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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2013!!


Some of the more interesting visitors in 2013 that I managed to capture!!

Saturday 5th January (11.05am - 11.30am)  My first visit to DTV of the year produced the following of interest, CL605 Challenger M-ERCI arrived from Geneva and stayed until 11th Jan when it left for Biggin Hill, while Gulfstream G550 VP-BSI routed from and to Farnborough.

Friday 11th January (14.20pm - 14.35pm) Popped in while on the way to the dentist to catch up with NetJets Ce550B Citation Bravo CS-DHJ, it arrived from Hamburg as (NJE1RN) on the 9th and stopped for two days, heading back their late on the 12th Jan, whilst Dornier 328 G-BZOG arrived from Stansted with Watford FC as (SAY411) for the match with Middlesbrough FC on Saturday, it left back to Stansted late on the 12th with all three points as (SAY412)!!!

Friday 18th January (14.15pm - 14.25pm) Notables in the snow this afternoon. Ce560 Citation XLS LX-NAT arrived from Geneva as (LXA30) on Wednesday 16th Jan, whilst arriving from Farnborough as (LNX57HY) late lastnight (Thursday 17th January) was ERJ135 Legacy 600 G-HUBY, both departed back to their origin on Saturday 19th January late afternoon.


Monday 11th February (17.30pm - 17.45pm) Arriving from Jonkoping late afternoon and in for a nightstop on stand 9 was Gulf 5 N23M. It departed to Strasbourg late afternoon the next day.

Sunday 17th February (16.10pm - 17.05pm)  A visit just before dark produced the following of interest. Ce560 Citation XLS+ D-CFLY arrived late afternoon yesterday from Geneva as (AHO685U), it was due to depart to Dusseldorf as (AHO007) Monday 18th, whilst routing from Toulouse/Francazal to Creil/Senlis was French Air Force Casa CN-235M 128/62-lK as (CTM1472), and lastly on Eastern Airways (EZE47G) Aberdeen-Southampton rotation was G-CDKB Saab 2000.

Monday 18th February (16.35pm - 16.45pm) Another quick visit 'just as the sun was setting' for smart coloured Falcon 2000EX G-LSMB which arrived from Jersey as (AVB981). Having stopped the night it departed back to Jersey the next day as (AVB991).

Friday 22nd February (14.20pm - 14.30pm) Ce441 Conquest M-USHY arrived midday, and was in until Sunday 24th having routed from & to Guernsey.

Sunday 03rd March (09.50am - 10.20am//14.50pm - 15.10pm) Two foreign Helicopters was the reason for two visits today, CS-HHR AS365 Dauphin routed from Wick to Norwich mid morning,  while later and heading in the opposite direction was OO-NHT Eurocopter EC155, both being operated by NHV.


Sunday 17th March (08.10am - 08.15am//14.55 - 15.10pm) Notables today, Aviavilsa ATR42-300F LY-ETM arrived late last night as (LVR202), while arriving later and also stopping the night was Thomas Cook Boeing 767-300 G-TCCB, which positioned in from Manchester as (TCX988P), it headed to Calgary the next morning on an MoD Charter as (TCX9882).

Saturday 18th May (13.25pm - 14.20pm)  Not a lot been in of late here at DTV "hence why its been over two months since last picture!!"  anyway French Air Force C-160R Transall R96/61-ZN routed from Evreux to Rennes as (CTM2036).

Thursday 23rd May (12.30pm - 12.45pm)  A quick pop in to shoot the CL604 Challenger N359V, which routed from Frankfurt to Eindhoven.

Friday 31st May (18.35pm - 19.30pm) The return leg of the annual Lourdes charter produced F-HCOA Boeing 737-500 operating as (BIE9702), having spent an hour on the ramp it positioned out to Marseille as (BIE621F).

Tuesday 4th June (16.25pm - 17.05pm)  Notables this late afternoon, French Air Force EMB121 Xingu 090/ZF routed from and to Tours as (CTM1790) while G-FCED PA31T Cheyenne operated from Kerry as (MCD054), and after basking in the sun for 6 hours departed to its home base Oxford as (MCD084), and lastly operating KLM's (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam service was PH-KZB Fokker FK70.

Thursday 6th June (16.00pm - 16.30pm) Of interest tonight was Falcon 2000EX N510CT, which routed in early morning from Luton and headed off late evening to Laurence G Hanscom Field Massachusetts.

