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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2011!!


Some of the more interesting visitors in 2011 that I managed to capture!!

Monday 3rd January  (13.30pm - 14.00pm)  First Visit in the new year produced two aircraft worthy of a mention! G-BYHG Dornier 328 arrived with Norwich FC lastnight as (SAY621), it departed back to Norwich early evening after their game with Middlesbrough FC as (SAY622), also a possible football charter was G-KLNB Be350 Super King Air operating from and to Cambridge as (SXN35A).

Tuesday 11th January (08.30am - 09.00am)  Nipped up in the murk for SE-RCM Ce560 Citation XLS which arrived yesterday from Rygge & was due to depart back there Wednesday the 12th.

Friday 14th January (12.00pm - 12.30pm) Short midday visit was to catch up with a quartet of Bizjet's that had arrived over the last couple of days, "Although most are regulars" its still nice to see the ramps looking fairly busy at DTV!!   N288Z BD700 Global Express XRS arrived Wednesday morning as (BJT889) while PH-RID Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived on the Wednesday night.  D-CLUX Learjet 40 arrived lastnight from Nice as (DCS763) whilst departing just after midday was VP-BSI Gulfstream G550 "Which also arrived Thursday" and routed from & to Farnborough.

Tuesday 18th January. (13.15pm - 14.15pm)  A bit of a busy visit today!! Titan Airways Agusta A109 G-WELY departed to Hutton Mulgrave North Yorkshire after arriving late lasnight. N288Z BD700 Global Express XRS hasn't moved from stand 9 since its arrival last Wednesday. It did eventually though, departing on 26th to Paris as (BJT889),  "another Global Express" N302AK arrived from Le Bourget last night and went onto stand 13. VP-BSI Gulfstream G550 has been busy the last couple of days shuttling from and to Farnborough, while Thomson Airways flight (TOM2AJ/1VC) from and to Alicante was operated by Boeing 737-800 G-CDZI, and  "last but not least" Learjet 40 D-CLUX was on stand 13, It routed to and from Bristol yesterday as (DCS980) after originally arriving from Nice last Thursday as (DCS763).

Friday 21st January. (06.45am - 07.15am)  Not everyone's cup of tea, but in my eyes a classic!! D-IEXB Beech 99 arrived late lastnight from Lille as (EXT441), It departed to Frankfurt early this morning as (EXT442).

Saturday 22nd January (09.45am - 10.15am) A couple of Citation's were present on this mornings short visit! HB-VWE Ce560 XLS+ was in for a two hour stay, operating from Munich to Friedrichshafen, while G-XAVB Ce510 Mustang arrived as (AVB511) from Jersey yesterday, & PH-KZH Fokker FK70 was on KLM's (KLM1533/4) service to Amsterdam.

Monday 24th January.(11.45pm - 12.55pm) Worthy of a mention today were two visiting British biz jets, G-OSOH Ce525 Citationjet left this afternoon as (HGR892) after arriving late lastnight, while G-OSRL Learjet 45 arrived from Doncaster as (AVB241), departing back there late evening as (AVB244) but not before operating as (AVB242/3).

Wednesday 26th January. (09.45am - 10.15am)  Quick nip up this morning in the miserable weather for N750NS Ce750 Citation X, "nice winglets fitted now!" it arrived last night from Antwerp and looked as though it wasn't going anywhere in a hurry? eventually departing back to Antwerp late on the Thursday 27th.

Thursday 27th January (10.45am - 11.15am & 12.20pm - 12.45pm) Executive aircraft of interest on today's two visits, "which included two that arrived lastnight", LN-SOV Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived from Oslo as (MDT11) & M-ERIL Pilatus PC12 arrived from Oxford, both due to depart tomorrow, While G-HEBJ Ce525 Citationjet CJ1 operated as (EDC787) from Luton, It departed to Prestwick later afternoon after spending several hours on stand 13.

Friday 28th January. (10.30am- 11.30am) A couple of early arrivals in this morning! N403ND Ce 525B Citationjet CJ3 routed from and to Lyon, while Aerostar N69LP arrived from Bournemouth and departed for the short flight up to Newcastle some 90 minutes later. "Not my idea of flying!" but resident here at DTV Airport, G-UTTS Robinson R44 leaves hanger 3 area for another training sortie.

Monday 31st January (14.15pm - 15.30pm)  HB-VNZ Ce550 Citation Bravo routed from and to Geneva as (PJS700), while one of Cobham's Falcon 20s G-FRAK returns from another exercise under the call sign of (Vader1).

Thursday 3rd February (12.30pm - 13.00pm) A couple of Jet2 Boeing 737-300's were bashing the circuit for several hours training today, reminds me of the good old days when Teesside Airport was a popular place for training! anyway G-CELK was first to arrive just before mid day as (EXS300T), routing from Leeds Bradford and heading to Blackpool after nearly three hours of training, while G-CELV arrived as (EXS400T) from Manchester and headed to Leeds Bradford, again roughly after three hours of bashing the circuit! 

Tuesday 15th February (14.10pm -15.00pm)  A couple of executive movements were the reason behind the hour long visit this afternoon!  M-TSRI Be90 King Air arrived as (AAD915A) from Chester and G-XBEL Ce560 Citation XLS arrived as (AVB851) from Jersey.  On Eastern Airways mid afternoon service (EZE66L) to Aberdeen was Jetstream 41 G-MAJE, while on Thomson Airways weekly Alicante flight was Boeing 737-800 G-CDZI arriving as (TOM2AJ/1VC).

