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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2012!!


Some of the more interesting visitors in 2012 that I managed to capture!!

Wednesday 4th January (09.00am - 10.20am)  First visit in the new year didn't go to plan! The 2nd Cyprus Airways Airbus A330 due for a seat change didn't show and was eventually canx!! on the plus side though, nice to get a KLM Fokker FK100 on the Amsterdam service and in day light hours. PH-OFM was the culprit on (KLM1533/4) but unfortunately in bad light conditions!

Friday 6th January  (15.50pm - 17.25pm)  Notables in on this evening visit,   Local Resident Mooney M20 D-EKNA arrived from Leipzig/Halle and headed back for the short flight to its Fishburn base, G-KLNW Ce510 Citation Mustang operated as (SXN51D) routing from Cambridge to Biggin Hill while Netjets Hawker 800XP CS-DRD departed to Hamburg as (NJE5WU) after arriving Wednesday 4th Jan from Le Bourget, and lastly Embraer EMB500 Phenom 100 G-VKGO routed from Geneva to East Midlands.

Tuesday 10th January (17.10pm - 17.50pm) Evening visit for a trio of Citation executive jets! Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBLK departed to Blackbushe after arriving from their lastnight as (BKK1A),  G-KPEI Ce560 Citation XLS arrived as (GOJ610P) from Birmingham for a nightstop departing to Brussels as (GOJ611A) the next morning, while arriving yesterday for a two night stay was HB-VNZ Ce550B Citation Bravo routing from and to Nice as (VJS300).

Saturday 21st January (09.50am - 11.10am) A couple of German executive jets and a wide body airliner were the high lights on this morning 90 minute visit in the gloom!!!  Air Hamburg Ce560 Citation XLS+ D-CEFO routed Monchengladbach to Friedrichshafen as (AHO727F), while departing to Munich after arriving last night from Tenerife South was Learjet 35 D-CGRC as (JEI353/363). Monarch Airbus A300-600 G-MAJS routed from and to Nairobi as (MON749P/8750) on an MoD flight, while arriving for a night stop from and to Biggin Hill was Be200 Super King Air G-MEGN, and lastly PH-KZC Fokker FK70 was on (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam Service.

Saturday 11th February 08.50am - 10.20am) Early morning visit in the mist and murk produced the following notables, D-CNOB Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 arrived late Wednesday 8th from Bremen as (ATL2081), it departed back their mid day as (ATL2111). Ce510 Citation Mustang G-XAVB arrived late lastnight for a night stop and routed from and to Jersey as (AVB501/511), also arriving late lastnight from Dubrovnik was Learjet 35 D-COKE as (IFA2083), departing early this morning to Nuremburg under the same call sign, while G-HPPY Learjet 40 routed from Farnborough to Sion as (MHN077) and on KLM's (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service was PH-KZW Fokker FK70.

Sunday 12th February (09.20am - 09.50am) Smart coloured Learjet 45 G-DDDJ was the only worthwhile aircraft worth a mention early this morning, it departed to Palma having arrived from Biggin Hill lastnight as (GJO220)

Saturday 18th February (14.00pm - 16.55pm) Notables just before dark this afternoon were as follows, On KLM's (KLM1537/8) Amsterdam service was PH-KZT Fokker FK70. Raytheon 390 Premier OE-FKK routed from Innsbruck to Hamburg as (TUR602/3) and Learjet 40 G-HPPY arrived from Sion, departing 30 minutes later to Biggin Hill as (MHN078).

Tuesday 28th February (06.25am - 06.40am)  Durham Tees Valley doesn't get many wide bodied aircraft movements, but three graced our ramp today!! Two arrived late lastnight with the highlight being an MD11F operated by Allied Air. The World Airways Cargo example was our second type visitor when it arrived from Nairobi as (AJK3449) on an MoD Charter, having spent the night on stand 1 it positioned out to Ostend as (AJK3449P) late morning, whilst the other two wide bodies where a pair of Airbus's belonging to Monarch Airlines and also arrived from Nairobi, A300B4-605R G-MAJS arrived as (MON8767) lastnight and departed to Edinburgh as (MON767P) while A330-200 G-SMAN arrived mid day as (MON8771) and departed to London Gatwick as (MON8771P) an hour later. Also of note was a classic, RAF  Vickers VC10 K3 ZA149 calling up as (TARTAN23) overshot just as left work so missed the beast by 20 minutes!! Gutted!!!! 

