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Teesside (Durham Tees Valley) Airport Movements in 2015!!


Some of the more interesting visitors in 2015 that I managed to capture!!

Saturday 3rd January (13.20pm 14.00pm)  First visit of the year to DTV resulted in a frame I've not shot before, G-CGMF Ce560XL Citation Excel routed from Leeds to London Gatwick as (BOO556).

Saturday 10th January (12.15pm - 14.20pm) A couple of KLM old and new machines and a trio of NetJets executive jets were of interest this afternoon. Embraer ERJ190 PH-EZY operating from and to Amsterdam as (KLM1545/9956) was a Leeds Div due to high crosswinds, whilst on our own Amsterdam service was PH-KZE Fokker FK70 operating as (KLM1533/4). The NetJets machines ....Gulfstream G550 CS-DKH routed from and to Farnborough as (NJE9AD), CS-DUC Hawker 750 arrived from Farnborough Thursday 8th and departed to Oxford later today (10th) as (NJE1KT) and lastly CS-DQA Ce560 Citation XLS arrived from Northolt as (NJE10A) on Friday 9th, and was due to depart to Le Bourget as (NJE3RB) Sunday 11th.

Friday 16th January (14.30pm - 14.45pm) Notables this afternoon, with both arriving yesterday Thurs 15th... N780SP Falcon 900 arrived from Newcastle and departed to Bangor on Sunday 18th, while Ce525B Citationjet CJ2 M-IWPS arrived from Hamburg and left to Berlin Schonefeld on Saturday 17th.

Saturday 17th January (10.45am - 11.00pm) Two German Citationjets in this morning, the first was on a quick turnaround and wasn't of interest as I've shot it before but the second 'D-CAST' a Ce525B Citationjet CJ3 arrived from Berlin Schonefeld as (AHO397Q), having stopped the night it departed to Southampton as (AHO243L) the following afternoon.

Saturday 24th January (12.00pm - 14.30pm)  A busy day with executive jets started with the semi based CL605 Challenger M-ERCI doing an hour air test, M-AGIK Falcon 900 routed from and to Luton, G-CXLS Ce560 Citation XLS routed Jersey/Manchester and return later in the evening as (AVB741/2/3).. no doubt with some of the BORO FC board as they were playing Man City today in a cup game. Ce525 Citationjet CJ2+ D-IAKN arrived from Friedrichshafen and departed to Dortmund some 60 minutes later as (STQ111), and lastly Eastern Airways ERJ135 G-CGMB arrived lastnight with Fulham FC from Farnborough as (EZE9619) for their game with Sunderland today, it was due to leave to Gatwick as (EZE9620) mid evening.

Sunday 1st Febuary (10.30am - 11.00am) Finally caught up with semi resident Challenger 350 G-SCAR, it arrived from Grenoble as (APX15) on Fri 30th Jan and was outside for a change, unfortunately not in the best of light for a shot though! it left on Tuesday 3rd to Leeds as (APX12P).

Saturday 7th Febuary (11.15am -12.25pm//15.00 - 15.55pm)  Two short visits to catch up with the proceedings today.. first.. 'and probably both to do with the Boro v Charlton game this afternoon' were Be90 King Air M-LEYS and G-KALS Challenger 300 arriving from and to Biggin Hill and from and to Stansted as (EDC805) respectively, whilst in on the later visit.. AS350 Ecureuil G-GMCM arrived from Kendal and lastly Tyrolean Air Ambulance Ce550 Citation II OE-GPS routed from Alicante to Innsbruck as (TYW862S).

Friday 13th Febuary (14.20pm - 14.40pm) Not the best of light conditions for photography on this short visit, however.. Ce525 Citationjet CJ2 G-OCJZ arrived lastnight (12th) from Stockholm and headed out to Bristol as (CLF411) later this afternoon, whilst Air Hamburg Ce560 Citation XLS+ D-CAHO routed from Leeds to Geneva as (AHO826D).

Sunday 22nd Febuary (09.45am - 09-50am) The only worthy visitor this morning was Ce560 Citation XLS LX-NAT, which arrived last night (21st) from Zurich and departed to Sion mid afternoon as (LXA3C).

Monday 30th March (18.05pm - 18.15pm)  Avantiair Fokker FK100 D-AOLG arrived on its second visit in as many days, having dropped the Germany under 21 football side off yesterday it arrived back from Cologne Bonn as (GWI6910) to pick them up after the game with the England Under 21s at the Riverside Stadium. It departed after a nightstop as (ATV202B) to Dusseldorf.

