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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2017!!


Some of the more interesting visitors in 2017 that I managed to capture!!

Sunday January 1st (11.20am - 11.25am)  First visit of the new year saw Maltese Phenom 100 go in the box...  9H-FAM arrived mid morning of the last day of 2016 from Bournmouth as (LWG391),  having stayed the night on stand 8 it departed back to its origin as (LWG301) mid day..

Wednesday January 4th (10.40am-13.50pm)  Of interest today..... PH-KZK Fokker FK70 was on the (KLM1533/1534) Amsterdam service, Cobham Falcon 20 G-FRAD arrived as (FRA78) from Bournemouth, Pilatus PC12 3A-MIG routed Fairoaks/Saanen, also doing some training in-between flights, and lastly a couple of semi residents in nice light...  Thales Be200 Super King Air G-FPLD departed and returned from local sortie as (CBM188), while Cobham Falcon 20 G-FRAL departed to Bournemouth as (FRA70).

Thursday January 5th (09.50am -11.05am// 15.40pm -15.45pm)  Two visits today...  the first for a classic!! Boeing 727-200 G-OSRB arrived as (BRO61T) from Doncaster, departing back their after a short stay on stand 1. PH-KZI Fokker Fk70 was operating the (KLM1533/1534) Amsterdam service, whilst a later visit in the golden hour was Ce680 Citation Sovereign+ PH-HGT, which arrived from Dundee, and headed off to Marseille the next morning..

Friday January 13th (14.20pm - 15.40pm)  Noteables on a bitterly cold afternoon...  Be200 Super King Air G-IASA departed to Newcastle as (MDI02), Ce560XL Citation Excel G-IPAX arrived from Farnborough as (EDC017), and after stopping the night departed to Dublin as (EDC940R), Eastern Airways Saab 2000 G-CERZ positioned in from Leeds as (EZE935P) to take BORO FC down to Luton as (EZE9353), and lastly Gulfstream G280 N280EX was sat on stand 1 after arriving from Antwerp lastnight, and was due back to its origin sat afternoon...

Friday January 20th (16.40pm - 18.20pm) A couple in the dark tonight....  PH-KZU Fokker FK70 was on (KLM1537/1538) Amsterdam service.  CityJet Sukhoi SU100-95B Superjet EI-FWB arrived from London Stansted as (BCY365) with West Ham FC for their game with the BORO FC tomorrow, having spent an hour on the deck it positioned out to Dublin as (BCY366).

Saturday January 21st (12.05pm - 13.40pm) More football flights today, 'unfortunately though in very bad light' ..  G-CHUI Ce560 Citation XLS+ routed from and to London Stansted as (EDC840), Ce510 Citation Mustang N397CM arrived from Jersey, and lastly Learjet 75 G-USHA routed from and to London Stansted as (BZE06A/06B)

Monday March 6th (17.00pm - 17.25pm)  Noteables just before dark this late afternoon...  NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXZ arrived from St Gallen/Altenrhein as (NJE5QJ), and after spending the night on stand 9 departed back their using the same call sign early evening 7th. PH-KZI Fokker Fk70 was on the (KLM1537/15388) Amsterdam Service, and lastly Fleet Air International Saab SF340AF HA-TAG "which was still in basic Golden Air Colours who operated it over 10 years ago!!" routed from Birmingham to Vitoria as (FRF300/301).

Friday March 10th (18.50pm - 19.20pm)  Two rare Eastern Airways Embraer's warranted a late visit tonight...  Firstly ERJ170 G-CIXV positioned in from Newcastle as (EZE054P) and was due to take Manchester City FC out after their game at Middlesbrough FC tomorrow (11th) as (EZE968P), while bringing in Manchester City FC from Manchester was ERJ145 G-CISK as (EZE9677), it was due out to Newcastle later as (EZE9678P).

Sunday 12th March (15.50pm - 16.05pm)  Bin Air Metro D-CNAC routed from Cologne to Amsterdam as (BID5A/5B).

Friday 17th March (19.00pm - 19.45pm) Be250 Super King Air M-OTOR routed from Cardiff to Humberside as (EZE08B/08C)..

