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Teesside Airport Movements in the 1981!!

  Some visitors to Teesside Airport in 1981 that I've managed to photograph!!

Saturday 17th Jan.  Not the best days for photos!, but G-BAUR Fokker FK27 was operating in Air UKs new scheme with the all blue tail, a later revised standard scheme would result in all aircraft having a white tail, while also in a basic scheme was Casair's new Ce 404 Titan G-WTVB.

June ????  A regular visitor in the early eighties at Teesside was National Nuclear Corps DH114 Heron G-ANUO. Here it is seen arriving on one such visit from Leicester East with delegates visiting the new Hartlepool Power Station.

Sunday 30th August  SE-IIB Be90 King Air & Dan Air HS 748 G-BEJD were the only worthy visitors, while Casair's Ce 441 Conquest G-PRES & G-AYVM Pa31 Navajo were sat waiting for their next passengers!


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