Saturday 19th June  An early morning visit produced a first visiting type at DTV today, PH-EZC Embraer ERJ190 operated (KLM1533/1534) from and to Amsterdam. Viking Boeing 737-800 C-FTDW positioned in from Manchester as (VIK082P), it headed out to Naples as (VIK861) 90 minutes later, and G-JECJ DHC,8-400 operated the weekly Jersey service as (BEE5YD/6NK).

Friday 2nd July  Notable's on this afternoon's visit were, N450PG Gulfstream G450, which has laid dormant on stand 8 since its arrival from Long Island (McArthur) NY on Monday 28th June!! CS-DUC Hawker 750XP arrived as (NJE1KT) from Edinburgh, It departed to Nice a couple of hours later as (NJE281T).  ZJ783 Eurocopter EC155 of the RAF special Forces was on stand 9, It routed from and to Hereford as (1TH16)!  Whilst on the schedules were EI-SLM ATR72-212A operating (RE3286/3287) from and to Dublin, PH-OFP Fokker FK100 operating (KLM11537/1538) from and to Amsterdam and G-MAJH BAe Jetstream 41 operating as (EZE67L/68L) from and to Aberdeen. While the Based Great North Air Ambulance AS365 Dauphin G-NHAA made a nice approach to land on stand 6!!

Saturday 24th July  An hours visit tonight produced the following! CS-TFS Boeing 767-300 of Euro Atlantic arrived from Calgary as (HFY611P) at 7am, It departed to Brize Norton Sunday Mid afternoon as (MON592P) after a night stop! G-OROO Ce560 Citation XLS arrived from Jersey yesterday as (EDC409), It to departed Sunday morning as (EDC446) to Leeds). Also arriving yesterday was N99XT PA32 Saratoga from Guernsey, while Cirrus SR-22 N123DV routed from Oxford mid day and departed back there Sunday Morning!

Thursday 29th July  A 10 minute visit this morning produced the following visiting aircraft of interest! OE-GEM Ce680 Citation Sovereign routed Farnborough/Naples, D-CSIE Learjet 31 arrived last night from Nuremburg as (ADN63G) and was due to depart mid afternoon to Biggin Hill using the same call sign!! While LN-AAY PA34 Seneca also arrived last night from Stavanger and headed off to Oxford mid day!!

Tuesday 3rd August  Omni Air International Boeing 767-300 N342AX was the catch of the day today while on its second visit to DTV, It visited in the early hours on Monday and caught everyone off guard so nice to see it in daylight hours!! It routed from the Middle East and departed to Shannon as (OAE410), another nice surprise was Aer Arann ATR,72-500 EI-SLL in a some what basic colours scheme, The Dublin service (RE3286/3287) doesn't normally operate on a Tuesday/Saturday so not to sure why it was in today?? others of note were N352CM Piper PA46 Malibu Jet prop "which is a regular now" arriving from Luxembourg, and KLM sending in PH-WXD Fokker FK70 on (KLM1537/1538) on the Amsterdam service! while a new semi resident is Great North Air Ambulance's latest AS365 Dauphin G-NHAB, it's based up the road at Newcastle but heads down here for overnight stay in the hanger with based Dauphin G-NHAA.

Saturday 7th August  A quartet of Bizjet's which were spread out over 3 hours this afternoon resulted in lengthy stay!!! First to arrive was G-MEGP BD100 Challenger 300 which routed from and to Newquay! Then two regulars in the shape of G-HPPY Learjet 40 and N288Z BD700 Global Express XRS arriving from Calvi Sainte and Basel as (BJT889) respectively "both for night stops", while the pick of the bunch was D-COKE Learjet 35A arriving from Tunis as (IFA334), On the lighter side was G-NTWK AS355 Twin Squirrel operating locally as (Osprey 63).

Sunday 8th August Of interest today in a quick 10 minute visit were, N53GX BD700 Global Express arriving as (BJT883) from Westchester County, and G-XAVB Ce510 Citation Mustang routing from and to Jersey as (AVB583/584)

Tuesday 10th August  Belgian Air Force Embraer ERJ145LR CE-03 arrived mid day as (BAF608), It routed from Melsbroek and headed back there after several hours on stand 2!

Wednesday 11th August   Another military VIP transport arrived today in the shape of Royal Air Force BAe 125-CC3! ZE395 arrived from Northolt and departed to Chester with the call sign (NOH10), Others of note were Air Med's Learjet 35A G-ZMED, Operating as (MCD061) from Palma later departing to Oxford! and N2NR Agusta A109 popping for fuel while heading north!