Saturday 18th March (08.15am - 10.10am) Notables this morning included a couple of arrivals from lastnight that didn't park well for shots, "hence why the early morning visit to get them departing"   EMB500 Phenom 9H-FAM arrived lastnight from Gloucestershire and departed this morning to Oxford as (LWG302/393), Learjet 35 D-CEXP arrived from Tenerife South lastnight as (AYY110) and left to Birmingham this morning.... resident Mooney M20 D-EKNA departed to Leicester, and lastly operating the morning (KLM1533/1534) Amsterdam service was PH-KZB Fokker FK70.

Sunday 19th March (14.10pm - 17.00pm) Things spread out this afternoon so a longer than planned visit...  EMB500 Phenom D-IAAY routed from and to Luton as (AZE74P),  Ce510 Citation Mustang N397CM routed from and to Jersey, Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 D-IMAX arrived from Geneva as (AWU919), departing to Birmingham as (AWU921) on the 21st. Bin Air Metro D-CKPP routed from and to Cologne as (BIN51/5P) and lastly operating the Eastern Airways (EZE15W) Aberdeen service was Saab 2000 G-CDEA.

Friday 31st March (17.10pm - 17.20pm) The first visit of a Ce680A Citation Latitude to DTV arrived late afternoon...  CS-LTA arrived from Le Bourget as (NJE2NS), and was due to depart to Zurich as (NJE861Y) the following morning, while on the (KLM1535/1536) Amsterdam service was PH-KZI Fokker FK70.


Saturday 1st April (13.10pm -13.30pm) Jota Aviation BAe RJ85 G-JOTR positioned in from Southend as (EZE935P), and then took BORO FC down to Cardiff for their game with Swansea tomorrow as (EZE9355).

Monday 17th April (10.30am - 11.30am)  Bringing in Arsenal from Luton for their game with BORO FC this afternoon was Jota Aviation BAe RJ85 G-JOTR as (ENZ682). It was due to depart back to Luton late evening as (ENZ683),  Fokker Fk70 PH-KZU was on the (KLM1533/1534) Amsterdam service, while new resident for Eden Flight Training is PA38 Tomahawk PH-NRA, which arrived from the Eindhoven via Norwich and is due to go on the UK register shortly....

Saturday 22nd April (14.20pm - 14.40pm)  Noteables this afternoon..  Falcon 2000 EC-LGV arrived from Barcelona on Thursday 20th as (EXU201), and was due back their Sunday 23rd using the same callsign, while Be200 Super King Air G-KVIP routed Lydd/Exeter as (EGL18).

Saturday 29th April (09.55am - 10.15am) A couple from this mornings visit...  Ce560 Citation XLS G-ZENT routed from Biggin Hill to Palma as (BZE04A/04B), while operating (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZP.

Friday 12th May (16.30pm - 18.15pm) This afternoons visitors in dull conditions...  VistaJet BD100 Challenger 350 9H-VCO routed From Newcastle to Farnborough as (VJT449). 9H-MTF Boeing 737-300 arrived as (MLT852) from Southampton with Southampton FC onboard for their game with Middlesbrough FC tomorrow. KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZL operated the (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam Service, and lastly a mini invasion of Dutch and British light aircraft all arriving from Cambridge, which inc PH-JBF Cessna 172, and two PA28's PH-VFC and PH-DRT. They all departed to Coventry mid Sat morning after a nightstop.

Saturday 13th May (09.30am - 09.50am//16.15pm -16.45pm)   A couple of movements I've not shot before resulted in two visits today....Firstly and routing from Milan Linate to Barcelona was Zenith Aviation Learjet 75 G-ZNTH as (BZE07A/07B), whilst the later visit inc the following.. Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FLBK, which arrived from Jersey as (BKK4D), departed back their after a nightstop using the same callsign. PA28R Arrow N200GK routed from and to Stapleford also stopping the night, while Ce525 Citationjet CJ2+ OE-FRS arrived from Billund as (MOZ413D), and was due out to Salzburg as (MOZ414D) Sunday mid day, and lastly 9H-MTF Boeing 737-300 departed to Southampton with their football team as (MLT853)

Sunday 14th May (09.20am - 09.35pm) Just the one of note this morning in not the best light....  G-GXLS Ce560 Citation XLS routed from Luton to Deauville as (LNX96GX).

Wednesday 17th May (18.55pm - 19.05pm)  Very brief visit tonight for the smart coloured Falcon 2000 M-CKSB which arrived from Palma, after spending two nights on stand 1 it departed back to its origin.