Saturday 10th March (11.30am-13.05pm) Just a couple of notables today!  Netjets Hawker 800XP CS-DRE arrived from Nice as (NJE950H) for a nightstop, and was due to depart to London City as (NJE305K) midday Sunday, while on the weekly Thomson Tenerife South flight was G-FDZZ Boeing 737-800 as (TOM91Y/6FC).

Sunday 25th March (17.20pm - 18.30pm) This evenings notables in nice weather were the following, G-PETS DR42 Twin Star was operating from Gamston to Glasgow as (WKT02), schedules were PH-OFP Fokker FK100 and G-CERY Saab 2000, operating as (KLM1537/8) from and to Amsterdam & (EZE47G/48G) from Aberdeen to Southampton respectively, while looking a bit worse for ware after a landing accident "which closed the Airport for a short time" was resident PA28 Cherokee G-BCTF. Good to see everyone involved were ok!

Saturday 31st March (11.30am - 13.05pm) Of Interest mid day today, NetJets Gulfstream G450 N445QS arrived lastnight from New York Teterboro, and was due to depart back across the pond to California via Bangor ME early evening, G-HPPY Learjet 40XR routed from and to Farnborough as (MHN169), while arriving from Biggin Hill for a nightstop was Cessna 172 D-EPFC, it departed to Jersey 1st April.!

Friday 6th April (20.35pm - 21.00pm) A damp late evening visit to catch up with an HiFly Airbus A330-200 CS-TQP,  Operating on a MoD charter under the call sign (HFY752) it routed from Akrotiri, and departed to Belfast just over an hour later.

Saturday 7th April (18.45pm - 19.00pm)  Another late visit for the departure of Eastern Airways Jetstream 41 G-MAJK.  It arrived lastnight from Cardiff as (EZE3565) with Cardiff City FC for their game against BORO FC still wearing its previous operators basic colours (Sky Express) , having beaten the BORO FC 0-2 it departed back to Cardiff with Cardiff City FC as (EZE3566) just before dark.

Sunday 8th April (10.05am - 10-20am & 12.00pm - 14.20pm) Two visits to catch up with a trio of interesting movements, Firstly routing from Northolt to Dundee as (NOH18) was Royal Air Force BAe 146-CC2 ZE700, whilst a later visit saw D-CHHH Ce560 Citation XLS operating as (AUF171/2) from Augsburg to Chambery, and lastly Monarch Airlines Boeing 757 G-MONK positioned in from London Gatwick as (MON832P), leaving later to Niarobi as (MON8832) on a MoD Charter. 

Friday 13th April (17.00pm - 18.25pm) Notables on this late afternoon visit, A6-ESH Airbus A319(CJ) operated from and to London Gatwick as (SHJ1). On KLM's (KLM1537/8) Amsterdam service was PH-KZM Fokker FK70, while Air Medicals Learjet 35 G-ZMED operated from Jerez to Oxford as (MCD057) on an Ambulance flight, and G-FPLD Be200 Super King Air arrived back to base from Dublin as (CLB16).

Saturday 14th April (10.00am - 10.20pm/ 14.30 - 14.50pm) Two short visits to co inside with two interesting arrivals which unfortunately were spread out during the day! Danish Air Transport MD87 OY-JRU arrived from Stuttgart as (DTR6532), it was due to depart mid morning 15th after a night stop to Rimini as (DTR6533), whilst later on Thomson Airways Tenerife South (TOM91Y/6FC) was G-FDZW Boeing 737-800 and lastly Ce560 Citation XLS D-CTTT routed from Chambery to Milan Linate as (AUF362/3).