Saturday 14th August  Two Visits today!! An early morning visit in the gloom produced the following of Interest, OE-LLL Falcon 7X arrived late last night from Sochi Russia as (IJM717), while on the morning schedule's were, Ryanair Boeing 737-800 EI-DLS operating (RYR5572/5573) from and to Alicante and KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZB operating (KLM1533/1534) from and to Amsterdam!  The later visit produced G-STRW "the ex Zoom Airways" Boeing 757-200 of Astraeus Airlines operating a MOD charter!  It arrived as (AEU756) and departed to Brize Norton as (AEU756P) a couple of hours later. Also of note was Irish registerd AS365 Dauphin EI-GJL.

Sunday 15th August (08.40am - 09.10am)  Just two worthy visitors to note this morning were, CS-DXF Ce560 Citation XLS arrived last night as (NJE3PF) from Deauville and was due to go to Manston using the same call sign! Also arriving last night was OY-BHF Pa31 Navajo from Bournemouth, It headed off to Billund Monday mid morning!

Thursday 19th August (15.30pm - 19.00pm)  A long afternoon's visit produced several "unfortuatly spread out" visitors worthy of a mention!! The start of proceedings was the weekly Thomson Flight from and to Palma which was operated by G-OOPH Airbus A321 as (TOM3419/3418). Afternoon schedules were Aer Arann ATR72 EI-REM operating (EI3286/3287) from and to Dublin, KLM's Amsterdam service was PH-OFM Fokker FK100 on (KLM1537/1538) while Eastern's Aberdeen rotation was operated by G-MAJF on EZE587/588). Executive movements "the main reason for such a long visit!" were, G-CEDK Ce750 Citation 10 routing Chester/Farnborough, CS-DKK Gulfstream G550 arrived as (NJE149P) from Northolt for a night stop, was due to depart to Dublin as (NJE599Y) the Friday morning! Also arriving for a night stop from Grosseto Italy was OK-TOS Be200 Super King Air operating as (PRG403). It departed Saturday late afternoon using the same call sign!

Saturday 20th August (10.30am - 1130am)  A trio of NetJets today warranted a visit "But Unfortunately" they were again spread out during the day, so just popped up for the more interesting one! CS-DNP Falcon 2000 operated as (NJE322D) from Geneva and departed to Northolt as (NJE268M) just over an hour later! the two others were both Hawker 400XP's. The only other worthy movement on this short morning visit was PH-KZK Fokker FK70 on the Amsterdam service as (KLM1533/1534).

Monday 23rd August (08.00am - 10.20am)  The weekly Bodrum Onur Air was operated by TC-OBD Airbus A320-200 as (OHY4673/4674), while G-IASM Beech 200 operated as (PPR91) routing to Glasgow.

Wednesday 25th August (13.40pm - 13.55pm)  A quick nip up today for Ce550B Citation Bravo SE-RBY, It arrived as (NJT625T) and departed 40 minutes later as (NJT625P). The only other aircraft worth a mention was G-ATSZ Pa30 Twin Comanche which arrived from and to Cambridge along with the now regular N288Z BD700 Global Express XRS and G-XAVB Ce510 Citation Mustang.

Thursday 26th August 16.00pm - 18.50pm)  A late afternoon visit resulted in a trio of executive arrivals! SE-DLZ Ce500 Citation arrived from Olso and departed to Stockholm on Saturday 28th, NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXU arrived from Farnborough as (NJE689U). It headed off to Paris CDG as (NJE687B) the following morning after a night stop, while another Ce560 Citation XLS OO-AIE, routed from Antwerp as (FYG152S) and after a night stop departed to Toulon/Hyeres as (FYG155S). On the schedules were KLM Fokker Fk70 PH-KZS operating (KLM1537/1538) from and to Amsterdam while Eastern Jetstream 41's G-MAJF & G-MAJE operated (EZE86D) to Southampton and (EZE68L) to Aberdeen respectively. Two of Cobham's Falcon 20's G-FRAH & G-FRAO arrived from another sortie!!