Tuesday 23rd May (17.45pm - 18.10pm) Two biz jets tonight...  Arriving from Southampton as (XJC02) on the (22nd) was Ce550 Citation 2 G-CGOA, and after spending three nights on stand 9 it departed back to Southampton as (XJC01A). While routing from Palma to Birmingham was Learjet 35 D-CTWO as (AYY108).

Thursday 25th May (16.30pm - 16.45pm)  Noteables this late afternoon..   Enter Air Boeing 737-800 SP-ENZ arrived from Lisbon as (ENT533P) to operate the Lourdes charter tomorrow morning as (ENT501), BD100 Challenger 350 G-SCAR arrived from Geneva as (APX2GP) and is apparently here for Saturdays Skylive Airshow in the static,  and lastly arriving from Ostend was D-EISU Pa28 Warrior, it eventually departed back to Ostend after five nights on stand 1.

Friday 26th May (14.00pm - 16.45pm) Nearly three hours here this afternoon hoping for some arrivals for the Skylive Airshow....  EI-PRO Eurocopter AS365 was in for some crew training from and to Leeds as (Yorkair3T), Pilatus PC12 OO-PCJ arrived from Brussels Charleroi and headed back their after a nightstop.  For the Airshow were RAF Shorts Tucano ZF205 which arrived from Linton as (LOP42), and was due back their Tuesday morning, also G-BURR (WZ706) Auster A0P.9 which arrived from a private site in the Midlands, departing to Tatenhill Sunday morning. Operating KLM1535/6) service to Amsterdam was Fokker Fk70 PH-KZC, and lastly N397CM Ce510 Citation Mustang routed from and to Jersey.

Saturday 27th May (19.50pm - 20.00pm)  Skylive Airshow day.. 'Nothing of interest to me so stayed away' and if im honest glad i did...."shambolic as usual!!" plus had more important aircraft to catch up with at Doncaster with the departure of the Ilyushin IL62...  anyway popped in to see the only worthy visitor on the way back from my day out, which was Shorts SC7 Skyvan C-FARA, which was a drop machine for the RAF Falcon parachute team and arrived from Duxford and after a nightstop departed back to its base at Brize Norton.

Sunday 28th May (16.15pm - 17.15pm) Air Horizont Boeing 737-400 9H-ZAZ positioned in from Newquay to operate a charter to Verona as (HAT782P/4782).

Friday 2nd June (14.10pm - 16.00pm/18.35pm - 18.45pm) Noteables this afternoon during two visits...  CityJet Sukhoi SU100-95B Superjet EI-FWA routed from and to Lourdes/Tarbes as (BCY9551/9552), Learjet 45 G-SOVB routed from and to Biggin Hill as (BZE02A/02B). Piaggio P180 Avanti M-GCAP arrived from Gloucestershire and left engines running while dropping passengers off then headed to Inverness. Whilst later... routing from Lourdes/Tarbes to Barcelona was Alba Star Boeing 737-400 EC-LAV as (LAV8741/956P).

Monday 5th June (17.35pm - 17.45pm) Only the one visitor this early evening in the rain...D-CDOC Learjet 45 routed from Malta to Frankfurt Hahn  (JCL2).

Friday 9th June (18.45pm - 19.30pm) Ce560 Citation XLS+ OE-GWS arrived from Southampton as (AOJ274) lastnight and left back to its origin under the same callsign Sunday evening 11th..  Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-LEAC routed from Biggin Hill to Luton as (BKK24X), and lastly operating one of the Monarch's training flights was Boeing 737-800 G-ZBAV, which routed from Prestwick to Birmingham as (MON738T).

Tuesday 13th June (18.45pm - 19.15pm)  First type visitor for DTV tonight in the shape of a Challenger 650 registerd N216QS, the NetJets machine arrived from Republic/Farmingdale, and after spending the night on stand 1 headed off to London Luton the next day.

Saturday 17th June (16.00pm - 18.00pm) A one off charter was the highlight from today's visit..  Air Bucharest Boeing 737-300 YR-TIB positioned in from Norwich to operate a charter to Naples as (BUR613P/614).

Tuesday 20th June (17.00pm - 17.25pm)  Finally caught up with KLM Cityhopper Fokker FK70 PH-KZU 'which has been specially painted in 90 Years of Fokker service titles' as it operated the (KLM1535/1536) Amsterdam service, another special scheme in the shape of Royal Air Force Be200 Super King Air ZK459, as it operated three touch and go's as (CWL69) while operating from Cranwell, and lastly Learjet 31 D-CGGG routed from Alicante to Cologne as (JCL3).