Tuesday 11th June (16.10pm - 16.30pm//19.25pm - 19.40pm) Two short visits to catch up with the Biz-jets that graced the ramps at DTV today! Ce 525B Citationjet CJ3 D-CHAT routed from and to Stuttgart as (EFD555). M-URUS Boeing 737-700(BBJ) routed from and to Moscow Domodedovo, whilst arriving later from Biggin Hill was Huntsman's Corp Gulf 4/SP N621JH. It left for Bournemouth mid day after a nightstop.

Sunday 16th June (13.00pm - 13-25pm) Only worthy visitor today was Ce525A Citationjet CJ2+ D-IFEY, routing from Palma to Edinburgh as (ATL316A/C).

Friday 21st June (16.00pm - 16.30pm)  Nipped up to shoot DTVs new resident for parting out at Sycamore Aviation! ex Air France Airbus A320 F-GFKV arrived Thursday 20th from Paris Charles De Gaulle as (AFR364V) and parked up on stand 9, other notables today, and also arriving on Thursday 20th from Oxford was G-GDEZ BAe 125-1000, and after having a couple of days on stand 8 it left to Bristol Lulsgate on Sunday 23rd, and lastly D-CNAF SA227 Metro arrived from Turin as (BID10B) mid afternoon. Eventually departing to Belfast Aldergrove as (BID3A) on Monday 24th.

Tuesday 9th July (18.00pm - 20.15pm)  A couple of hours in the nice sunny early evening weather for the following of interest.  Finally caught up with Sunwing Boeing 737-800 C-FYUH, which was on the delayed (TOM3219/3218) weekly Palma flight. Heli-Holland's Semi resident Eurocopter EC155B PH-EQR was operating just off the coast as (HHE60B). A couple of Royal Air Force aircraft livened up the proceedings, first was BAe Typhoon ZJ933 in for a overshoot as (CBY75), whilst arriving for a nightstop and routing Brize Norton/Waddington was Lockheed C-130H Hercules C3 XV214, and lastly a possible new resident shortly on an Ambulance flight was G-IASA Be200 Super King Air, operating as (MDI01) from Aberdeen to East Midlands.

Tuesday 16th July (15.50pm - 17.10pm)  Another new resident for Sycamore, 'and the first wide bodied aircraft to be dismantled by them' arrived yesterday, ex LOT Airlines Boeing 767-300 SP-LPE arrived from Warsaw as (LOT9001) and touched down for the last time just before 15.00pm then went onto stand 1. Other notables in on this late afternoon visit were a couple of learjet's, G-GMAA Learjet 45 routed from and to Jersey as (GMA183), whilst Learjet 40 CS-TFO routed from and to Porto as (OAV315), and lastly N747YK Ce310 arrived from Kilkenny Eire for a three night stay and departed to Sligo Eire on Friday 19th.

Monday 29th July (16.30pm - 16.40pm)  A quick nip up tonight to shoot the Gulf 5 N516GH which arrived from Republic (NY) early yesterday evening. It stayed until Saturday 3rd of August when it departed early morning to Rome Ciampino.

Thursday 15th August (16.05pm - 16.30pm) Interesting visitors this evening, EMB505 Phenom 300 G-JAGA routed from Luton and departed to Innsbruck as (LNX23JG) after stopping the night, also night stopping was Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DFU which routed from Inverness as (NJE6ZU) and departed to Manston. M-USHY Ce441 Conquest arrived from Guernsey, departing back their on Saturday 17th August whilst P180 Avanti I-FXRG arrived from Treviso 14th August, it stayed until Friday 16th when it departed back to Treviso as (FXR18G)

Saturday 17th August (13.45pm - 14.50pm)  Not the best of weather conditions today but Bin Air Metro D-CAVA routed from and to Brno/Turany as (BID7A/7B), whilst arriving late lastnight on Easterns last Aberdeen rotation of the day '(EZE69L)' was G-CERY Saab 2000, it departed mid evening to London Gatwick as (EZE9352).

Sunday 18th August (19.10pm - 19.20pm) Nipped up for the colourful Falcon 900EX G-EGVO which routed from and to Zurich and stopped until Tuesday 20th.

Saturday 24th August (13.40pm - 14.00pm) Finally caught up with another new resident and second ex Air France Airbus A320 for Sycamore aviation today! F-GHQK arrived on Tuesday 13th August just before 08.30am as (AFR362V) from Paris Charles de Gaulle on its last landing. Bin Air Metro D-CPSW arrived  as (BID7A) from Brno/Turany Friday 24th August on another Car parts charter? It departed to Hamburg as (BID6A) on Sunday Morning 26th August!