Sunday 20th March (14.05pm - 14.30pm) The two Bizjet's today were related with a couple of local football games that were held over the weekend,  N225EE Gulf 5 routed from and to Farnborough as (KAI80) and G-XAVB Ce510 Citation Mustang routed to Jersey as (AVB501). G-DJET Diamond DR42 Twin Star arrived as (WKT02) while one of Cobham's Be200 Super King Air G-FPLE rests after arriving from Manchester as (CLB165) earlier this morning.

Friday 1st April (15.20pm - 15.55pm)  Durham Tees Valley doesn't get many Classic Gulfstreams now, but one Gulf 3 that visits a couple of times a year is N711EG, it arrived from Luton on the 30th, and departed early evening! "Note the engine hush kits!"

Friday 8th April (14.55pm - 16.10pm)  A couple of German Biz Jets and an Air Southwest DHC8 were of interest on this afternoons sunny hour long visit! D-CCCB Learjet 35A routed as (AMB250) and Ce560 Citation XLS D-CNNN arrived & Departed as (DCS339),  While Air Southwest DHC,8-300 G-WOWB arrived as (WOW9403) from Birmingham, and after dropping off West Bromwich FC departed to Bristol some 25 minutes later as (WOW02P). On a lighter note, Multiflight's Be76 Duchess G-BNYO did a couple of Touch & Go's under the callsign of (EXAM94).

Friday 15th April  (17.00pm - 17.20pm)  Of interest on this early evenings short visit were the following,  LX-DCA Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 which routed from and to Avignon to pick up a couple of passengers, and was only on the ground for 15 minutes!!  N352CM Piper PA46 Malibu Jet Prop "a regular now" arrived from Geneva for a nightstop while G-EMMY Rutan Vari-Eze arrived from Biggin Hill for a weekend stay!

Saturday 23rd April (17.35pm - 18.15pm)  A trio of American registerd aircraft were the highlight of today! N95TA PA31 Navajo arrived from Bournemouth on Thursday, while arriving yesterday were N2923N PA32 Cherokee Six from Jersey and N153CD Cirrus SR20. On the Thomson Airways (TOM3619) flight from Tenerife was Boeing 737-800 G-FDZE, Unfortunately in a heavy down pour & poor light!!!!

Wednesday 27th April (12.45pm - 15.20pm) Heli Holland Eurocopter EC155 PH-EQU was operating to and from a ship anchored just off the north east coast,  It did several daily return trips for a couple of days under the callsign of (HHE60A-G) then headed back to Amsterdam on Thursday 28th.  On the afternoons schedules where Air Southwest  DHC,8-300 G-WOWA operating Eastern Airways (EZE65L/66L) Aberdeen rotation and KLM Fokker FK100 PH-OFO operating (KLM1535/1536) from and to Amsterdam, while Jet2s Boeing 737-300 G-CELE was in for a couple of hours circuit bashing, operating from and to Leeds Bradford as (EXS301T), plus resident PA23 Aztec G-BAVL arrived back from a local flight.

Friday 20th May (14.20 - 14.40pm)  Possibly the star visitor this year so far!! YU-BUU Ce525A Citationjet CJ2+ arrived from Belgrade and spent just over an hour on the deck before departing to Tours, While Air Southwest G-WOWC DHC8-300 was on the Eastern Airways (EZE80D-87D) Southampton services.


Friday 27th May (15.45pm - 17.20pm)  A couple of tasty 737's and a couple of biz were the highlights on this afternoons short stay!  A first visit to DTV from one of Jet2's recently acquired Boeing 737-800's, G-GDFD positioned in from Manchester as (EXS143C) to operate the annually Lourdes flight an hour later as (EXS6193).  While also positioning in from Manchester as (OAI861P) was Tor Air Boeing 737-300 SP-HAA, it night stopped and departed early the next morning to Naples as (OAI861).  Stopping the night were also, G-CXLS Ce560 Citation XLS which arrived from and departed to Jersey as (AVB771/781) and G-ODUR Hawker 900XP routed from Bristol Lusgate to Luton as (HGR849). Air Southwest DHC8's still seem to be operating from DTV on Eastern Airways flights as G-WOWB has been on (EZE80D-87D) Southampton service all week!! Also a favourite of mine "and always worth a mention even though i didn't manage to shoot it!" was RAF Vickers VC10 C1K XV101, operating as (RRR849) it routed from Brize Norton and headed to East Midlands after an hours training!! "Gutted" as missed this beast by an hour!!!!

Friday 17th June (13.45pm - 14.35pm)  The main interest around the Airport this week was an Aircraft Salvage Company setting up a base here at DTV, Sycamore Aviation are planning on breaking up a number of Aircraft on stand 9 then transferring them to Hanger 4 where the rest of the aircraft will be dismantled!!  Their first arrival "ex SkyExpress" was N249AN a Boeing 737-500 which arrived from Villnius on Wednesday 15th June using its reg as its callsign!    Also of interest this afternoon were a trio of Biz Jets, Global 5000 N501JT arrived on Tuesday the 14th from Southampton and was planning on stopping until 24th! Departing to Long Island mid day. Whilst both in until Sunday were N453DW Ce510 Citation Mustang routing from and to Guernsey, and G-EVRD Raytheon Premier arriving from and departing to London Gatwick as (MHN69). Also heading out to do one of several daily return trips to a ship just of the coast was the based Heli Holland Eurocopter EC-155 PH-EQU.

