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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2016!!


Some of the more interesting visitors in 2016 that I managed to capture!!

Sunday 10th January (14.00pm - 14.10pm) First visit in 2016 for Falcon 900EX EASy LX-EMO which arrived from Sion as (FYL71G), having stopped on stand 8 for 11 days, it eventually departed to Northolt on Thursday 21st as (FYL321).


Sunday 17th January (08.10am- 10.00am)  Very early start to catch up with the trio of movements this morning in the freezing fog!..... firstly G-LXWD Ce560 Citation XLS routed from London Gatwick to Oxford as (VCG902, however the main reason for such an early visit was for the two Ce208B Grand Caravan EX's N445JP and N248JP, both were heading upto Wick lastnight from Leeds Bradford but diverted in due to the weather, and after a nightstop both aircraft 'which were still in their original basic paint scheme of Tartastan Air Company' departed to Wick midday ish heading probably for there journey across the pond back to the states??


Saturday 30th January 13.30pm - 14.00pm) 'Again'.. not the best of light conditions for shots today, but three aircraft that were worth a pop up for included... Gulfstream G650 N288Z, which arrived from North Eleuthera on Wednesday 27th and was due out tonight to Le Bourget. Pilatus PC12 M-YLEO routed from and to Denham, while in from Friedrichshafen was Ce550 Citation Bravo G-SPRE, it later departed to Oxford and operated under the call sign of (XJC2).

Sunday 31st January 18.35pm - 18.45pm) Nipped up in the rain tonight for a tasty little beech.... PT6 powered Be60 Duke N626N arrived from Luxembourg, and after stopping the night headed to Stornoway on its first stop before crossing the Atlantic heading to the states....


Tuesday 2nd February (16.40pm - 16.50pm) Finally caught up with the Jota Aviation BAe146-200 G-SMLA this early evening, it arrived lastnight as (EZE9781) from Manchester with Man City FC onboard for their game with Sunderland tonight and was due to depart to Newcastle later as (EZE782P).


Monday 8th February (16.15pm - 17.00pm)  Noteables tonight just as the sun was setting... Gulfstream G550 N63M arrived lastnight from St Paul and was heading out to Nantes just as i arrived. DA42 Twin Star F-HPCD arrived from Le Roche, and headed back their after a night stop, and lastly OE-HEY Falcon 2000LX routed Dundee/Birmingham.

Saturday 13th February (15.05pm - 15.15pm)  With what can be only be described as something out of a Batman movie..... German Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 D-ISJP arrived from Altenrhein as (ECA111), having stopped the night it departed to St Moritz the next morning using the same call sign..




  Wednesday 17th February (14.25pm - 14.45pm) Noteables this afternoon.. Ce525 Citationjet CJ3 D-CHIO routed from and to Stuttgart as (EFD111), while taking Middlesbrough FC out to some warmer climates was Avanti Air Fokker FK100 D-AOLG, which routed from Saarbrucken to Malaga as (ATV903F/201A).


Friday 19th February (15.40pm - 16.00pm)  A quick visit to catch up with a couple of Citationjets, but unfortunately only the one turned up which was G-SDRY Ce525D Citationjet CJ4 and routed  from Farnborough to Gloucester Staverton.

Saturday 20th February (13.50pm - 16.05pm)  Of interest this afternoon... Ce525A Citationjet CJ2+ D-IPCC arrived from Samedan, and after two nights on stand 8 departed to Eagelsbach.  NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXF arrived from Bern as (NJE6BJ) and departed the next morning to Samedan using the same call sign.

Sunday 6th March (07.45am - 08.00am)  Travel Service Ce680 Citation Sovereign OK-UGJ arrived from Chambery as (TVS55J) late lastnight, and was due out this morning to Innsbruck as (TVS56J).

Wednesday 30th March (18.00pm - 18.20pm)  A couple of Executives in tonight...  9H-FAM EMB500 Phenom 100 arrived from Geneva as (LWG301) and was due out to Amsterdam early evening, and NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXH arrived from Sion as (NJE6DL), and left the next day to Edinburgh as (NJE295K).

Monday 11th April (16.05pm -  Noteables this late afternoon....  F-HFKE Embraer ERJ145 arrived from Farnborough with Reading FC for the match against Boro FC tomorrow night, and was due out to London Heathrow after the game.. and D-CEFO Ce560 Citation XLS+ arrived from Sion earlier as (AHO266C), and departed to Le Bourget as (AHO147L) after a night stop..

Wednesday 13th April (16.10pm - 16.15pm)  Gulfstream G200 EC-KRN arrived from Barcelona yesterday (11th) as (EXU282) and was the only worthy visitor in the damp and dull conditions.... eventually departing to sunnier climates, it left for Barcelona on Friday 15th April.