Saturday 21st April (12.00pm - 15.00pm) A longer than usual visit due to the return of Airbus A319 A6-ESH being cancelled, however others of interest this afternoon included the following. D-CXLS Ce560 Citation XLS routed from and to Southampton as (AHO170T), while routing from Blackbushe to Norwich was Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FLBK operating as (BKK3C), and lastly a new addition to the Great North Air Ambulance fleet, G-NHAC AS365 Dauphin departed on a local sortie as (HLE63A).

Tuesday 24th April (08.50am -11.05am)  Notables on this mornings visit, Be90 King Air M-TSRI routed from Chester Hawarden to Cardiff as (AAD924A/B), EI-XLS Ce560 Citation XLS arrived for a nightstop from Heathrow as (HYR56A), departing back their under the same call sign mid morning 25th April, also staying the night, routing from and to Oslo Gardermoen was LN-AKR Falcon 900 as (VIA303), while "Not my cup of tea" but doing an impressive low overshoot was USAF F-16 Eagle 92-0364/LN calling up (Maul 01).

Tuesday 1st May (10.30am - 11.05am) Notables on this murky damp morning were as follows, RAF BAe 146-CC2 ZE701 routed from Northolt and departed to Dundee as (NOH12), but then diverted into Newcastle on route following flap problems! while in for a short stay routing from Gloucester to Stornoway was N96JL Ce421 Golden Eagle, and lastly doing an overshoot was RAF Tucano ZF244 calling (LOP70).

Wednesday 2nd May (16.20pm - 17.15pm) Just the Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBKC was of interest this afternoon routing from and to Blackbushe as (BKK7G).

Saturday 5th May (13.20 - 14.40pm) Air Europa started the summer season with a Sky Team colours' Boeing 737-800 aircraft! EC-JHK routed from and to Palma as (AEA287/8).

Wednesday 16th May (14.50pm - 16.00pm)  Notables this afternoon were, Be 350 Super King Air OO-SDT routing from and to Le Bourget, whilst in for an overshoot was RAF C-130J Hercules C5 ZH888 as (RRR409).

Sunday 20th May (16.50pm -18.45pm) Interesting movements this late afternoon included N620M Gulf 4SP which arrived from Le Bourget, and headed to Cardiff on Tuesday 22nd, while the colourful Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 G-OODM routed from Palma to Bournemouth as (EDC708/708P), and lastly (KLM1535/1536) Amsterdam's service was operated by Fokker FK70 PH-JCT.

Saturday 26th May (09.20am - 13.20pm//16.40pm - 16.45pm) Two visits today for several interesting visitors which were unfortunately spread out during the course of the day! Fokker FK70 PH-KZA operated KLM's (KLM1533/1534) morning Amsterdam service. Ce560 Citation XLS D-CNOC arrived from Edinburgh as (ATL126A), having spent lest than 30 minutes on the ramp it then departed to Malta as (ATL126B). Dropping in for fuel was AS355N Ecureuil 2 N766AM, departing some 30 minutes later to Dundee. ATC's Be90 King Air G-BMKD routed from and to Lasham and was in for a night stop, whilst operating Air Europa's (AEA287/288) weekly Palma service was  Boeing 737-800 EC-JHL. Lastly, DTV based North East Air Ambulance AS365 Dauphin G-NHAC was doing some photo shoot with a local motorcycle group!        ((Second Visit)) DTV's second visit of a Hawker 4000 Horizon occurred when G-PROO arrived from Chester and departed for the short flight to Blackpool some 45 minutes later.

Sunday 27th May (09.10 - 09.20am) A very short visit this morning to catch EC-LJC Ce510 Citation Mustang which arrived from Girona as (DSP261) lastnight, it departed to Nice just before midday as (DSP271).

Monday 28th May (18.15pm - 18.30pm) Managed to catch up with the return flight of N917MM EMB500 Phenom 100 tonight, having routed through on Friday from Reykjavik to Peretola Florence it was heading in the opposite direction, and in for fuel.

Saturday 9th June (13.00pm - 13.20pm)  Short visit in the rain to catch up with the weekly Air Europa (AEA287/288) Palma flight, 'which was a EC-JNF' and had a character on a motorcycle on both sides!!