Saturday 24th June (10.45am - 11.45am) The return from last weeks Naples charter was operated by CSA Czech Airlines Airbus A319 OK-OER as (CSA6740), after dropping its passengers off it headed to Cork as (CSA6741). Cirrus SR22 N147LK arrived from Blackbushe yesterday (23rd), and returned back their Sunday afternoon.

Saturday 1st July (10.00am - 10.35am)  KLM's (KLM1533/66H) service was operated by Fokker FK70 PH-KZB, while stopping for the weekend and routing from and to Bournemouth was the colourful TBM-900 N755JG.

Saturday 15th July (10.50am) Atlantic Airlines Boeing 737-300F G-JMCL arrived back from the midweek trip to Le Bourget as (NPT225H) 'in the murk' and after dropping its cargo of horses off it departed to Birmingham as (NPT226H).

Sunday 16th July (09.30am - 09.50pm)  Learjet 45 D-CSOS arrived lastnight from Frankfurt as (JCL1), and departed to Frankfurt Hahn mid day using the same callsign, also arriving lastnight was Agusta A109 G-KLNH as (SXN10), while on the (KLM1533/66H) Amsterdam mid morning service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZP.

Saturday 29th July (11.25am - 12.30pm) A couple of mid day charters today...  OO-VLS Fokker FK50 brought in Augsburg FC from Memmingen as (WLM7035) and was due out to Southampton later as (WLM7036) for their friendly games with Middlesbrough FC and Southampton FC. Eastern Airways ERJ170 G-CIXV routed from Venice to Naples as (EZE9234/5).

Sunday 6th August (09.50am - 11.15am)  Regular Gulfstream G650 N288Z arrived from Van Nuys yesterday, VP-BZE Falcon 7X routed from Newcastle to Tromso. Eastern Airways Embraer ERJ170 G-CIXV arrived last night from Naples as (EZE9244) and positioned out this morning to Exeter as (EZE247P), and lastly operating the (KLM1533/66H) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZM.

Sunday 13th August (16.50pm - 19.30pm)  Well.. the grouse season started with a bang as a trio of smart American machines arrived early evening... N2FD CL604 Challenger arrived from Béziers Cap d'Agde and headed off to Cannes Tuesday 15th.  N988S Falcon 2000 arrived from Farnborough, and headed back their Tuesday 15th, while Embraer ERJ135 Legacy N810TD arrived from Westhampton (NY) as (EJM810), and also left Tuesday 15th to Teterboro, others of note were tonight.. Ce510 Citation Mustang G-LEAC arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK24X), and left after a nightstop to East Midlands. Eurocopter EC135 G-SENS arrived as (WDK37), while on the Eastern Airways (EZE15W/16W) Aberdeen-Humberside-Aberdeen service was Saab 2000 G-CIEC.

Tuesday 15th August  (16.50pm - 18.10pm) Businesswings Dornier 228-100 D-IROL arrived from Mannheim as (JMP421) and after a refuel headed off to Skavsta as (JMP422), Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang F-HERE arrived lastnight (14th) from Edinburgh as (BKK12L) and departed to Farnbrough this evening and lastly operating the (KLM1535/6) was KLM Cityhopper Fokker FK70 PH-KZK.

Wednesday 16th August (17.25pm -19.20pm) Noteables tonight...  A couple from Netjets, Hawker 800XP CS-DRN arrived from Ibiza as (NJE454E), and was due to leave to Lydd as (NJE657H) after a nightstop, while Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXI routed from Salzburg to Malaga as (NJE9LH/385U). London Executive Ce560XL Citation Excel G-CIEL routed from and to Luton as (LNX97CE). SprintAir Saab SF340 SP-KPZ arrived from Warsaw as (SRN030), and left to Stavanger as (SRN031) with some Scania parts, and lastly RC114 2-LAND arrived from Guernsey, and headed back there Sat 18th.

Friday 17th August (15.00pm - 15.50pm)  More executives today....D-CFHZ EMB505 Phenom 300 arrived yesterday (16th) from Hamburg, and left back to Hamburg on Sunday 20th. Vistajet BD100 Challenger 350 9H-VCN arrived lastnight from Biaritz as (VJT437), and after a nightstop departed to Zurich under the same callsign, while routing from Berne to Deauville as (XJC2) was Ce550 Citation Bravo G-SPRE.