Sunday 25th August (16.50pm - 18.05pm) A couple of Falcons this early evening. Falcon 900 N978PW arrived from Morristown (NJ) while D-BIKA Falcon 2000 arrived from Biggin Hill as (BVR777) and after stopping a couple of nights headed off to Frankfurt under the same call sign on Tuesday 27th. The usual schedules were operated by PH-KZT Fokker Fk70 on (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam service while Eastern Airways  Saab 200 G-CERZ operated the Aberdeen-Southampton-Aberdeen (EZE47G) route.

Monday 26th August (16.30pm -.17.20pm) More biz jets which both arrived late lastnight were, G-JAGA EMB505 Phenom 300 arrived from Luton as (LNX23JG) and after a couple of nights on stand 7 departed to Munich, while Falcon 2000LX OO-DFG routed from Brussels and departed to Northolt after staying two nights.

Wednesday 28th August (17.30pm - 18.35pm) Notables tonight! Pilatus PC12 LX-JFI arrived lastnight from Panshanger and departed to Denham on Fri 30th August, while Piaggio P180 Avanti I-FXRL routed from and to Treviso as (FXR18L) and left on Fri 30th August, and lastly CS-DXP Ce560 Citation XLS arrived from Ibiza as (NJE110B), and after stopping the night departed to Edinburgh as (NJE6DB).

Sunday 1st September (18.15pm - 18.40pm) Notables tonight and both stopping until Tuesday 3rd were Falcon 900 I-TCGR, which routed from and to Milan Linate as (SIO950), while Gulf 5 N132SD arrived from Nice and departed to Farnborough.

Tuesday 3rd September (18.25pm - 19.10pm) Of Interest this early evening, G-LUBB Ce525 Citationjet CJ1 routed from Dunsfold as (CLF832) and headed back their on the 5th, while arriving from Biggin Hill was HB-JKG Gulfstream G200, which also left the 5th to Newcastle, and lastly heading out on another sortie was resident Falcon 20 G-FRAT as (Vader2).

Wednesday 4th September (16.05pm - 16.25pm) A couple of citations were the biz on show tonight!  EC-LJC Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived from Rennes as (DSP223) yesterday, while Ce525C Citationjet CJ4 M-AZIA arrived from Colmar France, both then departed on Friday 6th to Brussels Charleroi as (DSP251) and Colmar respectively.

Sunday 8th September (14.45pm - 15.00pm) More biz today, D-CSLT Learjet 60 routed from Burgas Bulgaria and departed to Nuremberg as (IFA3571), Royal flight Sikorsky S76 G-XXEB arrived from Catterick as (Rainbow 1), whilst PH-RID Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived from Le Bourget on Thursday 5th, and headed back their after a couple of nights on stand 13!

Thursday 12th September (16.00pm - 18.05pm) Notables this early evening, BD700 Global Express XRS N519CP routed from and to Brussels, Pilatus PC12 M-JJTL arrived from Denham and left to Fairoaks, Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 routed from Geneva to Le Bourget and lastly Be200 Super King Air arrived from Sywell and headed off to Biggin Hill as (BRO41).

Sunday 15th September (15.15pm - 17.20pm)  A late afternoon rush produced the following!! Samair Boeing 737-400 OM-SAA positioned in from Humberside to operate an outbound charter to Verona as (CCS447P/4473), Ce680 Citation Sovereign D-CAWB routed from Le Bourget to Nuremberg, G-XJET Learjet 45 arrived on an ambulance flight from Alicante as (GMA751), and after unloading its patient headed off to Bournemouth, whilst on the early evening schedules, PH-KZU Fokker FK70 and G-CFLU Saab 200 were operating (KLM1535/6) and (EZE47G) respectively.

Friday 20th September (18.30pm - 18.50pm)  Notables just before sunset were Aviavilsa ATR,42-300F LY-ETM, which routed from and to Bucharest as (LVR201/202), Dornier 328 G-BWWT routed from and to Bournemouth as (LOG847/8) with Bournemouth FC and lastly Ce510 Citation Mustang OY-JSW arrived from Randers Denmark, departing back their on Sunday 22nd!