Saturday 16th June (12.45pm - 13.10pm) Another short visit to shoot what's probably been the most interesting day of the week here at DTV!!  G-VVBA AS355 Ecureuil 2 arrived yesterday as (Trident 04). G-CEDK Ce750 Citation 10 routed from and to Farnborough with passengers that were ferried to and from Warcop onboard G-CGGD AS365 Dauphin as (Yorkair 03) and lastly Air Europa's Palma flight was operated by EC-JHL Boeing 737-800 as (AEA287/8).

Sunday 17th June (07.15am - 07.20am)  A late arrival lastnight warranted an early morning visit before work this morning, basic coloured Learjet 55 D-CWAY arrived via London Stansted late lastnight and departed to Zweibrucken just after 9am this morning..

Monday 18th June (18.30pm -18.40pm)  Another basic schemed aircraft in DTV this evening, EC-JIP Metro arrived from Jersey in the early evening sun as (FTL5112), and departed to Hamburg as (FTL5121) after a nightstop.

Saturday 30th June (09.05am -09.25am // 13.50pm - 14/15pm) Notables today warranted two visits in the thunder and lightning!! Finally caught up with one of the Small Planet Boeing 737-300s that have been recently operating several charters out of DTV today!! LY-FLH positioned in from Manchester and departed to Naples some 60 minutes later as (LLP861P/861), while on the first Amsterdam service of the day was (PH-WXC) Fokker FK70 operating (KLM1533/4). ((Second Visit)) Operating on the weekly Air Europa (AEA287/8) Tenerife service was another Boeing 737-800 with logo/stickers on it, EC-JAP arrived early and caught me out so popped up for it departing in between down pours!! 

Saturday 14th July (14.10pm -18.20pm)  A longer than originally planned visit today to catch up with a classic fighter, two of DTV's weekly holiday flights and non other than Mr Tom Jones himself, "Well"........... the aircraft he flew in on as he was doing a concert in Durham tonight, and lastly and not to be out done a nice Austrian Challenger.  BBMF Spitfire PRXIX PS915 operated from and to Coningsby while doing a couple of displays on route under the call sign of (SPITFIRE 01). The weekly Palma and Jersey flights were operated by EC-JNF Boeing 737-800 as (AEA287/8) and G-JECM DHC,8-400 as (BEE1185/6) respectively, while arriving for a night stop from Geneva was OE-HOO Bombardier Challenger 300 as (AOJ079) and lastly arriving from Luton with Sir Tom Jones onboard was Eastern Airways "Best of British 2012" Embraer ERJ135 G-CGMB as (EZE1742), it departed out to Nice early Sunday Morning 15th August as (EZE1743).

Friday 20th July (15.00pm - 17.20pm) Notables this afternoon were probably involved in the Team GB v Brazil football match at Middlesbrough FC riverside stadium. D-IVIP Be200 Super King Air operated as (STQ999) and G-EDCL Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 as (EDC179/179P), while heading in from Battersea heliport via a Middlesbrough Hotel was G-EMHC Agusta A109 as (CTK03). Bombardier Challenger 300 N125TM arrived from Rome Ciampino, and stayed until Sunday 22nd August when it departed to Hanscom Field Bedford USA, and lastly a couple of the more run of the mill stuff in the shape of KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZO operating (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam service and Cobham's newish resident DR42 Twin Star G-COBS arriving from Humberside as (CLB664).

Saturday 21st July (12.45pm - 13.30pm//19.50pm - 20.45pm)  Two visits today, although well spread out produced the following of interest! G-EMBI Embraer EMB145 operated as (BMR9461) from East Midlands, and departed to Cardiff as (BMR8933) some 90 minutes later, whilst on the weekly Air Europa Palma flight (AEA287/8) was  Boeing 737-800 EC-JBJ. And later..... another Bombardier Challenger 300 N866TM routing from Hanscom Field Bedford USA to Biggin Hill, and Air Italy Boeing 767-200 I-AIGI routing from Aqaba King Hussein International to Milan Malpensa as (AEY82/883) on a MoD flight, both stopping the night!