Sunday 20th August (16.30pm - 18.45pm)  Quite a busy Sunday early evening in the dull conditions....... starting proceedings was Jetfly Pilatus PC12 LX-JFN, which routed from Denham to Bournemouth as (JFA35R/18A). Eastern Airways Saab 2000 G-CDKB as (EZE15W) and ERJ170 G-CIXV as (EZE9264) were operating Aberdeen-Humberside service and arrived from Friedrichshafen respectively, 'the ERJ170 stopped until Sat 26th' eventually departing to Isle of Man as (EZE061P). Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang F-HERE arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK12L), and after two nights here headed back their. Ce680 Citation Sovereign+ PH-RLG routed from Le Bourget to Geneva, NetJets BD100 Challenger 350 CS-CHE arrived as (NJE271L) from Islay, and routed back their after a nightstop as (NJE971Q). OO-PCK Pilatus PC12 routed from Brussels Charleroi to Gloucestershire, Ce525A Citationjet CJ2+ D-IMHA arrived from Vienna as (MHV200), and left to Brussels after two nights on stand 8, and lastly Exclusive Jet Ce550 Citation Bravo G-SPRE routed Deauville/Oxford Killington as (XJC2).

Thursday 31st August (13.15pm - 16.30pm)  Of interest this afternoon..  D-ISJP Ce525A Citationjet CJ2 routed from Manchester to Vienna as (ECA111) "and did a very spectacular approach",  Air Ancyra Learjet 45 TC-CMB arrived from Izmir and after a nightstop headed off to Sabiha Gokcen,  G-HOLM Eurocopter EC135 arrived/dept as (WDK34), Jetfly Pilatus PC12 LX-JFB routed from Luton to Lyon as (JFA29B/08S), New Resident Be200GT Super King Air G-IASB departed to Newcastle as (MDI02), and lastly operating the (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was PH-KZM Fokker FK70.

Friday 1st September (07.30am - 08.00am//16.25pm - 18.05pm) First visit today to catch up with a couple of now regular executive jets that arrive annually this time of year which arrived over the last couple of days, and were better for shots in the morning regarding the Sun, 'hence why a early visit'..  N978PW Falcon 900 arrived from Carlisle on Monday 28th, and stopped until 3rd September where it departed back across the pond to Morristown, while the other regular, Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ arrived from Iqaluit on Tuesday 29th as (CNK715), and again departed back to its Canadian arrival point on 3rd of September.  Jetfly Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 LX-NCG arrived lastnight as (JFA11S) and was due out to Brussels as (JFA86A) this afternoon, and lastly arriving late lastnight 'and to become common here at DTV operating for Eastern Airways on the Aberdeen schedule' was AIS Airlines BAe Jetstream 32 PH-FCI which arrived from Munster as (PNX088) and was due out on the mid morning (EZE632) Aberdeen service.......On the later visit, Falcon 2000 OO-DFG arrived from Brussels as (AAB571), returning back there after a nightstop, Ce560 Citation XLS+ EC-LYL arrived from Madrid Barajas on 30th as (GES382) and departed to Shannon as (GES381) this afternoon, NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS routed from Dublin to Madrid Barajas as (NJE873F/714A), Hanger 8 Hawker 4000 G-PROO routed from Palma to Blackpool as (JME404G), and lastly PH-KZK Fokker FK70 operated the (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service just as the cloud broke and the sun came out!!!

Saturday 2nd September (15.25pm - 16.00pm)  A couple today including a classic Citation....... Ce501 Citation 1/SP F-HFRA routed from Bordeaux to Le Bourget as (ARL505), while NetJets EMB505 Phenom 300 CS-PHF routed from Oxford Kidlington to Le Bourget as (NJE5BF).

Monday 4th September (16.45pm - 17.10pm) Groundhog day with a few exceptions today, with most arriving lastnight..... Falcon 2000 EC-LGV arrived from Barcelona as (EXU201) and returned back there this afternoon, EMB505 Phenom 300 F-HEGA arrived from Le Bourget, departing back there 5th, Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-LEAC arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK24X) also departing back to is origin on the 5th, Learjet 45 I-FORU arrived from Milan Linate as (VND2261) and departed back to Milan Linate as (VND2262) on the 5th, whilst the rest...OH-RBX Ce560 Citation Excel arrived this morning from Helsinki, and was due back there on the 5th, and lastly N450EE Gulfstream G450 arrived from DuPage IL on Sat 2nd, and was due out to Bangor Saturday 8th.