Thursday 14th April (16.15pm - 16.20pm) Air Alliance Express Learjet 35 D-CFOR, routed from Granada to Cologne as (AYY117) on an ambulance flight..

Saturday 16th April (11.45am- 12.15pm)  Noteables this short mid day visit in the rain showers......  NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXK arrived from Berlin Schonefeld yesterday as (NJE823H) and headed out Exeter as (NJE372P) later..  Be200 Super King Air D-ISKY arrived from Stuttgart as (AHO565A), and left to Hamburg the next morning as (AHO435Q), and lastly routing from Manchester to Guernsey was Rockwell Commander 114 2-BOYS.


Friday 22nd April (14.20pm - 14.50pm)  Only the one of interest today.....Hawker 750XP F-HOSB routed from and to le Bourget.

Saturday 25th June (08.00am - 8.05am) Gulfstream G550 N808TC arrived lastnight from Farnborough and looked good for another nightstop..

Wednesday 6th July (18.20pm - 18.30pm)  Zimex Aviation ATR,72-202F HB-ALL arrived early morning from Bucharest as (IMX508), and after spending the full day on the ramp departed to Timisoara as (IMX509F) late evening..

Wednesday 13th July (18.35pm - 18.40pm)  Gulf 4/SP N478GS arrived from Ankara early this morning,  and departed the next morning to Bangor (Maine) International after spending the night on stand 1....

Wednesday 27th July (21.35pm - 21.45pm)  Classic Falcon tonight....  (showing signs of its previous registration)...9H-SSG Falcon 100 arrived from Valencia as (HYP019), and after staying for a week, headed back to Valencia under the same callsign...

Friday 12th August (16.05pm - 17.20pm) Noteables this late afternoon....  Ce441 Conquest M-USHY arrived from Guernsey on the 9th and departed back their early evening, whilst all arriving last night (11th) were....EMB505 Phenom 300 G-JAGA from Luton as (LNX23JG) and was due to go back their Sat 13th using the same callsign, D-CESA Ce550 Citation Bravo from Geneva, which also headed back to its origin on the 13th. Diamond DA62 F-HLRA from Caen, stopping until 13th, when it departed to Cholet Le Pontreau and Ce680 Citation Sovereign+ PH-CTR from Le Bourget, which left tonight to Hannover, and lastly bringing in Stoke FC this afternoon for their game against the BORO tomorrow was ERJ145 G-CGWV as (EZE9635) from Manchester, it departed back to Manchester as (EZE9636) with Stoke FC after the 1-1 draw at the riverside on the 13th....


Sunday 14th August (18.30pm - 19.00pm) Travel Service Ce680 Citation Sovereign OK-EMA arrived from Lisbon as (TVS41J) and after a nightstop, headed to Karlovy Varly as (TVS42J).  Operating Eastern Airways (EZE15W/16W) Aberdeen-DTV-Humberside and return service was G-CERZ Saab 2000, and lastly routing from Dusseldorf to Denham was Pilatus PC12 M-GETS.   

Thursday 18th August (16.10 -16.20pm)  BD700 Global Express G-SENT arrived on the 16th from Biggin Hill as (GMA554), and after a two day stay, departed back their using the same call sign..  

Tuesday 23rd August (18.35pm - 18.55pm) Of Interest tonight.....Colourful Falcon 900 G-EGVO arrived from Farnborough and departed back their after 2 nights on stand 1..  Cartier's Ce680 Citation Sovereign + PH-CTR routed from and to Le Bourget, and lastly Ce208 Caravan Amphibian G-LAUD routed Loch Shiel/Lomond...

Tuesday 30th August (17.30pm - 19.25pm)  A busy night here tonight for a change........  G-FLBK Ce510 Citation Mustang arrived from Bristol as (BKK4D), and departed the next morning to Leeds using the same callsign.  Pilatus PC12 LX-JFK routed from Oxford to Pisa as (JFA28M/27G). EMB500 Phenom 100 D-IAAY arrived from Southampton and after spending 90 minutes on stand 8 headed to Nice as (AZE57P).  F-HFRA Ce501 Citation 1 routed from Le Bourget to Bordeaux as (ARL505), HA-KAP Ce650 Citation 3 arrived from Florence as (JSH656), and after a nightstop, departed back there as (JSH657). OO-FPE Ce525 Citationjet CJ3 arrived from Brussels as (FYG51R and left for Geneva the next morning as (FYG81R). OO-DFG Falcon 2000 arrived from Antwerp as (AAB028B), and after spending two nights on stand 2 departed to Luton. Ce550 Citation 2 D-IRUP arrived from Hamburg and departed back there early Thursday 1st September, PH-RLG Ce680 Citation Sovereign + arrived from Le Bourget and was due out the next morning to Lisbon. C-GZCZ Gulfstream G150 arrived on the 23rd from Iqaluit as (CNK715), departing back their after spending nearly two weeks on stand 5R on Sunday 4th Sept. G-MOSJ Be90 King Air arrived on the 28th from Ronaldsway Isle of Man and left to Leeds on Thursday morning 1st September, and lastly Falcon 900 N978PW arrived from  Morristown on the 28th, and headed up to Carlisle on the 3rd Sept..