Saturday 21st September (09.00am - 09.25am) Arrivals in nice sunny weather this morning, ATR,42-300F LY-ETM arrived from Hahn as (LVR202) and after stopping until 24th departed to Rotterdam as (LVR201), ZH888 C-130J Hercules C5 routed from and to Brize Norton as (RRR5988) and on the mornings KLM1533/4 Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZB. Lastly DTV resident F-GHQK Airbus A320 had its titles covered up for some filming/promotional work regarding Sycamore?

Thursday 26th September (15.50pm - 16.00pm) Ce550 Citation 2 EC-JON arrived from Madrid as(VAD241) and was reason for the short visit! it stopped until Sunday 27th when it departed back to Madrid as (VAD271).

Thursday 17th October (18.00 - 18.15pm) Notables just before sunset! Denim Air  Fokker FK50 PH-KXX arrived from Waddington as (DNM324F), and after a nightstop departed back their as (DMN3206), while arriving from Biggin Hill was M-IWPS Ce525A Citationjet CJ2+, it departed back to Biggin Hill on Saturday 19th September.

Wednesday 6th November (16.05pm - 16.40pm)  Saudi Air Force Gulf 4 HZ-103 arrived from Farnborough and departed just before dark to Leuchars, whist Ce560 Citation Encore LN-IDB arrived from Sandefjord yesterday as (HSG03) and departed back their Thursday 7th.

Saturday 9th November (12.20pm - 13.20pm) Midday's visit produced the following of interest, OH-WIA Ce680 Citation Sovereign arrived yesterday from Helsinki as (JEF20A) and was due to depart back their this afternoon, London Executives Be200 Super King Air G-BYCP operated as (LNX35CP) routing from Shoreham to Stapleford, Ce510 Citation Mustang G-SSLM arrived last night from Blackbushe and was due to depart back their under the same call sign (BKK9J) and lastly Ce525 Citationjet CJ1 EC-HVQ routed from Northolt to Luton as (EXU351/2).

Friday 15th November (15.50pm - 16.15pm)  Busy ramp this late afternoon, Falcon 7X OO-NAD, Gulfstream G550 N550VE and Ce560 Citation Excel S5-BDG all arrived late lastnight from Brussels as (FYG81X) Stansted and Nice Cote d'Azur respectively, the Slovenian Ce560 departed back to Nice not long after my visit today while arriving from Stapleford was PA28R Cherokee Arrow N200GK, which headed back their after a nightstop.

Saturday 16th November 11.10am - 12.30pm)  Notables this late morning visit, F-GLBZ TBM-700 arrived from Le Touquet, OO-NSH Eurocopter EC155 dropped in for fuel while on route from Wick to Norwich, N550VE Gulfstream G550 and OO-NAD Falcon 7X both departed to Sugar Land Texas and Brussels as (FYG82X) respectively, and lastly in for a short visit was London Executive's Ce560 Citation XLS G-LEAX routing from Luton to Farnborough as (LNX71AX).

Sunday 17th November (17.05 - 17-15pm) Enhance Aero Group Embraer EMB145  F-HAFS was the notable visitor this evening which arrived from Liege, and after stopping the night it departed to Geilenkirshen early the next morning.

Wednesday 27th November (15.55pm - 16.10pm) Notables just before dark, E-Aviation Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 D-CHIO arrived yesterday and departed today routing from and to Zurich as (EFD111). Cessna 172 HB-CIU arrived from its base Eddsfield on the 24th and looked as though it was here for a while on stand 13!

Saturday 1st December (13.45pm - 14.30pm) Not the best light today for these two, G-REYS CL604 Challenger arrived from Amsterdam yesterday and departed to Farnborough Sunday 1st Dec, while G-GZOO Gulfstream G200 arrived from Luton for some crew training, stopping until 7th when it departed to Newcastle.

Tuesday 3rd December (17.50pm - 18.15pm) A couple of Belgium Air Force aircraft warranted the visit tonight! C-130H Hercules CH-03 arrived from Melsbroek as (BAF663) and then went tech, and eventualy departed back to Melsbrook on Thursday 5th December, back up arrived in Embraer ERJ135 CE-02 'again from and to Melsbroek' as (BAF605).

Saturday 7th December (12.45pm - 13.25pm) Probably Sycamores most interesting aircraft to date arrived today for scrapping. ATR,42's UR-UTA and UR-UTB both arrived from Kiev as (UTN1105 and UTN1107) wearing the colours of their previous operator UTair Ukraine. Also.... N978PW Falcon 900 was still in having arrived from Morristown NJ on 1st of December.


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