Thursday 7th September (17.00pm - 17.10pm) Noteables on this short visit..  Sun Air Dornier 328-300 Jet OY-JJB arrived from Billund as (SUS001), and was due to depart back there late Saturday 8th, while on the (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZS.

Friday 8th September (16.10pm - 17.45pm) Pilatus PC12 M-JJTL routed from Denham to Fairoaks as (XCH288G), Falcon 900 D-AWKG operated from and to Schwabisch Hall, while arriving from Bournemouth as (FRA88) was Falcon 20 G-FFRA. Operating the tea time (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZB. Air Hamburg Ce560 Citation XLS+ D-CAHO routed from Hamburg to Nice as (AHO189Z), lastly, and saving the best till last was LZ-PDM RB390 Premier arriving from Ibiza as (TJJ503), it departed to Grosseto as (TJJ601) the next morning.

Sunday 10th September (15.10pm - 18.20pm) Several executives tonight... EMB545 Legacy 450 OO-NEY routed Bordeaux/Brussels, TBM700 2-PLAY routed Jersey to Guernsey, Arcus Air EMB500 Phenom 100 D-IAAR arrived from Geneva as (AZE77P), and departed to Brize Norton as (AZE28F) on 12th, while another EMB500 Phenom 100 9H-FGV arrived as (LWG701 from Palma and departed to Albert/Picardie as (LWG792). Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang's G-FBLK and G-FBNK both arrived from Blackbushe as (BKK1A) and (BKK26Z) respectively, G-FBLK departing back to its origin on 12th, while G-FBNK was due to Dijon as (BKK26Z) the next morning.  Jetfly Ce525Citationjet CJ3 LX-WEB routed Southampton/Geneva as (JFA75S/87S), and lastly Avionord Learjet 45 I-FORU arrived from Milan Linate as (VND2272), and after 2 days on stand 1 it left as (VND2273) back to Milan Linate on the 12th.

Wednesday 13th September (18.30pm - 19.40pm) Ce525 Citationjet CJ3 G-PAOL arrived lastnight from Dublin as (BHK01G) and was due back their Thursday 14th,  Learjet 35 D-CFOR routed from Kefallinia to Birmingham as (AYY117). (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was operated by Fokker FK70 PH-KZL, Gulfstream G650 N1F was the third of the type to visit here when it arrived from William P Hobby, it left to London Stansted on Fri 15th, and lastly arriving in the golden hour from Tirana as (MLT628) was Boeing 737-300 9H-PAM, after an hour it headed off to Keflavik.

Sunday 24th September (17.20pm - 18.20pm) Of interest this early evening.. Eurocopter EC145 G-YOAA dropped in for fuel and departed to James Cook Hospital as (HMD99A), Eastern's (EZE15W) Aberdeen-Humberside service was operated by Saab 2000 G-CERZ, Alba Star Boeing 737-400 EC-MFS arrived from Milan Bergamo as (LAV5598), then positioned out to Humberside as (LAV975P) an hour later. Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBKB routed from Blackbushe to Leeds as (BKK2B), while Cartier's Ce680 Citation Sovereign + PH-RLG has not moved since arriving from Milan Linate on 21st September, but did eventually depart on the morning off 26th to Le Bourget.

Monday 25th September (18.45pm - 18.55pm)  Bringing in Norwich FC tonight for their game with Middlesbrough FC tomorrow was SprintAir ATR72, SP-SPE arrived as (SRN283) from Norwich with just enough light left to get a shot.... and was due back to Norwich late 26th as (SRN284).

Tuesday 26th September (16.30pm - 17.20pm) A quartet of executives in horrendous light for shots this late afternoon included two NetJets BD100 Challenger 350's, CS-CHD routed from Oxford Kidlington to Madrid Barajas as (NJE8ZS/258P), while sister ship CS-CHC routed from Luton to Farnborough as (NJE923U/7UH). Pilatus PC12 OE-ESM arrived from Graz and was due back there after a nightstop, and lastly Blink Ce510 Citation Mustang G-FBLK routed Northolt to Blackbushe as (BKK1A).