Sunday 19th June (14.25pm - 14.45pm)  Not much to get excited about today apart from a Tor Air Boeing 737-300,  SP-HAA positioned in from Norwich as (OAI872P) and departed to Verona some 60 minutes later as (OAI873).

Tuesday 21st June (20.40pm - 22.00pm)  A very late visit to catch up with a couple of movements before and after darkness!!!! The SAS Boeing 737-800 operated one of several short series of flights that DTV seems to get annually now.  LN-RRF routed from and to Oslo as (SAS7197/8).  OO-ALW Ce177 Cardinal arrived from Kortrijk/Wevelgem Monday 20th and was due to depart back there Thursday 23rd, while arriving direct from Nagoya Japan in near darkness was EC-KUM Gulfstream G550, After a nightstop it departed late afternoon to Birmingham using the same call sign it arrived with "(TGM181M)"

Thursday 23rd June (18.15pm - 18.50pm) A Classic!!! "but the weather wasn't kind though!!!" Royal Air Force Vickers VC10 XR808 calling up as (TARTAN45) did an overshoot in what can be described as a monsoon weather conditions!!!!!!!!!! Got soaked and so did my camera!!! Victor Charles will soon be gone, so got to get them while their here!!! Also the now regular N352CM PA46 Malibu arrived from Geneva for the weekend, departing back there Sunday Morning.

Friday 24th June (15.45-17.00pm) The Dutch Falcon 900 PH-LCG arrived from Newcastle late lastnight as (SOX678), It departed to Northolt late afternoon using the same callsign.  The highlight of the this short stay, and catching me by surprise were two Spitfires of the BBMF doing a low flyby down the runway! Not the best shots as didn't get time to adjust my settings on my camera but PS915 and PM631 "both Spitfire PR.X1X's" were heading from Coningsby to Edinburgh, Probably for some weekend show up north?? also arriving was one of the based Cobham Be350 Super King Air's G-COBM returning as (CLB281)

Saturday 25th June (11.00am - 13.10pm)  A first type visitor at DTV was the reason behind this late morning/midday visit. Cityflyer Express Embraer ERJ170 G-LCYF positioned in from Edinburgh as (CFE113P), having spent an hour on the ramp it departed on a charter to Naples as (CFE4549). CS-DXR Ce560 Citation XLS routed from Prague to Berlin/Tegel as (NJE219D/404H), whilst on KLM's (KLM1535/1536) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZO. The newly resident ex SkyExpress Boeing 737-500 N249AN has now disappeared into hanger 4 for dismantling.

Sunday 26th June (10.20am - 11.40am) Highlights today included a couple of Hawker 400XP's, EC-LIO arrived from Ibiza as (DNC472), and having spent just over two hours on the ramp it departed to Figari Sud Corse as (DNC473), while CS-DMY "belonging to NetJets" routed from Berlin/Tegel and headed to Belfast just over an hour later as (NJE7TN). "Also" routing from and to Manchester and giving the circuit some stick for 4 hours was Flybe's DHC,8-400 G-JECR as (BEE027T).

Sunday 3rd July (07.25am - 07.40am & 12.00pm - 15.20pm) "1st Visit" A very early morning visit to catch up with last nights arrivals, and also before the sun got to awkward!! G-FBLK Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived yesterday late afternoon as (BKK1A), departing just as i got there, it left under the same callsign it arrived with. A quartet of Diamond DR42 Twin star's have been operating out of DTV for the last three days of which two were here this morning! I-ASEP arrived as (WKT01) from Gamston lastnight while G-DJET arrived from Leeds Bradford as (WKT02) Friday. "2nd Visit"  Headed back up lunch time for a couple of hours to catch the following arrivals worth a mention!  9A-DWA Ce525 Citationjet CJ2+ arrived from Dubrovnik Cilipi for a night stop and N889JG TBM-850 arrived from and departed to Bournemouth, whilst G-SNZY Learjet 45 routed from Palma to Southampton. On the heavier side were PH-JCT Fokker FK70 operating from and to Amsterdam on (KLM1535/6) and on the last in a sort series of SAS flights was Boeing 737-800 LN-RRG, operating from and to Oslo as (SAS9049/7198). On a sadder note our resident B737-500 N249AN is deteriorating fast in Hanger 4!!

Saturday 16th July (07.00am - 07.30am)  Another early morning visit to catch up with a first type visitor which arrived yesterday!  N950HB Hawker 4000 Horizon arrived from RAF Fairford yesterday late afternoon, Having spent the night on Stand 13 it routed back to RAF Fairford an hour after my visit! Only for it to arrive back later for another nightstop, departing to Manston late afternoon Sunday! while RAF Hawk XX258 arrived also late yesterday afternoon from Leeming, Using the Callsign (Pirate 24) it visited Cobham and operated a couple of local flights over the weekend.

