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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2014!!


Some of the more interesting visitors in 2014 that I managed to capture!!

Friday 17th January (13.50pm - 14.00pm)  Two Isle of Man registered Ce525 Citations were of note during a short visit today, M-IWPS CJ2 arrived from Bournemouth yesterday and departed to Hamburg on Saturday 18th, while CJ4 M-NSJS arrived from Farnborough and after a nightstop did a day return to Jersey and later departed to Leeds Bradford.

Monday 14th April (17.45pm - 18.00pm)  First type visitor for Durham Tees Valley this evening, Gulfstream G280 N280CC arrived from Amsterdam lastnight and departed to Coventry Tuesday Midday 15th April. D-CAVA Metro operated as (BIN9C/D) on one of the usual car parts flights, while N582C TBM-700  was in for the night on stand 12!

Sunday 20th April (16.50pm -18.10pm)  Nipped up for DTV's second visit of a Royal Air Force Airbus A330-243MRT Voyager, ZZ337 routed to Brize Norton as (RRR2701) after dropping one person off!!! Nothing else of interest apart from new resident G-SCOL Airvan of the new St George parachute school.

Wednesday 7th May (18.00pm - 18.50pm)  A couple of biz tonight, both stopping the night,  D-IGME Ce525 Citationjet routed from and to Zurich as (BBF279), and OK-ESC Be400 Beechjet arrived from Rome and departed to Newcastle the next morning as (TIE09/131S).

Thursday 8th May (16.10pm - 16.20pm)  Only Notable today, EC-LDS Gulfstream G100 arrived from Farnborough mid morning and headed off to Madrid as (TGM241S) several hours later.

Friday 9th May (10.15am - 10.45am//20.15pm - 21.00pm) A couple of Cessna Citations were of interest this morning, PH-HRM Ce560 Citation XLS+ routed from and to Rotterdam while on two visits routing Leeds-Southampton and return was M-NSJS Ce525C Citationjet CJ4, while a later visit just at night fall seen Night Express Shorts SH360 D-CCAS arrive from Munster as (EXT551) and after an hour on the deck departed to Frankfurt Hahn as (EXT552).

Wednesday 21st May (14.05pm - 16.00ppm)  Of interest this afternoon...... Aviation Beauport's new Ce560 Citation XLS+ G-OJER operated from and to Jersey as (AVB811/812). Jet2's Boeing 737-300 G-CELJ was in for some circuit training as (EXS300T) and routed from East Midlands to Manchester. G-CEYU AS365 Dauphin also arrived for some training as (MFT03) and in for a overshoot was Royal Air Force Be200 Super King Air ZK459 as (CWL68).

Friday 23rd May (08.50am - 09.10am) A nip up in the rain for a trio of Beech Super King Air's! Cobham's now rare Be350 G-COBI headed out to Scampton as (CLB201), while another Be350 'OE-GTH' departed after a night stop and routed from and to Nice, IAS Medical Be200 G-IASA arrived from Newcastle as (MDI08), and lastly Titan Boeing 737-300 G-POWC arrived from London Stansted to operate the annual outbound Lourdes charter as (AWC101Y/101A).

Tuesday 27th May (15.45pm - 16.335pm) Notables this late afternoon, D-CHRA Ce 525C Citationjet CJ4 arrived from Stuttgart as (EFD555), and after stopping the night headed back to the German city under the same call sign, while on a short visit routing Liverpool to Glasgow was Beech 350 Super King Air OE-GTH, and lastly on the afternoon Amsterdam rotation was KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZA operating as (KLM1535/1536).

Friday 30th May (12.30pm - 13.30pm)  The two Return Lourdes flights were operated by Titan and Alba Star today, both operating Boeing 737s. G-POWC a 737-300 of Titan operated as (AWC01B/01Y) and routed back to Lourdes, while following Alba Star Machine 'EC-LNC a 737-400' routed in the same direction as (LAV5173/574P).