Thursday 28th September (17.20pm- 18.05pm) Operating (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was Fokker Fk70 PH-KZM. Ce550 Citation Bravo OY-EVO arrived lastnight from Roskilde as (FXT227), and departed back there as (FXT229) on Fri 29th,  while arriving from Madrid Barajas for a two night stop before heading back to its origin was CL604 Challenger EC-JYT.


Friday 29th September (16.50pm - 17.45pm) First chance ive had to shoot the Eastern BAe Jetstream 41 G-MAJK in flybe colours which was operating the (EZE65L/66L) Aberdeen service. Jetfly Aviation Pilatus PC12 LX-ERG routed Inverness/Denham as (JFA65B/33R), while Ce680 Citation Sovereign+ OK-JRT arrived from Farnborough as (TVS15J) and later departed to Prague as (TVS16J).

Tuesday 10th October (17.15pm - 17.40pm) Finally caught up with two aircraft that i always seem to have missed of late....  Ce650 Citation 7 HA-KAP arrived on Sunday 8th from Biggin Hill as (JSH696), and was due out to Nice Wed 11th as (JSH657) 'while on one of the now regular training flights' Bristow's/Eastern ATR72-600 G-IACY routed from Aberdeen to Humberside as (EZE024P/25P).

Friday 13th October (14.20pm - 14.40pm) Noteables this afternoon... NetJets Ce680A Citation Latitude CS-LTC routed Dusseldorf/Nice as (NJE650C/755W). Ce560 Citation XLS D-CTTT arrived from Nuremberg on the 11th and was due back out there late this afternoon as  (AUF023), while arriving yesterday, routing from and departing later to Mannheim was EMB505 Phenom 300 D-CDTZ.

Monday 16th October (17.05pm - 17.30pm) Nipped up to see the new Loganair Saab SF340 service late this afternoon, three daily weekday returns to Aberdeen with one heading onto Norwich and return.. which was G-LGNF as (LOG645) on the last northbound service of the day, while on the Eastern Airways Aberdeen service was Britstow's/Eastern ATR72-600 G-IACY as (EZE65L/66L), and operating (KLM15S/1536) Amsterdam service was PH-KZB Fokker FK70 .. and lastly PH-DIX Pilatus PC12 arrived from Antwerp on the 15th, and departed back there on wed 18th.

Saturday 21st October (12.45pm - 13.10pm) Blue Islands/flybe ATR42 G-ISLF brought in Cardiff FC lastnight from Cardiff as (BCI526), and after the match this afternoon with BORO FC was due back there tonight as (BCI527). Also arriving lastnight and departing today was G-LAUD Ce208 Caravan Amphibian from and to one of the lochs in west Scotland no doubt?

Monday 23rd October (16.50pm - 17.25pm) A quartet of bizjets tonight...  CL604 Challenger G-XONE as (GMA901) and Ce680 Citation Sovereign+ PH-RLG both arrived yesterday from Graz and Le Bourget respectively, and both departed Tuesday 24th late afternoon as (GMA901) to Farnborough for the Challenger, while the Sovereign went back to Le Bourget. Routing from and to Zurich as (SJT911/912) was Gulfstream G650 HB-JUF, and lastly arriving from Le Bourget as (GAC342N) was Ce510 Citation Mustang OE-FZA, after a night on stand 2 it headed to Farnborough the next morning as (GAC151S).

Friday 27th October (14.35pm - 17.15pm) Of interest this afternoon.. Pilatus PC12 OO-PCM arrived lastnight from Brussels Charleroi and Extra EA-400 arrived from Bournemouth on the 25th, both were due back to there origins on Sat 28th. Airliner movements included.... Blue Islands/flybe ATR42 G-ISLF positioned in from Jersey as (BCI502P), then took BORO FC to Farnborough an hour later as (BCI504) for their game with Reading FC tomorrow. Loganair Saab 2000 G-LGNT operated the Aberdeen-Norwich-Aberdeen (LOG4BU/5DQ) route, and lastly 'and soon to be replaced' (KLM15S/1536) was operated by Fokker FK70 PH-KZM.