Friday 27th August (15.50pm - 18.30pm) Schedules! Aer Arran sent in an ATR42 on the Dublin service, EI-EHH arrived/departed as (EI3286/3287) in what can be described as a very basic colour scheme! On (KLM1537/1538) was PH-KZD Fokker FK70, while on the lighter side were G-YPRS Ce550B Citation Bravo arriving from Gloucester Staverton, It Departed to Dijon the following morning! G-OZAT Hawker 900XP arrived from Stansted as (HGR812) for a two night stay!. It Departed to Simferopol Ukraine Sunday morning as (HGR837). While brightly painted Agusta A109 N188S popped in for fuel before heading off to a site near Skipton!

Monday 30th August (07.00am - 09.10am)  A early morning visit to catch up with several notables! EC-KMT Hawker 900XP arrived last night from Ciudad Real as (GES042), It departed Tuesday evening to Seville as (GES041), While arriving from Morristown Municipal also late last night was N978PW Falcon 900. On the heavier side, TC-OBD Airbus A320 of Onur Air was operating the weekly Bodrum (OHY4673/4674) flight. N342AX Boeing 767-300 arrived late last night as (OAE418). Might have gone tech after a hard landing as another Omni aircraft "N522AX Douglas DC10-30" arrived later  as a replacement??

Thursday 02nd September (15.30 -18.30pm) A busy early evening with several executive movements!! "A trio of Ce525 Citationjets" of which OO-FPC was first in as (FYG660R) from Eindhoven, stopping for half an hour it departed to Brussels as (FYG661R). F-GPUJ routed from and to Le Bourget as (LEA038J) while G-ODAG arrived as (EDC533A) from Geneva for a nightstop. PH-RID Ce680 Citation Sovereign routed from Le Bourget and departed to Kirkwall 20 minutes later. G-XBEL Ce560 Citation XLS departed to Jersey as (AVB821). OO-PHB Be1900D arrived from Antwerp and parked up until Saturday evening. The more usual proceedings were G-OOPH Airbus A321 as (TOM3419/3420) on the weekly Palma flight, Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJA departed as (EZE86D to Southampton via Leeds, PH-KZE Fokker FK70 departed as (KLM1538) to Amsterdam.

Saturday 4th September 12.00pm -13.00pm)  Nipped up for the very colourful Ce 525 Citationjet G-OODM. It departed this evening as (EDC533)   


Monday 6th September (08.45am - 09.15am) Topflight Executive Hawker 850XPi I-TOPH arrived last night and looked as though it wasn't going anywhere in a hurry,  While in for 4 hours this morning was OO-SLM Ce560 Citation XLS routing from and to Kortrijik/Wevelgem. TC-OBE Airbus A320 was on Onur Air's weekly Bodrum flight as (OHY4673/4674).

Wednesday 8th September (14.30pm - 18.00pm) More executive traffic was the reason for such a long visit today! unfortunately though the two main visitors were spread out!  M-ALCB Pilates PC12 routed from and to Bournemouth for a mid afternoon stay while EC-ION RB390 Premier arrived late from Madrid/Torero as (GES071) for a nightspot. G-FFRA Falcon 20 departed as (FRA62) after visiting Cobham.

Friday 10th September   (08.00am - 08.20am)  An Italian invasion yesterday warranted an early morning visit this morning to catch up with the trio of executive jets, I-TOPD Hawker 400XP arrived from Manchester first and sister ship I-TOPB arrived later in the evening from Venice, while  Lear jet 40 I-FORR arrived from Milan Lineate as (SIO403).  A first visit of type to Durham Tees Valley was the Embraer 500 Phenom!! G-SRBN arrived from Luton also last night as (Flair jet 378F) and was due to depart to Milan Lineate as (FLJ345) later in the afternoon.

Tuesday 14th September (14.30pm - 16.30pm)  Notables on this afternoons visit were, PH-RID Ce680 Citation Sovereign which arrived Monday evening from Le Burger.  "After arriving on Sunday, OO-FYG Ce550B Citation Bravo departed this evening to Brussels as (FYG173C), while OE-GVD Learjet 60 routed from and to Farnborough as (VJT273) for a two hour stay!

Wednesday 15th September (14.20pm - 17..15pm) Of interest this afternoon were the following,  KIM Fokker FK70 PH-KZT on (KLM1537/1538) from and to Amsterdam,  while Piaggio P180 Avanti LX-JIP departed to Geneva after arriving on Monday night! D-CAVE Lear jet 35 arrived from Santiago de Compositely as (AMB888) for a night stop. "On a lighter note", G-LCPL AS365 Dauphin did a couple of local flights calling up as (SSP22).