Thursday 1st September (18.10pm - 18.25pm)  Ce560 Citation XLS+ EC-LYL arrived lastnight from Madrid as (GES381) and departed to Malaga under the same callsign Friday afternoon....   Pilatus PC12 LX-TAI arrived from Inverness as (JFA43B) late on Tuesday 30th August and stayed a week, eventually departing to Orleans as (JFA90G) on Tues 6th.  Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBKC routed from Amsterdam to Blackbushe as (BKK3C) and lastly National Grid Bell 429 G-RIDB arrived as (GRID02)

Monday 5th September (17.35pm - 18.00pm)  Of interest tonight...'of which the following all arrived yesterday evening'...  D-INKY Piaggio P180 Avanti arrived from Le Bourget as (XGO3NV), and departed to Geneva late evening on 7th Sept as (XGO6GG). Be350 Super King Air F-GNOE arrived also from Le Bourget, and headed back their Tues 6th. BD100 Challenger 300 OE-HCA arrived from Salzburg, returning back their tonight, and lastly arriving from DuPage Chicago was Gulfstream G450 N450EE, eventually departing to Bangor Maine International late on Sept 10th, while today's arrivals were....  OH-RBX Ce560 Citation XLS arriving from Helsinki Vantaa this morning, heading back their late afternoon Tues 6th, and arriving late evening from Farnborough was Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-LEAC as (BKK24X), having stopped two nights it departed to Blackbushe on the 7th as (BKK24X), and lastly.. finally caught up with resident Be200 Super King Air G-CEGP departing as (MDI01) to Luton.

Sunday 11th September (11.00am - 11.20am) Noteables earlier today...  Piaggio P180 Avanti D-IJET arrived yesterday late afternoon from Bristol as (XGO6NV), and departed to Bologna as (XGO6PE) Monday 12th.  Mooney M20 N937BP arrived from its base Elstree on Thursday 8th, and lastly routing from Basel to Verona was BD100 Challenger 300 HB-JGQ.

Friday 16th September (15.00pm- 15.10pm)  N117EA EA-500 Eclipse arrived early evening from Isle of Man on the 14th, departing back their on 16th,  while routing from and to Oberpfoffenofen was CL604 Challenger D-ABCD as (DCS503).

Sunday 18th September (18.20pm - 19.10pm) A busy night with executives etc....  Gulstream G650 N288Z arrived from Palermo, eventually departing to Northolt on 29th.  CL604 Challenger EC-JYT arrived from Madrid/Barajas as (TMG061M), and departed back their as (TMG081T) after stopping the night. Be200 Super King Air G-KVIP routed from Naples to Exeter as (EGL67X). Jetfly Pilatus PC12 LX-TAI routed Geneva to Southampton as (JFG88G/92M). Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBKE arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK5E), and after a nightstop left to Leeds. Falcon 2000 OY-MGA routed from Copenhagen to Luton as (MMD1044). BD700 Global 5000 C-GPPI routed from Palermo to Newcastle. On the Eastern Airways (EZE16W) Aberdeen/Humberside rotation was Saab 2000 G-CFLV, and lastly Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 OO-FPC routed from Liege to Antwerp as (FYG62N/63N).

Thursday 29th September (17.20pm - 1730pm) Not much in while arriving on the KLM service from China via Amsterdam, other than G-LUBB Ce525 Citationjet, which arrived from Dunsfold on the 27th and sat on the ramp for two days before heading back their as (CLF4) early evening..

Sunday 2nd October (18.45pm - 19.00pm)  Popped up in the so called blue hour tonight to shoot two interesting movements today...  Cello Aviation Boeing 737-300 G-MISG routed from and to Birmingham as (CLJ677/678), and Pilatus PC12 OO-PCI arrived from Brussels Charleroi for a 2 nights before departing to Carlisle.