Sunday 24th July (14.30pm - 18.30pm) A couple of bits an pieces worth a mention today resulted in me having four long hours in the sunshine at DTV!!  G-ECOE DHC,8-400 arrived to beat up the circuit for 2 hours, routing from and to Manchester as (BEE027T)! While G-FBLI Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived from Lyon Bron as (BKK4D), it headed off to Guernsey an hour later using the same callsign it arrived with.  M-INOR Hawker 900XP arrived from Calvi Corsica and headed to London City some 45 minutes later.  In for some aerial survey work and arriving from Glasgow was G-MAPP Ce 402 as (REV412), whilst in on Eastern Airways (EZE47G/48G) Aberdeen-DTV-Southampton and return, was Saab 2000 G-CDKB, Also, in for two overshoots was RAF  Hercules C4 ZH867 calling up as (RRR064) routing from and to Brize Norton. Lastly, G-NWAA Eurocopter EC135 arrived and later departed to Blackpool as (HLE08E).

Friday 29th July (14.10pm - 16.10pm) A big presence of military visitors and fly bys were all to do with the annual Cobham's Families day, and Sunderland Airshow being on for the weekend. G-CGUZ Ce525Citationjet CJ2+ routed From Coventry and departed to Liverpool as (GMA304) Cobham Families day aircraft were two RAF Hawks XX280 & XX329 from and to Leeming as (Carbon 1 & 2). Two RAF Eurofighter Typhoons ZJ802 & ZJ942 arriving and departing to from Coningsby as (Razor 51/61 & Razor 52/62 respectively) whilst all doing a fly through heading to Newcastle for the Sunderland Airshow were the following, Royal Navy Lynx XZ722 calling up (Black 1), RAF Hawk XX321 as (Aztec 2) and Catalina G-PBYA.

Saturday 30th July (08.45am - 09.30am & 12.30pm - 15.30pm) Two visits today, the second making some history at DTV!!!! (1st Visit) G-CGMB Embraer ERJ135 arrived from Luton lastnight as (EZE723P), it departed with PSV Eindhoven FC after last nights friendly with Middlesbrough FC to Eindhoven as (EZE723), whilst on KLM's (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service was PH-KZW Fokker FK70.


(2nd Visit)  Probably making history as the last ever movement by a Trident at DTV, G-ARPO Trident 1C was loaded onto a low loader for the short drive up north to its new home at Sunderland, and was due to leave 06.00am tomorrow morning.  It has been used by the CAA Fire School for non destructive testing since its arrival in the early eighties, until being donated to the save the trident foundation, The aircraft is due to go to The North East Aircraft Museum at Sunderland where it will be rebuilt and painted in the striking colours of Northeast Airlines! a local airline who operated it in the late 70s from Teesside & Newcastle Airports! A good website which includes all the info on this aircraft can be seen from this link 

                                                     G-ARPO Tridents final flight at DTV!!!! "sadly not under its own power though!!!!!!"


Sunday 31st July (10.30am - 12.35pm) One of interest today!! Ryan International Boeing 767-300 N764RD arrived lastnight as (HFY461), It left midday heading across the pond as (RYN6216) possibly on an MoD Charter to Calgary.

Saturday 6th August (08.30am - 09.00am)  Another Wide bodied aircraft on another MoD charter, G-POWD Boeing 767-300 of Titan Airways has been operating every other day here at DTV this week! "unfortunately though in better weather!!!!!" anyway it postioned in from Stansted as (AWC290Y) and headed off again to Calgary as (AWC2901) a couple of hours later! KLM sent in Fokker FK70 PH-KZM on their (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service, while N700GY TBM-700 arrived yesterday from Guernsey, and stayed for the weekend departing on the 8th August! 

Saturday 13th August (08.40am - 09.05am)  Short visit this morning produced the following of interest!  G-CGMC Embraer ERJ135 arrived as (EZE1601) from Luton lastnight, and was due to depart to Chester just before midday as (EZE601P).  KLM's Fokker FK70 PH-KZI operated (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service, while both arriving on Thursday 11th August were, M-YLEO Pilatus PC12 from Fairoaks, "was due out today to Nice" & G-DPJR Sikorsky S76 arriving from East Midlands as (PGL19).

Monday 15th August (17.45pm - 19.00pm)  Notables on tonight's visit were, Onur Air Airbus A320 TC-OBG operating (OHY4673/4F) from and to Bodrum, it being the last of the summer series of flights!! Whilst dropping in for 10 minutes to pick up some VIP's was LX-FGB Ce 560 Citation XLS+, routing from and to Liege!


Friday 19th August (14.45pm - 15.05pm)  Short visit this afternoon to catch up with a trio of biz jets, I-TOPX Hawker 400XP arrived from Venice last night and looks good for a weekend stop, along with the two others which are regulars,  N288Z Global Express XRS arrived on the 7th August as (BJT889) from Van Nuys, and has laid dormant on stand 12 since!!! while G-XAVB Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived from Jersey as (AVB591) and looks as though its going no where fast!!!

Tuesday 23rd August  (17.15pm - 18.55pm)  Executive visitors tonight!  CS-DHH Ce550B Citation Bravo routed from Norwich to Aberdeen as (NJE1NH), AirLec Merlin 3B F-GRNT arrived from and to Bordeaux as (ARL421), OO-FPC Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 arrived from Biggin Hill as (FYG162N), then departed for the short hop up to Newcastle as (FYG21N) 20 minutes later, whilst PH-RID Ce680 Citation Soveriegn arrived from Geneva for a night stop!