Saturday 28th October (09.30am - 12.50pm)  Longer than planned stay today for three aircraft that were spread out....  firstly sees the last ever Fokker FK70 KLM Cityhopper flight through DTV which was operated by PH-KZB as (KLM1533/66H)  "Bye Bye Fokker.. RIP!".... West Atlantic sent in a Boeing 737-300F G-JMCP for 2 hours of circuit bashing routing from and to East Midlands as (NPT737T, and lastly routing from Edinburgh to Guernsey as (CLF215) was Falcon 2000 G-PULA.


Wednesday 1st November (19.10pm - 19.30pm) A couple form an early evening visit... Gulfstream G550 N551VL arrived from Luxembourg and headed out to Prestwick the following day, whilst Ce560 Citation Encore LN-IDC arrived from Sanefjord as (HSG04) 31st Oct, leaving also 2nd Nov to its origin under the same call sign..

Friday 3rd November (13.55pm - 14.25pm) Noteables this afternoon....  Eclipse EA-500 N117EA arrived last Sunday evening (31st October) from Isle of Man and was due back their later this evening. Be90 King Air G-ORTH arrived on the 1st from Leeds Bradford, and stayed until  5th December where it departed back to Leeds. D-INOB Ce525 Citationjet CJ2 routed from London Gatwick to Bremen as (ATL3Z), and lastly two RAF Tucano's ZF342/ZF135 as (Cordite 1/Cordite 2) operated from and to there base Linton on Ouse.

Saturday 4th November (12.15pm - 12.45pm) Ce525B Citationjet CJ3+ D-CUGF arrived lastnight from Dublin as (FFD525) and after a nightstop departed to Berne, whilst Fadmoor based PA31 Navajo Chieftain G-EEJE operated a horse related day return charter to Newmarket Heath.

Saturday 11th November (14.45pm - 14.50pm) A very breif visit for Honeywell's Gulfstream G550 N599H, which arrived yesterday (10th) late afternoon from London Luton, and after a nightstop left to Madrid Barajas mid morning 12th.

Sunday 12th November (17.50pm - 18.10pm)  Two worthy visitors in the cold was the reason for the late visit this evening....   Ce560XL Citation Excel OH-RBX arrived from Helsinki via kristianstad, and was due out to Stockholm Bromma on 14th, while in on a very quick turnaround was North Flying SA227 Metro OY-NPG, routing from Cologne to Aberdeen as (NFA107/109P), 'and lastly' first time I've shot one of the new KLM Cityhopper ERJ175s, which was PH-EXJ and on the (KLM1537/62G) service..

Monday 20th November (09.20am - 09.30am)  Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 CS-DGW arrived late lastnight from Luton as (VVV112), and was due out to Granada as (VVV121) mid day..

Wednesday 22nd November (10.45am- 12.30pm)  Blue Islands ATR42 G-ISLH routed from and to Birmingham as (BCI522/523) with Birmingham FC for there game with Middlesbrough FC tonight, while stopping the night routing from and to Biggin Hill was TBM-850 N463RD.

Thursday 23rd November (15.45pm - 16.30pm) A visit in the Golden hour this early evening seen two visitors of interest.. Flairjet Be400XT Beechjet G-FXAR arrived from Edinburgh as (FLJ051) lastnight, and was due out to Cannes as (FLJ052) on Friday 24th, while arriving from Moscow Vnukovo was ERJ135BJ Legacy 600 D-AVAN as (FBR103N), it departed back to its origin on the morning of Sunday 26th under the same call sign..

Sunday 3rd December (14.00pm- 15.00pm) Of interest this afternoon...   Loganair's Aberdeen-Norwich (LOG644) route was operated by Saab SF340 G-LGNI. North Flying Ce650 Citation 3 OY-EDP arrived as (NFA077) from Bristol, then positioned out to Aalborg 45 minutes later as (NFA077P) and lastly Jetfly Aviation Pilatus PC12 LX-JFU routed from Farnborough to Denham as (JFA17L/18L).

Thursday 14th December (13.20pm - 14.00pm)  Enter Air Boeing 737-800 SP-ENM arrived on Monday 11th from Norwich as (ENT808), then parked up until Saturday when it was due to operate a day return Santa Flight to Pajala as (ENT611/2), eventually departing late on the Saturday evening to Bristol as (ENT612). Easyjet Airbus A319 G-EZFP routed from and to Liverpool as (EZY9092/3) for several hours of crew Training, and while in the circuit was calling (EZY9) and lastly operating the (LOG644) Aberdeen-Norwich service 'and showing signs of its ex code share partner' was Saab 340 G-LGND.




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