Thursday 16th September (08.00am - 10.20am) Bizjet's were the highlights again today!! I-BBGR Hawker 900 arrived last night from Frieze as (Alien 426),  while two Lear jets arrived an hour apart, VP-CRB Learjet 60 arrived from Humberside while G-IZAP Learjet 45 arrived from Begin Hill.

Friday 17th September (11.30am - 17.50pm)  Some more than average visitor's today "unfortunately though" in very bland colours and spread out which resulted in a long stay! First to arrive was Astraeus Airlines Boeing 757-200 G-STRW. "Still in the basic colours of ex operator Zoom Airways" it operated a MOD charter as (AEU772/707) and headed off to Brize Norton after 40 minutes on the ground!  Two Football charters arrived later in the afternoon, Arriving from Luton with Arsenal FC was Eastern Airways Embraer ERJ135 G-CGMB as (EZE1765), After dropping the gunners off it then positioned up to Newcastle as (EZE765P), While Ski Taxy Saab SF340A SP-MRB arrived from Farnborough with Reading FC as (IGA752), it departed to Wroclaw after taking on Fuel as (IGA753) some 45 minutes later. Bizjet's were G-XAVB Ce510 Citation Mustang operating (AVB591/592) routing from Jersey to Cambridge, while HB-VPB Ce525 CitationJet CJ2 arrived last night from Grenchen. On the morning/afternoon KLM schedule's were Fokker FK70's PH-WXA on (KLM1533/1534) and PH-WXC as (KLM1537/1538) respectively!  

Tuesday 21st September (19.00pm - 20.20pm) Notables tonight, G-XONE Challenger 604 routed from Athens to Farnborough as (GMA425), N550FP Ce550B Citation Bravo arrived from Brussels for a night stop, while Astraeus Airlines Boeing 757 G-STRZ arrived as (AEU798) on a MOD charter, it later positioned out to London Gatwick as (AEU798P). 

Wednesday 22nd September  (18.15pm - 18.30pm)  Another evening visit tonight for a trio of Bizjet's arriving just before dark!  CS-DUH Hawker 750 arrived from Northolt as (NJE597K), it later departed to Biggin Hill as (NJE8BH), while F-HAJD Ce525 Citationjet CJ1 arrived from Le Bourget and G-IZAP Learjet 45 arrived as (PGL236) from Biggin Hill both for a night stop.

Monday 27th September (09.45am - 10.20am)  Two American Bizjet's "which both arrived yesterday" resulted in an early morning visit! N450EE Gulfstream G450 arrived from Greenville/Spartanburg, while Challenger CL601-3A N601WM arrived from Prestwick.  Onur Air's (OHY4673) Bodrum flight was operated by TC-OAF Airbus A321, It departed back via Glasgow as (OHY4674). Also of interest "although not landing" was a RAF Hawk XX255 which appeared out of the gloom and livened things up with an overshoot as (Pirate 02)!! 

Sunday 3rd October (09.00am - 09.15am//15.30pm - 17.45pm//22.30pm - 23.35pm)) "Well" what a day and more to the point "What weather" (Terrible!!)  Anyway three visits today produced the following, (1st Visit) An early morning dash to catch up with EC-JVI Falcon 2000 that arrived last night as (GES183) from Heathrow, it departed to Luton as (GES181 just after 10am. (2nd Visit) Late Afternoon schedules were G-CDEB Saab 2000 on the weekly (EZE47G) Southampton-DTV-Aberdeen route, and KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZA as (KLM1537/1538). On departure the aircraft suffered a bird strike and returned to the field, After landing safely and having a check it departed some 2 hours late to Amsterdam.            What must be described as "contender for best visitor in 2010! and only the second visit of an Airbus A340-300 to Durham Tees Valley! F-OSEA Airbus A340-300 of Air Tahiti landed as (THT751) on a charter for a night stop. It departed at 11am the next morning on a charter as (THT1752!! (3rd Visit) Late visit tonight when the Airport was shut so a big thanks to the airport staff for this visit!!  Overnight stoppers along with the Airbus A340 were KLM Fokker FK100 PH-OFL, Eastern Airways Jetstream 41's G-MAJE/G-MAJF, while EC-GVE Swearingen Metro arrived as (OVA881) from Bristol for a two day stay, and finally N443HC Ce510 Citation Mustang routed in from Waterford, departing to Antwerp the following day.

