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Teesside Airport Movements in the 1982!!

  Some visitors to Teesside Airport in 1982 that I've managed to photograph!!


Saturday 19th June Air UK's Fk27 Friendship G-BHMY & Casair's newly reregistered Shorts SH330 G-OCAS were of interest on today's visit. 

Monday 26th July  Nipped up tonight to shoot British Midland Douglas DC9-15 G-BMAB departing as (BMA339) to Heathrow, and also one of my favourite aircraft in the shape of Balkan Airlines Ilyushin IL18D LZ-BET!! This particular aircraft served with Balkan Airlines until it being withdrawn from use in the late 1980's! It was last reported at Sofia in a sorry state in 1996!!

Sunday 22nd August. A Scandinavian double this afternoon produced, LN-PAD Be200 Super King Air of Partnair and Holstrom Flyg PA31 Navajo SE-GIS.

Saturday 28th August ((TEESSIDE AIRSHOW))  The only two shots i kept from the 1982 Airshow were of Dominie XS731 and Jetstream XX493.

Saturday 25th September.  Nor Fly Convair CV580 LN-BWN arrived and departed the next day!

Monday 27th September. G-BIEZ Be F90 King Air of Eagle Air Services was a regular visitor to Teesside Airport in 1982.

Saturday 30th October. Managed to shoot one of the locally based Polar Airways aircraft this morning, Viscount G-AOYI was still in basic British Airways colours with the Polar titles. Not much else of interest on this murky day apart from Dan Air HS748 G-BEKC.

Wednesday 3rd November. "Looking like an ex Libyan Arab Airlines machine" N299W Falcon 50 arrived a couple of days ago and parked on stand 2!

Sunday 14th November. Not a lot today apart from most of Casair's fleet, which were well positioned for a souvenir shot!!

Saturday 20th November  Polar Airways Viscount G-AOHT & a couple of EMB110 Bandeirante's were the reason for two visits today!! Centreline & Euroair were a number of oil related charters that operated through Teesside in the 80's! EMB110 Bandeirante's G-CTLN & G-HGGS were the aircraft on this evening's visit, The later operated with Euroair until it unfortunately crashed near Inverness November 1984!

Tuesday 23rd November. Not often you get two types of Falcons on the ramp at Teesside together,  D-CBUR Falcon 10 is seen parked next to the big bother F-BOXV Falcon 20, while a Dan Air HS748 G-ARRW waits its next passengers!

Saturday 11th December. Not the best shots!!  "But hey" not every day we get a Concorde in Teesside!! The first visit of the supersonic airliner at Teesside as G-BOAF arrived to do a supersonic charter in between doing subsonic flights from and to Heathrow!

Saturday 18th December. Two aircraft going no where in a hurry!! G-AXCP BAC 1-11 was leased for a short time to British Midland from Dan Air and parked up for the weekend, while British Midland Viscount G-AZNC was stored, and eventually became part of the fire school here at Teesside!

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