Wednesday 5th October (18.25pm - 18.50pm)  Of interest tonight just before dark.."again"....  Ce560 Citation XLS D-COBI arrived from Nuremburg as (HTM019), returning back there on the 7th using the same callsign.. Be90 King Air SP-MMS arrived from Warsaw, which also departed on the 7th back to Warsaw, and lastly Be200 Super King Air G-WVIP routed from Reus to Exeter as (EGL64H).

Friday 7th October (15.40pm - 17.25pm) Noteables in this afternoon.... Ce525 Citationjet OE-FGI arrived from Salzburg as (MOZ107A), and departed back their late on Sunday 9th as (MOZ109A), Agusta A109 G-JBCB, which arrived on 5th October as (Castle 12), departed under the same Callsign... PA28RT Turbo Arrow IV N8105Z arrived from Leeds Bradford.  Finally caught up with Eastern Airways BAe Jetstream 41 G-MAJK 'which is still in basic Sky Express colours' was operating (EZE65L/66L) Aberdeen rotation, and lastly Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-LEAC routed from Edinburgh to Blackbushe as (BKK24X).

Tuesday 11th October (16.50pm - 17.30pm) A trio of executive stuff in while having a quick late afternoons visit in the rain/gloom!!......Ce680 Citation Sovereign D-CHDC routed from Angers/Loire to East Midlands, Pilatus PC12's M-JJTL arrived from Carlisle lastnight and departed to Denham as (XCH221U) late afternoon, while M-YLEO arrived from Norwich on the 9th and headed off also to Denham on the 12th..

Sunday 16th October (16.20pm - 17.55pm) Football related movements were of interest today with BORO hosting Watford....  N397CM Ce510 Citation Mustang routed Hanover to Jersey, Ce525 Citationjet CJ1 EC-HVQ routed from and to London Luton as (EXU351/352), while taking Watford FC home with 3 points was Embraer ERJ145 G-CHMR, which positioned in from Newcastle as (EZE275P) and headed out to London Luton as (EZE9372), and lastly another plane Eastern Airways machine was G-CIEC Saab 2000 operating the evenings Aberdeen (EZE15W).

Wednesday 19th October (16.40pm - 16.45pm) Quick visit for a certain Falcon 2000 this afternoon, N1JK arrived from Teterboro mid morning.... and eventually departed to Goose Bay on sat 22nd, no doubt heading back to its origin??

Tuesday 25th October (16.45pm - 16.50pm) One of interest today...  Ce680 Citation Sovereign + D-CAWX arrived from Nice lastnight (24th), and departed to Farnborough 26th.

Wednesday 26th October (16.45pm - 16-55pm) Another German Citation tonight, D-CTTT Ce560 Citation XLS arrived from Munich as (AUF023), and departed back their the nest day using the same callsign..

Saturday 19th November (09.00am - 09.05am)  Only worthy visitor this morning was...Ce525 Citationjet OE-FMU, which arrived lastnight (Fri 18th) from Leipzig as (MOZ218B). It eventually departed Sunday 20th to Salzburg as (MOZ220B)

Tuesday 22nd November (17.05pm - 17.405pm)  Nice couple of heavy biz jets now on stands 1 and 2 for storage... Not too sure how long their stopping, but Boeing 777-200 N777AS arrived yesterday (Monday 21st) from London Heathrow, while Boeing 737-900 (BBJ3) VP-CEC arrived from Farnbourgh this morning, and was a first type visit. 'It eventually departed to Le Bourget on 12th December'  and lastly M-JCBA Sikorsky S76 dropped in for fuel as (JCB2).

Friday 25th November (14.50pm - 15.20pm) Nipped up again to shoot the stored big bizz in nice light this afternoon....  only other aircraft worth a mention was Ce560XL Citation Excel OO-FTS, which arrived from Brussels as (AAB243) lastnight, and departed back their late 26th...

Saturday 10th December (09.25am - 09.35am) Gulfstream G550 N231CE arrived from Atlanta Fulton early this morning, and after spending the day on stand 5, headed back across the Atlantic late evening to Washington Dulles

Saturday 17th December (10.50am - 12.00pm)  Noteables this morning.... Blink had two Ce510 Citation Mustang movements, G-FBKG routed from Edinburgh to Luton as (BKK7G), while G-FBKB 'which arrived lastnight from Farnborough as (BKK2B) departed to Edinburgh mid day under the same callsign. Brussels Airlines/bmi-Regional ERJ145 G-RJXI also arrived lastnight with Swansea FC from Birmingham as (BMR8183), and was due out to Cardiff later as (BMI8184), and lastly i finally caught up with a classic tin, G-AKDN DHC,1 Chipmunk was due out to bagby having been short term resident here for a couple of months, only for it to taxi back with brake problems... 

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