Thursday 25th August (17.05pm - 19.10pm)  Another interesting evening for executive movements arriving and departing, possibly connected to the grouse shooting season??  G-WAIN Ce550B Citation Bravo routed from and to Palma as (XJC209). NetJets Hawker 400XP CS-DMM arrived from Luton as (NJE4XQ) for a night stop, departing as (NJE876W) early next morning! LX-JFP Piaggio P180 Avanti routed Geneva/Bordeaux, whilst PH-RID Ce680 Citation Soveriegn departed to Le Bourget after a two day stay, and Hawker 900XP EC-KMT arrived from Malaga as (GES041) for a night stop!

Saturday 27th August (17.10pm - 18.20pm) Notables early evening were, G-BMDK PA34 Seneca arrived and departed as ((MCD67) while Ce501 Citation 1/SP F-HFRA routed from and to Bordeaux as (ARL505) and Gestair's  Hawker 900XP EC-KMT departed to Ciudad Real as (GES041) late evening.

Monday 29th August (17.45pm -18.00pm) Just the two movements of interest in tonight, Falcon 900 N978PW landed Sunday morning from Hancock County NY and stayed a week departing to Morristown Municipal on the 4th September, while NetJets Ce550B Citation Bravo CS-DHL arrived as (NJE881F) from Toulon for a night stop, departing the next day as (NJE403P).

Tuesday 30th August (16.50pm -17.45pm)  EC-LJC Ce510 Citation Mustang routed from and to Zurich as (DNC221/2) and was the only worthy visitor along with the regular Global Express XRS N288Z, which arrived from Luton.

Wednesday 31st August (17.15pm - 18.30pm)  Notables in tonight and both for nightstops were, YU-BUU Ce525A Citation CJ2+ arriving from Genoa, departing to Palermo early Thursday Morning,  while also in for a nightstop arriving from Brussels as (AAB31Z) was OO-AIE Ce560 Citation XLS+, and was due to depart back there on Saturday using the same callsign!

Thursday 1st September (16.45pm - 18.45pm) Probably one of the busiest evenings for Executive movements this year!!!!!! NetJets started the proceedings with Hawker 800XPi CS-DRS, arriving for a nightstop from Le Bourget as (NJE9ML), It departed early the next morning to Biggin Hill under the same call sign, while CS-DMB Hawker 400 routed from Lossiemouth to Northolt as (NJE109F/309E).  G-SYGA Be200 Super King Air arrived from and to Fairoaks as (SYG188). Ce680 Citation Soveriegn PH-RID routed from Le Bourget leaving to Kirkwall some 90 minutes later, whilst N525PM Ce525B Citationjet CJ2 and Raytheon Premier EC-IOZ both arrived for stays until Saturday evening, routing from and to Oxford and Ciudad Real as (GES072/1) to Torrejon respectively! N536K Be36 Bonanza arrived from and to Oxford, Whilst not forgetting the Biz that's been sitting in DTV all week N288Z Global Express XRS and N978PW Falcon 900 and OO-AIE Ce560 Citation XLS+  making this a very busy night for DTV!!! Watch out Luton!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 2nd September 14.00pm -14.20pm)  Nice surprise this lunch time was Ryan International Boeing 767-300 N125RD, it arrived from McChord Field/Tacoma as (RYN7746) for a nightstop, departing the next morning as (RYN6746) to Calgary via Goose Bay on a MoD charter. Not my cup of tea "but a classic all the same"  Mooney M20F Executive G-CEJN departed to Welshpool late afternoon!!

Saturday 3rd September (16.20pm - 17.30pm)  Just a couple worth a mention today in the drizzle!! Tor Air Boeing 737-300 ES-LBD postioned in from London Gatwick as (MMM862P) for a charter to Catania, departing an hour later as (MMM865), while NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXS routed from Newcastle to Le Bourget as (NJE6WC). 

Sunday 4th September (17.15pm - 18.40pm)  Another Busy evening!! Eastern Airways Saab 2000 G-CFLU was on the (EZE47G) Aberdeen-DTV-Southampton and return service! Locally based Mooney M20 D-EKNA was in for an hours training, while the following trio were all in for a nightstop, Jetfly Aviation sent in TBM-700 LX-JFE & LX-JFP Piaggio P180 Avanti arriving from Le Bourget to Farnborough Tuesday and Geneva to Lugano respectively either side of Visjatet Learjet 60 arriving from Linz, departing to Geneva as (VJS259).

Wednesday 7th August (16.40pm - 18.10pm)  Of interest in on this evenings visit!.....  M-ERCI Challenger CL605 arrived from Geneva and is was due to depart to Le Bourget Friday evening, but went tech!!! It did eventually depart to Oxford on Wednesday 14th! Ce525 Citationjet CJ1 N665CH routed from and to Coventry, EC-IBK Be350 Super King Air arrived from and departed to Torrejon as (GES321) after a nightstop, while G-CDEB Saab 2000 was on Eastern Airways Aberdeen rotations as (EZE65L-68L).

Thursday 8th September  (16.40pm -17.30pm & 20.00 - 20.30pm) For me one if the best movements of the year "if not the decade" today at DTV!!!! the last one a German Cargo visiting some 18 years ago!!!!!!  National Airlines Douglas DC8-71F N872CA arrived from Detroit Willow Run as (NCR155) for a night stop! it was due to depart to Calgary as (NCR155) on a MoD charter early Friday morning!! Also in tonight after arriving early this morning from Manchester was Hawker 850XP I-TOPH for a nightstop until Saturday, when it departed to Milan Linate mid evening.