Saturday 7th June (17.00pm - 18.10pm)  A very wet and dull DTV this late afternoon produced the following of interest. G-KLNE Hawker 900XP arrived from Heathrow as (SXN90E) and departed to Toulon the next morning, while arriving from Halifax and staying for several days was Falcon 900EX EASy C-GTLA, eventually it departed to Bristol Lulsgate on Wednesday 11th, and lastly 'our only Summer flight at DTV in 2014' was G-JECM DHC,8-400 operating as (BEE1185/6) for the weekly flight from and to Jersey.

Monday 23rd June (15.40pm - 16.50pm) LN-HOT Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 routed from Oslo to Exeter as (RTG434), while in for an overshoot was RAF Tucano ZF289 as (LOP34).

Thursday 26th June (10-00am -15.50pm) A certain retro aircraft operating out of DTV today was the reason for the long visit 'but back to the regular stuff first! the semi resident Global Express XRS N288Z arrived from Luton on the 12th and hasn't moved since! N37US PA34 Seneca arrived from Jersey yesterday and was due out Fri 27th to Dundee, and now back to the classic! KLM celebrated 95 years in aviation service so they sent this immaculate Douglas DC3 PH-PBA to several airports around the UK which included DTV. Arriving from Newcastle the night before it did three half hour flights today around the coast, then departed to Humberside, and lastly, smart looking Be200GT/250 Super King Air G-CWCD routed from and to East Midlands.

Saturday 28th June (13.05pm - 15.35pm) Of Interest this afternoon, Ce525B Citationjet CJ2 G-SONE routed from and to Bristol Lulsgate as (CLF719), D-CWAY Learjet 55 arrived from Athens and then left to Zweibrucken 90 minutes later while routing from and to Glasgow was N187SA Pa28R Arrow.

Monday 30th June (18.40pm - 18.55pm) A couple of executives were in for tonights short visit, Ce550 Citation Bravo EC-KHP arrived from Madrid as (BEY111), and after stopping the night headed off back to Madrid as (BEY121) while Pilatus PC12 LX-JFS routed from and to Fairoaks.

Friday 08th August (17.15pm - 17.55pm) Not the best of lighting conditions for photography with rain and grey cloud, but a couple of commuters were the haul for this late afternoon visit......OO-VLZ Fokker FK50 positioned in from Antwerp as (VLM603P) and departed to Maastricht 40 minutes later as (VLM9603). Adria Airways Canadair Regional Jet 200 S5-AAG routed as (ADR974/5) from Trieste to Ljubljana, whilst the common Global Express XRS N288Z has now been re-registered N287Z arrived from Luton yesterday and was only registered as such last month!

Thursday 21st August (16.45pm - 18.45pm)  A busy few hours with GA at DTV this afternoon! Gulfstream G550 M-HOTB arrived from Jersey on the 19th and departed to Farnborough late afternoon, G-XOIL AS355 Ecureuil 2 arrived also on the 19th from Headlam Hall in the North Yorkshire Moors, NetJets Ce550B Citation Bravo CS-DHR routed in from Paris Le Bourget and after a nightstop departed to Biggin Hill as (NJE7GZ). Pilatus PC12 M-YLEO arrived from Denham, departing back their after a local flight on Sunday 24th. BD100 Challenger 300 N325TG arrived from Carlisle last night (20th) and departed to Bangor Maine on 22nd. On the (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam service was PH-KZE Fokker Fk70, and lastly just before dark, Ce501 Citation F-HFRA and N280EX Gulfstream G280, routed Biggin Hill/Bordeaux as (ARL505) and from and to Antwerp respectively.