Wednesday 6th October (08.00am - 09.20am)  Of interest this morning were! OK-PPP Pilatus PC12 which arrived yesterday from Mnichovo Hradiste, It was due to depart back there tomorrow after spending two days on the ramp. M-TSRI Be90 King Air stopped off for an hour routing Chester/Leeds Bradford as (AAD906A/906B), while OO-ACO Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived from & departed to Kortrijk. "On the heavier side!" TC-OAK Airbus A321 operated Onur Air's (OHY4671/4672) from and to Dalaman.

Thursday 7th October (15.40pm - 18.45pm)  Notables this afternoon, Thomson Airways Airbus A321 G-OOPE Operated (TOM3419/3420) from and to Palma, while on KLM's (KLM1537/8) Amsterdam service was PH-WXA Fokker FK70. OY-LHK Diamond Twin Star routed from and to Odense as (NFA154/155). Others arriving just before dark where LX-LAR Learjet 35 as (DUK3) routing from Palma/Luxembourg, and our second Omni Air Boeing 767-300 to visit DTV, it arrived from Brize Norton as (OAE940).

Friday 8th October (13.15pm - 16.30pm)  Another dull day, another wide body, a classic and some diversions!! Several diversions arrived from Leeds/Bradford and Newcastle during the course of the morning and mid day. The one that stood out and a first time visitor was Manx2 D-IFLM Dornier 228, it was operating the Isle of Man-Newcastle service as (FKI84N/85N). Another wide body in the shape of Omni Air International DC10, N270AX arrived as (OAE950) for a night stop, "while the Classic!" XR808 VC10 routed Brize Norton/Exeter as (RRR2092/2093). Others worth a mention were N380CA Pa32R Saratoga from Geneva, while PH-KZU Fokker FK70 was operating (KLM1537/8) and Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJJ was on the Aberdeen rotation as (EZE65L/66L).

Monday 11th October (13.20pm - 14.45pm)  Of Interest this afternoon were Learjet 35 D-CCCB, It arrived from Bodrum and departed to Baden-Baden under the call sign (AMB3). Omni Air Boeing 767-300 N351AX arrived as (OAE970) for a night stop, while G-CITY PA31 Navajo operated from and to Belfast as (CWY09/09A).

Thursday 14th October (16.25pm - 17.00pm)  Not the best day for photos "so a very short visit" D-CCAA Learjet 35 arrived as (AMB15) from Rhodes for a night stop, while PH-KZN Fokker FK70 was operating (KLM1537/8) on the afternoon Amsterdam rotation.

Tuesday 19th October (07.45am -08.00am) An early morning visit to catch up with a couple of last night arrivals! BinAir Metro D-CNAF departed to Cologne/Bonn as (BID2A) midday, while VP-BSF Learjet 45 looked as though it was going nowhere!, Air Tahiti Airbus A340-300 F-OSEA finally left to Charles de Gaulle as (THT1760) after a series of charters from the DTV over the last two weeks!!

Wednesday 20th October  (07.45am - 10.25am) Another early morning visit to shoot last nights arrivals before the sun got to awkward for shots!  CS-DXS Ce560 Citation XLS arrived as (NJE472R), Piaggio P180 Avanti D-IIVA arrived from Le Bourget as (XGO2NV). it was due to depart to Liverpool as (XGO2GP), while VP-BSI Gulfstream G550 arrived from Winchester County and was also due to depart today to Geneva! The following where the regular Wednesday arrivals!! Onur Air's Dalaman flight "(OHY4671/2)" was TC-OAK Airbus A321. Schedules were PH-KZE Fokker FK70 (KLM1533/4) from and to Amsterdam while Eastern Airways Jetsteam 41's were G-MAJF (EZE61L/62L) from Aberdeen and G-MAJJ (EZE81D) from Southampton.


Friday 22nd October (13.45pm - 14.45pm) Of interest on this afternoon's short visit were, M-USCA TBM-850 and HB-VPB Ce525 Citationjet CJ2+ " Both having arrived yesterday".  G-LGNA Saab SF340 positioned in from Glasgow then headed down to Norwich as (LOG861P/861) with Middlesbrough FC for tomorrow's game, while G-MAJD Jetstream 41 was operating Eastern Airways (EZE66L) to Aberdeen. 