Thursday 2nd April (13.50pm - 16.00pm) Notables this afternoon... Ce550 Citation 2 G-IBZA routed from Paris Le Bourget to Biggin Hill as (FXT103), VLM Airlines Fokker FK50 OO-VLP positioned in from Antwerp as (VLM951P), and departed 45 minutes later to Maastricht as (VLM951), and lastly on Eastern Airways (EZE65L/66L) mid afternoon Aberdeen rotation was Jetstream 41 G-MAJA.

Friday 3rd April (19.00pm - 19.20pm)  Finally caught up with the semi resident Gulfstream G200 tonight.. G-GZOO was out for a local flight, so managed to shoot it before it headed back into hanger 1,  however the main reason for tonights visit was the arrival 'just as the light was fading' of BH Air's Airbus A330-200 LZ-AWA, which routed from and to Nairobi as (BGH5002/3) on an MoD charter.

Sunday 5th April  17.35pm - 18.10pm) Ex Monarch Airways Boeing 757-200 G-MONK arrived late lastnight (4th) from Birmingham as (MON757P), it stayed on stand 1 for a coupe of days before heading into Hanger 1 for Sycamore Aviation to part out. Also... operating (EZE95V) from Newcastle was Eastern Airways Saab 2000 G-CDKB.

Friday 10th April (13.45pm - 14.50pm) Of interest this afternoon.... Hawker 900XP G-RGSG arrived from Jersey as (HGR824), VLM Airlines Fokker FK50 OO-VLM 'on one of the regular Monday/Friday Charters' routed from Antwerp to Maastricht as (VLM953P/953) and lastly Be200 Super King Air G-FSEU arrived from Northolt as (ENZ610).

Friday 17th April (16.45pm - 18.00pm)  A couple of executive jets were the interest today.. Gulfstream G550 N585DW departed to Luton having arrived from their yesterday (16th).. G-XJET Learjet 45 routed from La Coruna to Bournemouth as (GMA477).. schedules were operated by KLM Fokker FK70 PH-KZN on (KLM1535/6) and Eastern Jetstream 41 G-MAJE as (EZE67L/68L), while ex Monarch Airways Boeing 757-200 G-MONK was back out of Hanger 1 and onto stand 1 without its engines..

Sunday 19th April (10.00am - 10.30am) Two Netjets machines in this morning....Gulfstream G550 N529QS arrived yesterday from Southampton and was due out to Teterborough later today...while routing from Biggin Hill to Edinburgh as (NJE3GX/833G) was Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXJ, and semi resident Be200 Super King Air G-CLOW was parked up while temporary operating for IAS Medical.. and lastly on the mornings (KLM1533/4) Amsterdam Service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZR.

Friday 24th April  (15.15pm - 17.10pm) Notables this afternoon... Be90 King Air F-GULY routed from and to Exeter.  Alsie Express ATR,72 OY-CLY arrived from Sønderborg and then headed off to Maastricht as (MMD6711) some 45 minutes later, while in for some training routing from and to Humberside was Agusta AW139 G-CHBY as (BHL93).

Monday 27th April (16.15pm - 16.30pm)  GlobeAir Ce510 Citation Mustang OE-FHA was the only worthy visitor this late afternoon, it arrived yesterday (26th) and departed two days later operating from and to Oxford as (GAC657Z/727B).

Friday 8th May (17.45pm - 18.10pm)  One of the more exotic registrations to visit DTV in recent years.. having said that the aircraft is quite common in the south of the UK.. but still a classic here all the same.. anyway Bombardier Global Express 9M-CJG arrived from Prestwick and departed to Luton some 4 hours later in very dull and wet conditions..

Wednesday 13th May (17.40pm - 17.50pm)  A quick visit to catch up with Denim Air's Fokker FK100 PH-MJP which routed from at to Maastricht as (DNM009P/0092).

Saturday 16th May (13.25pm - 13.40pm) One of interest this afternoon while on delivery across the pond, was newly registered Ce525 Citationjet CJ2 N237MP,  still in its former colours of OO-FLN.. it routed from Dusseldorf to Keflavik.

Tuesday 19th May (17.30pm - 18.05pm) Notables this late afternoon... N711EG Gulf 4/SP arrived from Luton and after a nightstop headed off to Cardiff, while positioning from Vilnius to do a outbound Naples charter was Small Planet Airbus A320 LY-SPA as (LLP821P/821).

Sunday 21st June (10.05am -10.45am//13.15pm - 14.05pm)  Two short visits either side of lunch produced the following of interest today.. Ce550 Citation 2 G-CGOA routed from Southampton to Faro as (XJC724), DA-40TDi Diamond Star OE-KDI arrived lastnight from Dahlmer-Binz, and after a night stop headed up to Aberdeen.. whilst on the later visit...Gulfstream G450 N930DC routed from Girona to Westchester.