Friday 27th July (18.50pm - 19.10pm)  Interesting visitor tonight was Omni Air International Boeing 767-300 N387AX routing from and to Brize Norton as (OAE843).

Monday 6th August (19.45pm -19.50pm)  A couple of visitors worth a mention in from tonights short visit.  N766AM AS355N Ecureuil 2 was doing some local flying today while arriving from Keflavik later was Learjet 60 D-CGEO, both stopped the night, departing to a private site in the Midlands and Mykonos Greece respectively Tuesday 7th August..

Thursday 16th August (16.40pm - 17.15pm//19.40pm - 19.50pm))  Two visits this evening between having my tea!......... Regular visitor Global Express XRS N288Z arrived on 10th from Corfu and hasn't budged since its arrival on stand 9, eventually departing direct to Hong Kong on Saturday 18th. G-DPJR Sikorsky S76 arrived from Westerdale as (PGL24) on the 13th August, departing back their Sunday 19th, while Eurocopter EC135 G-KLNK diverted in due to the weather as (WDK26) it was due out to the north Friday 17th August after arriving from Battersea yesterday. NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DFU routed Inverness to Malaga as (NJE6ZU/483E), while in for a overshoot was RAF BAe Typhoon FGR4 ZK333 as (Leuchars 30), RAF Tucano ZF290 arrived as (Swift 1) from Linton and went Tech after arrival, departing back to its base of Linton as (Charcoal 2) on Friday 17th August and lastly on the earlier visit was PH-KZL Fokker FK70 operating KLM's (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam service. The later visit 'just before dark' had three executive arrivals, HB-IMJ Gulf 5 operating as (EXH144) arrived from Farnbourgh, eventually departing to Lisbon on Saturday 18th as (EXH161). Another Netjets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXF routing from Northolt to Manston as (NJE285E/3PF) after a nightstop and lastly Pilatus PC12 M-YLEO arrived from Florence departing to Nice Saturday 18th. "Busy night for a change here at DTV"

Monday 20th August (16.50pm - 17.40pm)  Notables this sunny evening were, Ce680 Citation Sovereign PH-CIJ & Ce560 Citation XLS+ D-CFLY, both arriving late afternoon yesterday from Le Bourget, departing to Toulon 23rd and from and to Palma as (AHO956Y), departing 22nd respectably, while routing from and to Poham was Bo209 Monsun D-EGHW, and lastly operating Eastern Airways (EZE67L/68L) Aberdeen service was G-CGMC Embraer ERJ145.

Tuesday 21st August  (16.30pm - 17.20pm)  A "Classic" in for some training which included three touch & Go's enabled me to thrash straight from work to catch the beast on its last approach before roaring off in the gloom with what only can describe as an incredible sound!!!! RAF VC10 K3 ZA147 operated from and to Brize Norton as (TARTAN22), other notables included PH-KZW Fokker FK70 operating KLM's (KLM1536/7) Amsterdam service, while arriving from Brussels for a night stop as (FYG11R) was Ce525 Citationjet CJ3 OO-FPE. It departed late afternoon 23rd to Figario as (FYG12R).

Monday 27th August (10.20am - 11.20am//17.15pm - 18.30pm) Interesting movements unfortunately warranted two visits today! I-DDFG Piaggio P180 Avanti routed from and to Biggin Hill as (SRR511/2).  Falcon 900 N978PW arrived direct from Morristown (NJ) yesterday and looks as though its stopping a while on stand 9, eventually departing back to Morristown on Sunday 2nd September, also arriving yesterday was Eurocopter EC135 G-HOLM as (WDK26) 'stopping until 29th' and two AS355N Ecureuil's N766AM & G-OLCP 'which arrived this morning & 23rd respectively' lastly on the KLM Amsterdam (KLM1533/4) was FK70 PH-KZC. Later visit seen Pilatus PC12 M-YLEO arrive from Nice for a nightstop, heading back their on 29th and Fokker FK70 PH-KZM departing to Amsterdam on (KLM1536).