Monday 25th August (12.30pm 13.45pm)  Notables this afternoon! Hawker 900XP G-KLNE arrived from Berlin Schonefield and after a nightstop headed to Newquay as (SXN90E). Falcon 2000LX OO-DFG arrived lastnight (24th) from Brussels as (AAB877) and departed back there on Tuesday 26th. EMB505 Phenom 300 G-JAGA arrived from Salzburg and departed to Luton as (LNX23JG) after stopping the night. Sunwest Aviation's Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ routed from and to from Iqaluit, but had nearly two weeks sat on stand 13 before its return to Canada as (CNK715). Cartier's latest Ce680 Citation Sovereign + PH-CTR was its first visit here, and routed from and to Le Bourget 24th/28th respectively, and lastly Piaggio P180 Avanti LX-JFP arrived from Geneva lastnight (24th) and departed back to its origin on Tuesday 26th.

Wednesday 27th August (16.55pm - 17.30pm)  Not my cup of tea, but a classic all the same and always nice to see a classic at my local airport!! C-GVRA (KB726) Avro Lancaster B.X arrived from Humberside as (Heritage 1) while on its couple of months tour of the UK, it was due to only stay for two days but had an engine problem which resulted in going into Hanger 1 and not remerging until a week later, where it departed to Coningsby after a local test flight.

Friday 3rd October (14.25pm - 15.50pm) An unusual visitor to DTV, US Navy Boeing P-8 Poseidon 168756 arrived from Jacksonville as (Navy/LN045) on Wednesday (1st) for the forthcoming exercise 'Joint Warrior' which is running from 6th - 16th October, most of the aircraft are operating from nearby RAF Leeming, but due to fire cover the P-8 is operating out of DTV! TAG Aviation Falcon 900EX G-EGVO arrived from Farnborough lastnight (2nd) and departed back their after two nights on stand 5R. RAF Grob G115E Tutor G-BYVH was no doubt operating from and to Barkston Heath as (Barkston51), VistaJet Challenger 605 OE-ING operated as (VJT566C) from Pori to Dusseldorf, while bringing Fulham FC in from Farnborough for their match with Middlesbrough FC was G-CGMC Embraer ERJ135 as (EZE9854), after stopping the night it departed to London Gatwick as (EZE9855), another football charter, Ce560 Citation XLS+ G-OJER arrived from Jersey as (AVB832) lastnight (2nd) and departed to Southampton as (AVB851) on Sunday 5th, another Ce560 Citation XLS, EC-KPB routed from and to Zaragoza 2nd /4th as (JNV341/361) respectively, and lastly Denim Air Fokker Fk50 PH-JXJ 'just back from UN duty' was on one of the now regular Friday evening charters to Maastricht as (DNM5048).

Sunday 4th October (13.30pm - 14.00pm)  French Navy EMB121 Xingu 85, might have had something to do with the start of Joint Warrior?? but operated as (FNY5021)

Friday 10th October (14.30pm - 15.45pm)  Notables this afternoon, Ce680 Citation Sovereign N888SF arrived on Wednesday (8th) from Nuremburg and departed to Le Bourget late this afternoon. Air Medical PA42 Cheyenne 3A G-GZRP operating as (MCD86) routed Denham/Oxford 'whilst on other Medical flights' G-CLOW Be200 Super King Air is semi resident replacing G-IASA while away on maintenance.

Saturday 11th October (14.20 - 16.35pm)  A longer than planned visit this afternoon due to the US Navy Boeing P-8 Poseidon being out longer than expected, 168756 operating under the call sign off (04A) was out for 6 and half hours before heading back in not the best light for shots. It eventually departed back to Jacksonville NAS after the joint Warrior exercise on Friday 17th Oct.