Saturday 27th June (10.00am - 11.05am) Notables this morning... Two Ce560 Citation XLS's... PH-HRM arrived from Rotterdam while G-XSTV arrived from Biggin Hill as (REN33), and lastly.. Learjet 31 D-CGGG arrived lastnight from Zagreb and departed to Ibiza after a night stop.

Sunday 28th June (16.30pm - 16.40pm)  A short visit to catch up with two executive visitors this late afternoon.. Ce525 Citationjet CJ2 G-OCJZ routed from London Stansted to Bristol as (CLF714), while Pilatus PC12 N234RG routed from and to Belfast City.

Saturday 4th July (08.50am - 09.05am) Saxonair's newly registered Hawker 750 G-TWIY arrived yesterday (3rd) as (SXN75W) from Isle of Man.. and headed back their mid afternoon on Sunday 5th under the same call sign. Completing the duo of worthy visitors this morning in the murk.. was London Executive Ce560 Citation Excel G-CIEL, which routed from Glasgow to Farnborough as (LNX85CE),

Thursday 09th July  (17.00pm - 17.30pm)  F-HDPB Falcon 50 arrived from Le Bourget yesterday 8th, and headed back to the Paris Airport after a two night stay, and BAe 125-1000 M-FINK Operated from and to Biggin Hill.

Saturday 11th July (09.15am - 09.55am)  KLM's Amsterdam service (KLM1533/4) was operated by PH-KZB Fokker FK70, while Be400 Beechjet OK-EAS was operating (TIE187Y) from Prague to Nice.

Wednesday 14th July (18.05pm -18.30pm) Movements early evening.... Regional Jet 200ER/Challenger 850 9H-JOY routed from and to Biarritz, Jet2's Boeing 737-300 G-CELK was in for some training routing from and to Leeds as (EXS300T), also in for some training was HM Coast Guard Sikorsky S-92 G-MCGE as (CGD912) from and to Humberside.. and lastly Gulfstream G200 G-GZ00 arrived from Altenrhein as (APX2M).

Saturday 18th July (09.15am - 09.30am)  A couple of arrivals from lastnight (17th).. Pilatus PC12 M-ERIL arrived from Denham, and was due to depart back their Sunday 19th late morning, while Ce182 Skylane Floatplane G-ESSL arrived from Dundee and headed off to Nottingham this morning... not too sure why it was wearing special Cyrillic looking markings.. presumably for a film??

Saturday 25th July (14.45pm - 15.05pm) Noted on this short visit were the following...TBM-700 2-PLAY arrived earlier from Guernsey, departing back their (31st). Be400 Beechjet OK-EAS was operating as (TIE187Y/234Y) from and to Nice, while operating our only summer schedule was flybe DHC,8-400 G-ECOJ from and to Jersey as (BEE957K/3TU).

Friday 14th August (18.35pm - 19.05pm) A couple of  Exec Jet Management Falcon 900s graced the ramp tonight.. N100UP arrived from Bournemouth as (EJM103) yesterday, while N435T arrived from Geneva as (EJM43) mid afternoon, and headed back to its origin on Sunday (16) mid day. Agusta A109 G-HDRB arrived lastnight, and was due to leave to a local site as (TOA15), while NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS+ CS-DXN routed From Inverness to Malaga as (NJE6BR/825W) and lastly... Learjet 45 LX-LAA arrived from Dalaman as (DUK7AMB), and after a nightstop headed to Isle of Man.

Saturday 15th August (13.00pm - 14.30pm)  "Embraer Day" started with a Couple of German Phenom's.. D-CHIC EMB-505 Phenom 300 routed from and to Genoa as (AHO248N). Acrus Air EMB-500 Phenom 100 D-IAAY arrived from Deauville as (AZE07F), having stopped the night it departed to Zurich as (AZE07P), and finally flybe's Embraer ERJ170 G-FBJF was on the weekly (BEE957K/3TU) Jersey flight.

Thursday 20th August (11.30am - 12.15pm) Noteables this late morning... BD700 Global Express XRS 9H-SRT arrived from Nice yesterday (19th) as (EMM003), and departed back their under the same call sign on Friday 21st, while arriving mid day from Hamburg as (AHO214D) was D-CJET Ce525 Citationjet CJ3, after stopping the night it departed as (AHO191F) to Northolt early morning.