Tuesday 28th August 17.30pm - 18.40pm) Notables this early evening, OK-TOS Be200 Super King arrived last night from Treviso as (PRG402) and stopped until 29th when it departed back to the Italian Airport.  OE-FZA Ce510 Citation Mustang routed from Stavanger to Le Bourget as (GAC379B/C). OO-FPC Ce525 Citationjet CJ3 arrived from Brussels as (FYG81N) for a night stop, departing to Olbia as (FYG82N) on the 29th, whilst arriving from Denham was Pilatus PC12 LX-TAI, night stopping until 31st when it departed to Goodwood.

Sunday 2nd September (09.30am - 09.45am//18.40pm - 20.10pm)  Notables today! Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ 'which arrived on Wednesday 29th August from Edinburgh' departed to Iqaluit under the same call sign (CNK715). On the Later visit, Ce525 Citationjet CJ2 M-AJDM routed from and to Colmar, departing on Tuesday 3rd September. PH-RID Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived from Le Bourget and departed back their also on Tuesday 3rd. Regular Global Express XRS N288Z arrived from Helsinki yesterday, whilst Ce525 Citation CJ3 OO-FPC routed from Liege to Antwerp as (FYG92N/93N). Arriving from Prestwick and stopping until Tuesday 3rd where it departed to Torrejon was Be350 Super King Air EC-IBK as (GES321), and lastly only the 3rd Boeing 777 to land at DTV, N918AX routed from and to Brize Norton on an MoD flight as (OAE303) just as the light was fading fast.

Monday 3rd September (16.45pm - 16.50pm) Brief visit this late afternoon for the Ce525 Citationjet CJ1 N600HS, which routed from and to Le Bourget.

Friday 7th September (14.20pm - 14.30pm) Notables this afternoon. I-TOPH Hawker 850XP and HB-JIL Ce680 Citation Sovereign 'under the call sign (LUC635)' both arrived lastnight from Milan Linate and Le Bourget and departed Saturday 8th back to Milan Linate and Biggin Hill respectively.

Sunday 9th September (16.45pm - 17.20pm) Jetairfly's Pilatus PC12 LX-LAB arrived from Le Bourget and stopped until Tuesday 11th when it departed to Biggin Hill, whilst operating as (GAC189A/H), and routing from Geneva to Orléans Saint-Denis was Ce510 Citation Mustang OE-FZA.

Monday 10th September 16.30pm - 16.45pm) A brief early evening visit to shoot the colourful Learjet 55 D-CAAE. It routed from Alicante on an ambulance flight and departed to Nuremberg a couple of hours later as (IFA2507).

Wednesday 12th September (19.20pm - 19.30pm//21.20pm - 21.30pm) A trio of executive jets which arrived yesterday were the reason behind this early evening visit. Gulfstream G450 N450EE arrived from Spartanburg SC, and departed back their via Bangor on Saturday 15th, whilst arriving shortly afterwards from Bournemouth was CL601-3A Challenger N601WM, departing to Farnborough on Sunday 16th while arriving later from Genoa was Gulf 4 N620M, stopping until Thursday 13th, where it departed to Daugherty Field via Sloulin Field. A big surprise later, and another Boeing 777 for DTV tonight was Euro Atlantic example CS-TFM, which positioned in from London Heathrow as (MMZ721P). Having night stopped on Stand 1 until Friday 14th it departed to Brize Norton on a MoD charter as (MMZ7360) late evening.

Thursday 20th September (18.40 -18.50pm)  Caught just as the light was fading, Pilatus PC12 N412MW arrived from Denham on Tuesday 18th and departed to Beccles on Fri 21st.

Saturday 22nd September (13.00pm - 13.20pm//17.30pm - 18.40pm) Of interest this afternoon, Bookajet Ce525 Citationjet G-HCSA routed from and to Amsterdam as (BOO338), BD700 Global Express XRS C-GDPF 'which arrived from Brussels on the 20th' departed direct to Montreal. SA226 Merlin F-GRNT departed back to Le Bourget after arriving from their yesterday as (ARL421), and lastly a couple of Ce525A Citation CJ2s, OO-OSD routed from and to Amsterdam as (FYG22Q/21Q) and N525PM departed back to its Oxford base, which is where it arrived from on the 20th.