Friday 9th September  (06.30am -07.05am & 14.00pm - 16.20pm)  Early morning visit to catch up with the DC8 departing!!!! First to arrive though was Thomas Cook Scandinavia  Airbus A330-300 OY-VKI, it postioned in from Manchester as (TCX372P), departing some 2 hours later to Calgary as (TCX372G), while also heading in the same direction "Calgary" was the National Airlines Douglas DC8-71F N872CA as (NCR501), both on MoD charters. others of note today were, N225EE Gulf 5 routed from Farnborough and departed to Inverness as (KAI80) after a night stop, SA-226T Merlin IIIB F-GLPT arrived from Le Bourget as (ARL301) for a night stop, departing to Bordeaux as (ARL302)  late Saturday afternoon, while another Swearingen machine, SA-227AC Metro III D-CPSW routed from Birmingham to Antwerp as (BID61/6B. Lastly, NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXP arrived from Northolt as (NJE451M) for a night stop, departing to and back from Dinard as (NJE6DB).

Saturday 10th September  (08.30am - 09.45am) Another wide body aircraft meant and another early morning visit!! Orbest Orizonia Airlines Airbus A330-300 EC-LEQ positioned in from Madrid as (IWD047P), Having spent nearly three hours on Stand 1, it then departed to Calgary on an MoD Charter as (IWD9048). KLM sent in PH-WXA Fokker FK70 on (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam Service!

Sunday 11th September (08.30am - 08.55am)   I finally caught up with Astraeus Airlines  Boeing 757-200 G-STRX while still in Iron maiden colours!!!  it arrived from Keflavik and departed to Calgary via Goose bay as (AEU721P/721) on another MoD Charter,  Also in on this mornings short visit was Fokker FK70 PH-KZS on KLM's (KLM1533/4).

Monday 12th September (16.50pm - 18.30pm)  The classic was back!!!! National Airlines Douglas DC8-71F N872CA arrived from Calgary via Goose Bay as (NCR155) on a MoD charter, and after a night stop was due to position to Liege early morning as (NCR872). Also in for a night stop was LX-JFM Pilatus PC12 arriving from Oslo Gardermoen, It departed to Brussels on Friday 16th.

Tuesday 13th September (16.55pm - 18.10pm)  Another two Wide bodied aircraft and a couple of biz were of interest on this late afternoon visit!  Early morning arrival was Ryan International Boeing 767-300 N763BK, it arrived from Calgary as (RYN6754) on a MoD charter departing late afternoon back to base at Chicago Rockford as (RYN7754). While another arrival from Calgary was Thomas Cook Airbus A330-200 G-OJMC arriving as (TCX373H), It postioned up to Glasgow as (TCX373F) after a couple of hours on stand 1. G-TLFK Ce680 Citation Soveriegn arrived from and to Krakow for a night stop, while "1st visit of type at DTV" Eclipse EA-500 EC-LET routed from and to Quimper as (JRY013), it departed on Thursday 15th as (JRY011) after a couple of days on stand 12.

Wednesday 14th September (16.30pm - 16.40pm)  Notables in on this short late afternoon visit.  N601WM Challenger CL601-3A arrived from Liverpool, departing to Gander on the 21st, while I-FORR Learjet 40 arrived as (SIO403) from Milan Linate, departing to Venice Saturday 17th using the same callsign.

Thursday 15th September (16.30pm - 18.00pm) G-CBRG Ce560 Citation Excel and NetJets Hawker 750 CS-DUG were of interest this afternoon, arriving from and to Glasgow as (GOJ115B/116A) and Northolt/Jersey as (NJE541R/8AF) respectively & both stopping the night! while departing to Quimper was EC-LET Eclipse EA-500 EC-LET as (JRY011).

Friday 16th September (16.45pm - 17.30pm) Notables this afternoon! N818Y Pa30 Twin Comanche arrived from Guernsey for a 10 day stay. Thomas Cook Airbus A330-300 OY-VKI arrived last night from Calgary as (TCX376H), and was due to position to Brize Norton on Saturday morning as (TCX377P) and lastly NetJets Hawker 750 CS-DUE routed from Farnborough to Northolt as (NJE1TY/211U).

Saturday 17th September (16.30pm - 16.50pm) Beech 400A Beechjet I-TOPB routed from Olbia and departed to Venice, while M-YLEO Pilatus PC12 dropped in for half an hours stay on stand 12 to pick up a couple of Passengers!

Friday 23rd September (14.30pm - 15.00pm)  Only Aircraft worth a mention on this short visit was Embraer ERJ135BJ Legacy 600 N678RC, which arrived from Nice lastnight, and was due to leave late Saturday 24th to Torrejon.

Saturday 24th September (15.00pm - 15.25pm) Just the two Citation arrivals this afternoon!  N453DW Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived from and to Guernsey for a nightstop, While Netjets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXI routed from Cambridge to Nice as (NJE3WP/770H).

Thursday 29th September (18.20pm - 18.45pm) A quick visit tonight just before dark produced the following of interest! Global 5000 N50XC arrived for a night stop routeing from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcan and departing to Bangor Maine, While Ce680 Citation Sovereign PH-CIJ and G-SNZY Learjet 45 routed Montoir St Nazaire to Luton and Warsaw to Farnborough respectively. OO-FPA Ce560XL Citation Excel arrived from Brussels as (FYG02T) for a night stop, departing to Inverness as (FYG31T) mid day 30th, and lastly, Be350 Super King Air EC-IBK departed to Torrejon as (GES321) after arriving from Chester on Tuesday 27th!