Saturday 29th August (08.35am - 08.50am) Early morning visit to catch up with a few night stoppers which included a couple of Gulfstream's. G150 C-GZCZ arrived from Iqaluit as (CNK715) on the (22nd), and was due to leave early September. G280 N280EX routed from Antwerp on the (27th) and was due out tonight back to Antwerp, while arriving lastnight from Jersey was OE-GRI Ce560 Citation Excel, was due to depart for the short flight to Newcastle the next morning, and lastly...and also arriving lastnight was Sikorsky S76 G-URSA which arrived from a private site as (WDK30).

Tuesday 1st September (18.20 - 19.25pm) Tonights visitors.... Be200 Super King Air G-BYCP arrived from Southampton as (LNX35CP), and departed back to Southampton as (LNX33CP) late afternoon after a night stop. Challenger 350 OE-HRS arrived from Biggin Hill as (IJM888) and departed two days later to Northolt under the same call sign, Challenger 300 N300GP routed from Inverness to Farnborough, and lastly OO-GPP Ce560 Citation Excel arrived from Northolt and left to Brussels after two nights on stand 7.

Friday 4th September (13.50pm - 14.15pm)  Noteables this early afternoon.. PA34 Seneca N37US routed from and to Jersey for the weekend, Be350 Super King Air F-GNOE routed in from Le Bourget on the 2nd and headed back their this afternoon. Ce525 Citationjet CJ3 OO-LIE arrived lastnight (3rd) from Brussels as (AAB696) and headed back early evening using the same call sign, and lastly, also departing back to its origin this evening was Falcon 900 N978PW which arrived 30th Aug from Morristown NJ.

Sunday 6th September (16.00pm - 17.15pm) A trio of Executives in this afternoon.... Falcon 2000 EC-LGV arrived from Barcelona yesterday (5th) as (EXU201) and departed back their 7th. NetJets EMB505 Phenom 300 CS-PHE arrived as (NJE5HE) from Le Bourget and headed to Southampton the next morning, while another EMB500 Phenom CS-DTC (a 100) arrived from and to Geneva as (VVV413/4).

Thursday 24th September (17.30pm - 18.15pm) EC-KOL Ce560 Citation Excel routed Madrid/Geneva as (VAD141). Extra EA-500 D-FBRS arrived from Charleroi, departing back their after a nightstop.  On the early evening Schedules were Eastern Airways G-CERY Saab 200 and KLM Cityhopper PH-WXD Fokker FK70 operating (EZE67L/68L) Aberdeen and (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam respectively, and lastly... finally caught up with Cobham's other DR42 Twin Star G-FFMV which arrived from a local sortie under the call sign (Gonzo).

Friday 2nd October (16.45pm - 17.45pm)  Of interest this late afternoon... bmi-regional Embraer ERJ145 G-EMBJ arrived from London Stansted as (BMR8500) with West Ham FC on board for their game against Sunderland tomorrow, it headed off for the short flight to Newcastle as (BMR9401) after a short spell on the ramp. Rockwell 114 Commander N116SB arrived for a weekend stop and routed from and to Guernsey. German Air Force C160 Transall 50+36 arrived from Lossiemouth as (GAF161) and had no doubt to have something to do with the exercise Joint Warrior which starts on Monday 5th, having stopped the night it departed to Leipzig/Halle 3rd, and lastly KLM's (KLM1525/6) Amsterdam service was operated by Embraer ERJ190 PH-EXC.

Tuesday 6th October (16.15pm - 16.20pm) Noteables this afternoon.. Learjet 45 I-AVND arrived Sunday 4th as (VND3081) from Milan Linate and was due back their early evening, while routing from and to Exeter was Be90 King Air M-POWR.

Tuesday 13th October (18.10pm - 18.15pm) CL604 Challenger G-HOTY arrived just before dark from Luton and departed to Inverness some 30 minutes later as (HGR805).

Wednesday 14th October (16.45pm - 17.45pm) Long time since we've seen a Airbus A330-300 on the ramp at DTV, so nice to see CS-TRI which arrived from Madrid as (MMZ309), it was due out the next morning to Torrejon as (HFY541) after spending the night on stand 1.  Aeronova Metro EC-IXL routed from Ostend to Barcelona as (OVA52L/82K). Be200 Super King Air G-SYGA arrived from Oxford and left to Northolt some 90 minutes later as (SYG232). Arcus Air Dornier 228-200 D-CAAM routed from and to Munster as (AZE33B/C), and lastly operating the (KLM1535/6) Amsterdam service was Fokker FK70 PH-KZA.