Sunday 23rd September (16.25pm - 16.50pm) Two aircraft obviously connected judging my the registrations? M-HOTB Gulfstream G550 routed from and to Luton and stopped till late 25th, while G-HOTB Eurocopter EC155 arrived to transport the passenger from the Gulfstream to a private site in nearby Barnard Castle. "What a way to travel"

Monday 24th September (17.30pm - 17.45pm)  A couple of aircraft worth a mention late this afternoon in what can only be called horrendous weather conditions!! Lancair Columbia 400 N400UK arrived from Dinard last night and departed to Biggin Hill late evening, while BD700 Global Express XRS VQ-BSC arrived from Cambridge and stopped until late 26th when it departed to Biggin Hill also.

Friday 28th September (14.10pm- 14.20pm) A quick visit for Bin Air SA227DC Metro D-CNAG, which operated from and to Rotterdam as (BID7B/7C).

Sunday 30th September (17.10pm - 18.20pm) Notables this late afternoon were the following. KLM sent in Fokker FK100 PH-OFP on its (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam service, while a little delayed and arriving just before dark, was Euro Atlantic Boeing 777-200 CS-TFM operating a MoD charter from and to Brize Norton as (MMZ761P/7310).

Monday 1st October (20.50pm- 21.00pm) Another wide bodied aircraft tonight on another MoD charter, F-ORLY Air Caraibes Atlantque Airbus A330-300 F-ORLY positioned in from Paris Orly and departed to Brize Norton as (CAJ1618/1510).

Tuesday 9th October (20.20- 20.35pm)  Executive arrivals of interest tonight and both in for night stops were the following. Ce560 Citation XLS G-XBEL routed from and to Jersey as (AVB891/804), whilst a later arrival and our first Brazilian registered aircraft for years in the shape of an EMB505 Phenom 300, PT-TRR arrived from Belfast International just after 8pm and departed to Farnborough after spending 24 hours on stand 8.

Sunday 14th October (17.20pm - 17.40pm) Executives tonight were, NetJets Falcon 2000EX CS-DLF arrived from Le Bourget as (NJE2EH) and departed to Northolt on Tuesday 16th to Northolt (NJE712M), whilst routing from and to Blackbushe was Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBKB as (BKK6F).

Monday 15th October (18.10pm - 18.30pm) The main interest today was the arrival of two ex Russian Boeing 737-500s for Sycamore Aviation. Sycamore are an aircraft dismantling/scrapping company that were here at DTV Airport for a while last year when they dismantled an ex Sky Express example, anyway VP-BWY and VP-BWZ 'both Boeing 737-500s and ex Donavia' arrived from Vilnius as (DNV9806 & DNV9804) respectively. I only managed to capture VP-BWY as VP-BWZ went straight into hanger 1, whilst arriving yesterday and staying until Tuesday 16th was Synergy Be200 Super King Air G-WNCH which routed from and to Fairoaks as (SYG531).

Saturday 20th October (13.10pm -13.30pm) Of interest this mid afternoon, NetJets Hawker 400XP CS-DMN routing from Farnborough and departing to Hamburg some 3 hours later as (NJE4ZY), while on the weekly Air Europa (AEA287/8) Palma flight was Boeing 737-800 EC-JHL sporting 20 years of Euro Disney sticker. Ex Donavia Boeing 737-500 VP-BWZ was finally rolled out from hanger 1 and out on stand 7 next to sister machine VP-BWY.

Wednesday 24th October (16.40pm - 16.55pm) Late afternoon visit in horrendous weather conditions was brightened up by the following of note! Falcon 2000 OY-GKJ arrived from Luton and departed to Billund as (MMD1336), OY-KVP Learjet 40 'which arrived on Monday 22nd October' departed back to Copenhagen Roskilde, whilst  Challenger 605 N40XC routed from Luton to Amsterdam, and lastly Agusta A109 G-EVIP was operating under the call sign (Castle 4).