Friday 30th September (14.45pm - 16.00pm) Notables this afternoon! HB-GJT Be350 Super King Air arrived late lastnight from Grenchen, and was due to depart to Zurich on Saturday 1st October.  AS365 Dauphin G-LCPL was on stand 9 and in a new scheme, operating as (SSD22) while smart coloured Ce550 Citation 2 D-CIAO routed from Manchester to Peretola.

Saturday 1st October (15.45pm - 17.45pm) Of interest on this busy Saturday afternoon! PH-CIJ Ce680 Citation Sovereign routed from Geneva to Le Bourget. The next two both probably had something to do with Redcar races? G-BTFT Be58 Baron departed & G-CYLS Ce303, which arrived from and to Southampton as (OAS445). Heli Holland Eurocopter EC155 PH-EQU operated several rotations just off the North East Coast as (HHE60A/B). Be200 Super King Air G-CFVO arrived from Pontoise and departed to Oxford as (OAS440) while another Beech, Be350 Super King Air HB-GJT departed to Zurich, and lastly OO-FPB Ce550 Citation Bravo routed from Poznan and departed to Liege as (FYG14L)

Sunday 2nd October (14.10pm-14.30pm) Nice surprise this morning was a visit by a Boeing Business Jet!! DTV doesn't get many BBJ's!! anyway M-URUS routed from London Gatwick and headed to Nice mid afternoon!!

Monday 3rd October (10.15am - 11.00am & 14.45pm - 15.55pm)  Two visits today to catch up with a couple of Biz-Jets that were unfortunately spread out a few hours!!  Gulfstream G200 SX-IRP arrived late lastnight, and after a nightstop departed midday to Carlisle as (GNJ15), while later, Learjet 60 D-CNUE headed in from Carthage (Tunis) and was do to depart to Nuremburg as (IFA1495) but went tech!! and lastly, Royal Air Force BAe 125-CC3 ZE396 was in for a half an hours training as (NOH35).

Tuesday 4th October (10.15am - 11.30am) A couple of early morning movements warranted an hours visit this morning! Gulf 4/SP N40AA routed from Carlisle to Luxembourg as (EJM40), N200RE Be90 King Air arrived from and to Tetenhill, while PA39 Twin Comanche N39CR departed to Elstree. SE-DDY Ce550 Citation 2 arrived from and to Stockholm Bromma for a night stop, whilst still in after arriving yesterday was D-CNUE Learjet 60 "still Tech" but did eventually depart on the 6th to Nuremberg as (IFA100). Lastly the local Delta Oscar Clang seen departing to Doncaster for the day in Ce177 Cardinal G-BRDO!!

Friday 7th October (14.10 - 14.30pm) A couple of movements worth a mention from this afternoons visit! Beech 1900D OO-PHB arrived last night and routed from and to Antwerp, departing back there Saturday, while also arriving for the weekend was N582C TBM700 arriving from and to Sion.

Sunday 8th October (17.15pm - 17.45pm)  Notables just before dark were! Eastern Airways Saab 200 G-CERY, operating the Aberdeen-DTV-Southampton and return as (EZE47G/48G) while arriving from Amsterdam and departing back there on the 11th October was PH-FJK Ce 525B Citation Jet CJ3 as (JNL051).

Sunday 16th October (16.45pm - 17.30pm)  A busy visit!!!! G-FBKD Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived lastnight from Blackbush, and was due to depart back their early evening as (BKK8H).  "The now regular" PA46 Malibu Jet Prop N352CM arrived Fri 14th October from Geneva for a weekend stay, departing back their Monday 17th October.  OY-CKK Ce560 Citation XLS routed from Billund as (MMD22) for a night stop, while dropping in for half an hour was N700GY TBM700 routing from and to Guernsey. G-EEJE Pa31 Navajo arrived from and to a local strip called Fadmoor on the Yorkshire Moors, and lastly on Eastern Airways (EZE47G/48G) Aberdeen-DTV-Southampton and return service was Saab 2000 G-CFLV.

Tuesday 18th October (06.45am - 07.10am)  A very early start to catch up with a rare Airbus before going to work!! Air Caraibes Airbus A330-200 F-OFDF routed from and to Calgary on an MoD charter as (CAJ1535/6).

Friday 21st October (14.10pm - 14.20pm//16.40pm - 17.10pm)  Two visits today to catch up with a couple of biz, and later, a Cargo Boeing 757!! Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 D-INOB arrived from Bremen on Wednesday 19th October, and departed back there mid afternoon using the same call sign (ATL3211).  Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FLBK routed from Blackbush to Humberside as (BKK3C) after a nightstop, while later in the afternoon, Icelandair Cargo Boeing 757-200F TF-FIH arrived from Calgary via Reykjavik as (ICE792), and departed late evening as (ICE793) to Keflavik!

Sunday 23rd October (16.30pm - 17.20pm) Notables just before dark!  N400YY Extra EA400 arrived from Bournemouth midday and stopped until Saturday 29th, departing to Cambridge late morning, while arriving from East Hampton via Bangor Maine was Falcon 900 N999EH, having spent three days at DTV it departed back to its origin on Wednesday 26th, and lastly G-CERZ Saab 2000 was on Eastern Airways (EZE47G/8G) Aberdeen-DTV-Southampton and return service.