Saturday 23rd October (10.00am - 11.05am)  Another wet and murky visit produced four notables this morning! D-CTTT Ce560 Citation XLS and Aeronova Metro EC-GVE both arrived last night as (AUF352) from Bern and (OVA93T) from Nantes respectively.  KLM Fokker FK70 PH-JCH operated (KLM1534) to Amsterdam, while Monarch Airlines Airbus A300 G-OJMR arrived on a charter as (MON8635), It positioned out to London Gatwick as (MON635P) 

Sunday 24th October (15.15pm - 15.35pm) Of Interest "and a first type visit to Durham Tees Valley this afternoon" was N400YY Extra 400, while Falcon 900 N999EH arrived from Berlin Schonefield, departing to Geneva on Tuesday 26th after a couple of days stay.

Thursday 28th October (17.00pm - 20.30pm) A busy evening resulted me heading up just before dark! G-VUEZ Ce550 Citation routed from Ancona and departed to Palma an hour later as (VUE983/984). Hawker 800XP OE-GCE arrived as (GDK28CE) from Paderborn, "while on the second visit of the day was" Gulfstream G550 G-JCBB routing Cochstedt/Belfast City as (JCB1). Arriving from Bournemouth was G-OCEG Be200 Super King Air as (CEG844) for a night stop. Last of interest to arrive was Metro HA-FAO from Valladolid as (CNB514), After unloading its cargo it headed off to Aalborg and hour later as (CNB524F).

Friday 29th October (09.45am - 10.15am)  OH-WIA Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived from Helsinki as (JEF20A) for a night stop, whilst PA27 Aztec G-LIZZ routed Blackbush/Biggin Hill with IAT Flying Scholarship titles on it!! The only schedule of this short visit was PH-KZB Fokker FK70 operating (KLM1533/4 from and to Amsterdam!

Monday 8th October (08.30 - 09.00am) A trio of Biz jets that arrived last night resulted in an early morning visit!  OO-NAD Falcon 7X arrived from Antwerp as (FYG502X). N755VE Gulfstream G550 arrived from San Antonio while Learjet 45 VP-BSF came in from Geneva!

Wednesday 10th November (08.50am - 09.30am)  Biz Jets this morning were VP-CRB Learjet 60, which arrived from Humberside on Monday,  While LN-IDB Ce560 Citation Encore and "the regular" Global Express XRS N288Z both arrived last night from Aberdeen as (HSG02) & Novosibirsk as (BJT889) respectively. PH-KZA Fokker FK70 was on (KLM 1533/4)

Saturday 13th November (13.45pm -14.00pm) (15.20pm - 16.00pm)  Two short visits today, Loganair Saab 340B G-LGNH positioned in from Glasgow as (LOG861P), "taking BORO FC out" it departed 30 minutes later to Cardiff for their game with Swansea tomorrow as (LOG861). The second visit today just before dark was to catch up with last night arrivals, N725LB Global Express arrived from Farnborough and headed back there late Sunday afternoon, while EC-KTV Gulfstream G150 arrived from & to Torrejon as (EXU311), leaving also late Sunday afternoon.

Monday 15th November (09.00am - 10.11am)  Of interest this morning! OY-JPJ Ce 650 Citation 3 which arrived as (NFA017) last night & G-IZAP Learjet 45 which routed Biggin Hill/Ciudad Real Central as (PGL417).  G-VONB Sikorsky S-76 departed to Battersea via a local private site as (PGL27), while on Eastern's (EZE61/62L) Aberdeen rotation was G-MAJH, "possibly" the last Jetstream 41 still in old colours?

Friday 19th November (08.45am - 09.15am)  Nothing of interest today with the overnight fog lingering throughout the day! PH-TXA Ce 510 Citation Mustang "which arrived yesterday from Rotterdam" departed to East Midlands using the same call sign (JNL716).

Saturday 27th November (10.35am - 11.10am) Heavy snow has hampered operations at DTV over the last couple of days, but a short mornings visit produced the following between more snow down pours!!  D-CJJJ Ce550 Citation 2 arrived last night from Ostend & G-NBET AS355 Ecureuil 2 arrived as (Trident 04) on Thursday,  PH-KZH Fokker FK70 was on the four hour delayed (KLM1530) to Amsterdam, while getting another covering of the white stuff was Cobham's Be200 Super King Air G-FPLE!!!!

Saturday 18th December (12.15pm - 12.45pm)  Both departing today after a nightstop were OH-WIA Ce680 Citation Sovereign & G-XAVB Ce510 Citation Mustang, routing from and to Helsinki as (JEF20A) & from and  to Jersey as (AVB571/581) respectively, While D-CSIX Learjet 60 arrived on an medical flight as (IFA0575) from Timimoun for a nightstop! 





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