Sunday 19th October (17.45pm - 18.30pm) An early evening visit today for the US Navy C-130T Hercules that had been delayed a couple of times. 164994 arrived as (CNV3444) to eventually pick up equipment from the recent Joint Warrior exercise that finished last Fri (16th), after night stopping it departed midday Monday 20th back across the pond to St Johns using the same call sign.  While arriving just before dark was Bin Air Merlin D-CNAY, which routed from to Antwerp as (BID12B/11A) and stopped until Wednesday 22nd)

Friday 24th October (15.40pm - 17.30pm) Of Interest while visiting the dentist, OH-RBX Ce560 Citation Excel arrived from Helsinki and was due back to its origin on Saturday (25th), BMI Regional Embraer ERJ145 G-RJXE routed Luton to Newcastle as BMR8502/9403, while also from Luton and stopping the night was Dornier 328-300 Jet OY-NCN as (SUS483). It was due to depart back to Luton on Saturday (25th).

Saturday 25th October (13.45pm - 14.05pm) A quick visit early afternoon due to a classic Learjet on an Ambulance flight, D-CGBR Learjet 55 operating as (JEI161) arrived from Le Bourget in not the best of light though, then headed off to Frankfurt a couple of hours later.

Friday 31st October (14.45pm - 15.10pm) Another Friday afternoon visit to catch up with the Biz 'which all arrived yesterday afternoon' (30th),  Gulfstream G550 N755VE arrived from Stansted, OO-NAD Falcon 7X arrived from Antwerp as (FYG91X), Challenger 604 EC-JYT arrived from Madrid as (TGM081T) and Global Express N838SC arrived from Northolt, they were all due to leave Saturday afternoon (1st November) to San Antonia, Antwerp as (FYG92X) Madrid as (TGM081T) and Luton respectively, meanwhile Pilatus PC12 LX-JFQ routed from and to Denham.

Sunday 2nd November (11.00am - 11.20am//16.05pm - 16.30pm) Two short visits today to catch up with two Belgium aircraft.... VLM Fokker FK50 OO-VLO positioned in from Birmingham as (VLM570P) on Fri 31st Oct but went tech after arrival, it eventually departed midday ish to Antwerp as (VLM123M). While later just before dark... TNT/NATO Boeing 757 OO-TFA routed from and to Liege as (TAY5105/6).

Tuesday 4th November (17.30pm - 18.05pm)  Notables tonight, Ce560 Citation Encore LN-IDB arrived from Sandefjord as (HSG04), and departed back to Sandefjord as (HSG03) on Thurs 6th. Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 9H-ALL routed from Northolt to Le Bourget as (LWG102) 'which wasn't parked the best for a shot' and lastly Saxonair Hawker 400 G-KLNR routed from Cambridge to Stansted as (SXN40C).

Sunday 8th November (14.30pm-15.00pm) A quick visit for the two Canadian executive jets that have recently arrived, C-GZCZ Gulfstream G150 arrived yesterday (Sat 7th) as (CNK715) from Gatwick while arriving from Iqaluit was Ce750 Citation 10 C-FNRG. Both departed back to Iqaluit on Sat 15th.

Friday 28th November (14.05pm - 14.20pm)  Notables this afternoon, New Gulfstream 650 N288Z was on its second visit and arrived from Luton lastnight and departed to North Eleuthera Sunday 30th. It was a type first visit for the airport on its last visit, unfortunately though its going to be a regular replacing the Global Express XRS N288Z which is in the same scheme and has now become N287Z.  Piaggio P180 Avanti I-FXRK arrived also lastnight from Rome Ciampino as (FXR184), having stopped two nights it headed back to its origin under the same call sign.

Friday 5th December (14.00pm - 14.30pm) A couple of American Executives today! N978PW Falcon 900 routed from and to Morristown NJ on the 1st and stayed for a week, while arriving from Luton lastnight and heading back their today was Gulfstream G550 N517DW.

Sunday 14th December (10.25am - 10.35am)  Air Products Gulf 4 N342AP arrived late lastnight from Morristown NJ and had no doubt something to do with their new plant at Seal Sands. Aviation Beauport Ce510 Citation Mustang G-XAVB arrived yesterday and routed from and to Jersey as (AVB531/541), and lastly and in the new KLM livery was PH-KZS Fokker FK70 on (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service.



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