Saturday 5th November (08.45am - 09.00am) A misty wet dull morning was brightened up by the following worth a mention! Arriving on the 3rd was G-HUBY Embraer ERJ135BJ Legacy 600, routing from Farnborough and departing back there late afternoon as (LNX51HY). Eclipse EA-500 was the second visit of type to DTV,  N117EA arrived on Friday 4th from "its base" Isle of Man, while G-OAPE Ce303 Crusader arrived also Friday 4th and routed from Jersey!

Sunday 13th November (18.30pm - 19.10pm)  Evening visit to catch up with a couple of executive movements, first to arrive and stopping a couple of days was Challenger CL604, LN-SUT routed from and to Oslo under the callsign of (MDT6) , while in for 30 minutes was Falcon 2000EX OY-GKJ arriving from and to Billund as (MMD1395).

Tuesday 15th November (08.45am - 09.05am//13.40pm - 14.05pm)  A couple of morning arrivals warranted a visit in the mist!!!!  NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DQA was first to arrive as (NJE148Q) from Manchester, later departing to Northolt mid day as (NJE472K), while Embraer ERJ135BJ Legacy 600 G-IRSH routed from Newcastle to Northolt as (LNX31RH), and 'the now regular' Ce680 Citation Sovereign PH-RID arrived from Liege late evening on Sunday 13th November and was due to depart to Le Bourget late afternoon. While later in the afternoon and arriving back in daylight hours, was OY-GKJ Falcon 2000EX routing from and to Luton as (MMD1356), and lastly, Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800 G-FDZA, which was operating (TOM53H/24T) from and to Alicante.

Wednesday 16th November (09.05am - 10.00am)  Helicopters were the main interest this morning in the gloom! G-OAMI Jetranger was operating locally as (Pipeline 68), while both arriving last night were, G-NIVA Eurocopter EC155 as (WDK55), departing to a Private Site South West mid afternoon, and ex Royal Air Force Agusta A109 G-CDVB which departed to Catterick as (RRR1789). On the heaver side was G-FBKB Ce510 Citation Mustang routeing from Farnborough to Cambridge as (BKK6F), and on KLM's (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZP.

Friday 18th November (13.00pm - 15.50pm)  Another miserable day weather wise!! N288Z Global Express XRS departed to Bristol Lusgate after arriving from Westchester County as (BJT889) on Wednesday 16th. Saxonair Hawker 400XP G-KLNR routed from Southampton to Aberdeen as (SXN40C), while two unexpected movements just before dark, M-ESGR Embraer ERJ135BJ Legacy 600, doing an overshoot from and to London Stansted and Newcastle based BAC Jet Provost G-BVEZ wearing the marks XM479 routing from and to its base for fuel!!

Tuesday 22nd November (12.45pm - 13.20pm)  A midday visit in the fog to catch up with a quartet of visitors! Be200 Super King Air OK-TOS arrived lastnight and routed from and to Florence/Peretola as (PRG403/401).  M-YLEO Pilatus PC12 arrived from Exeter lastnight also and was due out to Fairoaks later this afternoon, while NetJets Ce550B Citation Bravo CS-DHM routed from Biggin Hill to Stockholm Bromma as (NJE1AB), and lastly on Thomson Airways (TOM53H/24T) Alicante flight was G-FDZW Boeing 737-800.

Friday 25th November (11.00am - 11.30am)  Not the best of weather again today, but a quick mid morning visit to catch up with a couple of last nights arrivals resulted in a couple of dull shots!!!!!, Sunwest Aviation Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ arrived from Calgary via Iqaluit late last night as (CNK715), and departed to Bamfield under the same callsign on Saturday 26th November,  while Netjets Hawker 800XP CS-DRI routed from and to Oxford as (NJE7XH).

Saturday 10th December (11.30pm - 12.10pm)  Executive visitors of interest on this midday visit were the following,  Challenger CL604 OH-WII arrived from Helsinki as (JEF33) yesterday and was due to depart back their this afternoon under the same callsign! Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBKC routed from Cranfield to Blackbushe as (BKK7G), while operating for Cobham yesterday as (CLB463) was Synergy Be200 Super King Air G-SYGA, positioning in and to Fairoaks as (SYG302). Two other arrivals yesterday 'and in until Sunday' were M-ARTY Pilatus PC12 and N352CM Pa46 Malibu, routing from and to Fairoaks and Geneva respectively, whilst N978PW Falcon 900 arrived from Morristown Municipal last Sunday 4th December, departing back there Sunday 11th December!!

Saturday 17th December (10.45am - 11.50am)  Busy morning all things considered it was a Saturday!! Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBKA routed from and to Blackbushe as (BKK5E), PH-KZI Fokker FK70 was on (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam Service, while Thomson Airways Boeing 737-800 G-FDZX was on the weekly Alicante run as (TOM91Y/6FC). Cyprus Airways Airbus A330-200 5B-DBT postioned in from Frankfurt as (CYP030P), and stayed until the 27th December when it departed to Chateauroux as (CYP032P) due to the seats being removed, and lastly Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 D-CEFD departed to Zurich as (EFD333) late this afternoon after arriving from Farnborough on Thursday 15th.

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