Thursday 15th October (16.20pm - 17.50pm) (22.15pm -22.40pm)  Of interest this late afternoon....Army Air Corps Special Forces AS365N3 Dauphin ZJ782 routed Glasgow to Dishforth as (???18), while a tad later, "a classic".. Bright Air Antonov AN26 LZ-FLL, which arrived from Ostend and positioned out to Birmingham as (BFG573/4). And later...another classic Antonov!!!!  AN12 UR-KDM of Cavok Air arrived from Wroclaw as (CVK7028) and looked good for a night stop!


Friday 16th October (14.10pm - 16.45pm) A nip in to DTV either side of a visit to the dentist produced the following... The Cavok Air Antonov AN12 UR-KDM was still on stand 1 as didn't depart to East Midlands mid day as was expected, eventually going their on Monday 19th..  Ce560 Citation XLS G-RSXL arrived last night from Farnborough as (VCG841), it departed today to Manchester as (VCG842), and lastly bringing in Fulham FC for their game with Middlesbrough FC tomorrow was Denim Air Fokker FK100 PH-MJP, which routed from Farnbourgh to Rotterdam as (DNM7321/732E).

 Saturday 17th October (16.40pm - 17.00pm) Denim Air Embraer ERJ145 PH-DND positioned in from Rome Ciampino as (DNM778F) to take Fulham FC back to London Gatwick as (DNM7322). Eastern Airways BAe Jetstream 41 G-MAJH was sat nice in the sun for a shot while parked up for the weekend.

Thursday 22nd October  Several notables while on an hours visit late this afternoon..... F-GULY Be90 King Air routed from and to Exeter. G-CRBN EMB505 Phenom 300 arrived lastnight (21st) from Exeter as (FLJ2BN) and was due out to Luton Friday 23rd. BD700 Global 5000 N468GH routed from Brussels to Le Bourget. Learjet 35 D-CGRC arrived from Corfu as (JEI343) and departed to Munich two hours later under the same call sign. Sikorsky S-92 G-LAWX calling up as (SSP92) arrived from the moors to drop some passengers off which got on the BD700.. and lastly Gulfstream G650 G-ULFS (only DTVs second G650 to visit) routed from Shannon to Luton.

Friday 23rd October (21.15pm - 21.45pm) Another late visit for a rare cargo aircraft. SprintAir Saab SF340F SP-KPK arrived from Kosice as (SRN071), and after spending an hour on the ground then departed to Warsaw as (SRN072).

Saturday 24th October (13.00pm - 13.20pm) Ce560 Citation Excel OH-RBX routed back to Helsinki having arrived from their yesterday morning, while Ce208 Caravan amphibian G-DLAK dropped in while heading North..

Wednesday 4th November (19.00pm - 19.30pm) Always nice to see a Boeing 747 in DTV, and only our second 400 series to visit, anyway G-CLAA operated by newly formed CargoLogicAir operated three visits today all from and to Prestwick under the call sign (CLU989-993), also night stopping after arriving from Turin as (VLM908) was Fokker FK50 OO-VLJ, and was due to depart back to Turin late on the 5th as (VLM909)

Friday 6th November (15.15pm - 15.55pm) Noteables on this dull and damp short visit.. HB-VPA Ce525 Citationjet CJ4 arrived from Grenchen yesterday (5th) and was due to depart back there on (7th),  Be200 Super King Air G-KVIP routed from Vigo to Exeter as (EGL64M), and lastly Ce750 Citation 10 G-CEDK routed from and to Hawarden.

Thursday 12th November 16.00pm - 16.05pm)   A very short visit to shoot the two Canadian executive jets that have been in for several days... Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ arrived from Farnborough as (CNL715) on the 7th Nov, while arriving a day later from Iqaluit was Ce750 Citation 10 C-FNRG. Both were due out to Inqulait on Sat 14th.

Saturday 14th November (13.00pm - 13.20pm) A short visit to catch up with three executives that seem to all visit annually this time of year... Gulfstream G550's N550VE & VP-BSI both arrived from Birmingham on the 12th Nov and departed to San Antonio(Texas) and Farnbrough respactivly, while Falcon 7X OO-NAD 'which arrived from Antwerp as (FYG91X) last night' headed back to Antwerp as (FYG92X).

Sunday 6th December (16.50pm - 17.05pm) Of interest this early evening, Ce750 Citation 10 D-BEEP arrived from Luton and after 50 minutes on stand 1 departed to Le Bourget.

Monday 28th December (11.00am - 11.20am)  Couple of Noteables this morning in not the best of light conditions...... EI-BSC Ce172 Skyhawk arrived from Abbey/Shrule yesterday (27th) and is a new resident with Eden Flight Training, and was due to take up its previous British reg of G-NIUS, while routing from and two Guernsey and stopping for two days was Ce441 Conquest M-USHY.

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