Sunday 28th October (13.55pm - 14.10pm) Eastern Airways Embraer ERJ145 G-EMBP operated the Aberdeen-Southampton-Aberdeen (EZE47G) service today!

Friday 2nd November (14.20pm - 14.40pm)  Short visit "again" in terrible weather produced the following worth a mention, F-ORLY Air Caraibes Atlantque Airbus A330-300 F-ORLY positioned in from Brize Norton as (CAJ1624) on Wednesday 31st October, headed back their tonight as (CAJ1518) on an MoD Charter. N400YY Extra EA-400 arrived from Cambridge on Monday 29th October, whilst Jet Fly's Pilatus PC12 LX-JFQ departed back to Luton, having stopped the night.

Saturday 17th November (13.35pm -14.05pm) A busy day regarding executive movements, starting with a quartet of aircraft which arrived Thursday 15th November and departed today!  Falcon 7X OO-NAD routed from and to Antwerp as (FYG81X/82X), N550VE Gulfstream G550 arrived from Stansted and departed to San Antonio Tx while another Gulfstream G550, VP-BSI routed from Amsterdam to Geneva. Other notables arriving yesterday 'Fri 16th November were' Ce680 Citation Sovereign OH-WIA using the call sign (JEF20A), operated from and to Helsinki and also M-ATHS Pilatus PC12, which arrived from Fairoaks, and lastly arriving from Le Bourget this morning was TBM-700 F-GTJM, both departed Sunday 18th November to Jersey and Le Bourget respectively.

Sunday 25th November (14.00pm - 14.10pm) A short visit to catch up with Learjet 35 G-JMED which arrived from Tenerife North lastnight as (MCD079), it departed back to its base Oxford Killington late afternoon under the same call sign..

Tuesday 27th November (18.20pm - 18.35pm) Notables Tonight. Learjet 36 D-CFGG operating as (QAJ854) arrived from Dubrovnik and left later to Cologne, whilst arriving from Brize Norton on a MoD Charter as (TOM8129) was ArkeFly Boeing 767-300 PH-OYE, it departed back to its base of Amsterdam as (TFL082F) after 4 hours on Stand 1.

Tuesday 4th December (18.00pm - 18.20pm)  Another ArkeFly Boeing 767-300 tonight at DTV! PH-AHX operated as (TOM8070/1) from and to Brize Norton on an MoD Charter.

Sunday 9th December (19.00pm - 19.15pm) Yet another ArkeFly Boeing 767-300!!! "DTV has had nearly all the fleet in the last two weeks!!" Anyway, operating as (TFL071F/TOM8121) PH-AHQ arrived from Amsterdam and departed a couple of hours later to Brize Norton on an MoD charter.

Friday 14th December (14.45pm - 15.05pm)  Only two notables this afternoon in dreadful weather conditions!!  G-XLGB Ce560XL Citation Excel arrived lastnight from Farnbourgh as (LNX51LB), and departed back their Saturday afternoon under the same call sign, while arriving early this morning from Helsinki was OH-WIC Challenger 604 as (JEF11), it departed to Brussels mid afternoon only to head back after 30 minutes of the outbound flight!! eventually departing back to Helsinki on Saturday afternoon.

Saturday 22nd December (13.05pm - 13.30pm) G-EPGI Ce560 Citation XLS+ routed from and to Biggin Hill while on the weekly (TOM1MY/32E) Tenerife flight was G-TAWJ Boeing 737-800, unfortunately both in dull and wet weather! "yet again!"

Sunday 30th December ( - 14.15pm) Of interest this afternoon, N700GY TBM-700 arrived Friday 28th from Guernsey and departed back there mid afternoon, while arriving from Zurich for a night stop under the call sign (NJE251R) was Ce560XL Citation Excel CS-DNW. It departed to Biggin Hill as (NJE6HY) on the 1st of Jan 2013.


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