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Teesside Airport Movements in 1983!!

Some visitors to Teesside Airport in 1983 that I've managed to photograph!!

Saturday 05th March A couple of local Airlines came and went at Teesside through the 80's! Polar Airways had a total of three Viscounts of which G-AOHV was one! Unfortunately they went bust before the planned Boeing 707 was due in early 1983!! G-AOHV returned back to British Air Ferries then operated for Euroair for a year as G-BLNB in 1984! It then rejoined British Air Ferries through to the British World Airlines era in 1993 eventually being registered G-OPFI a year later! It was then resprayed in Parcel Force colours and operated for the Royal Mail until it being withdrawn from use at Southend Airport in 1998! Eventually being sold, it headed off to new owners Interflight of Swaziland as 3D-PFI in July 1999. In October 2001 it changed hands again and became 5V-TTP with Transtel! Just over a year later in November 2002 it was re registered to TU-VAB and operated for the Ivory Coast Government until reverting back to 3D-PFI in July 2003! Operating for Pegasus Aviation the last where a bouts were it had been operating in the Congo Republic transporting troops about??  Possibly registration change again to 9Q-CAD in November 2003???

Saturday 19th March  Another short lived Airline at Teesside which had a number of routes it picked up from the merger of locally based Casair.  Genair "as they were known" operated Shorts 330/360 and Bandeirante's!  Here G-EASI Shorts SH330 also has British Caledonian Commuter titles, who it operated for on some short haul routes!! After a couple of years service it was sold to Air Ecosse and reverted back to G-BITW,  It has then changed hands several times to operators the length of the UK, eventually being sold for spares to Air Salvage International in Alton Hampshire late 1999. Meanwhile having a relative short time with British Midland, OH-LYC Douglas DC9-14 was with the British airline only seven months from Feb 1983 to Sept 1983 when it returned to Finnair after lease. At the end of the year it headed to the USA as N85AS with All Star Airlines, then passed on some two years later to Midwest Express as N500ME. In 2004 it was sold to African Express as 5Y-XXB where it is still current as off 2009!!

Monday 21st March  Teesside had a number of visits from British Midland Boeing 707's in various colours!! G-BFLE was only one of two that i managed to catch up with in the BMA full Scheme!! sorry about the quality as it was getting dark and didn't have my tripod with me!!  Anyway this aircraft saw service with BMA until being sold in 1985 when it joined Burlington Air Express as N861BX until April 1993. After a year with Buffalo Airways in 1994, it then passed onto the hands of Gulfstream Aerospace Corp as N2178F for the J-Stars project!! Eventually entering service with the USAF as a E-8C in 1996 as 94-0284. It still operates today 2009!!)

Saturday 26th March.  Polar Airways flights to Malaga in mid March through to April were operated by British Airways Trident 3s, then later replaced by Monarch Airlines Boeing 737-200s, G-AWZV was the Trident visitor on today's visit in wet weather!! This particular aircraft was WFU at Heathrow in December 1985,  being sold to Air Charter Services as 9Q-CTZ in may 1986, it never got delivered and was eventually broken up at Heathrow some several months later!

Saturday 04th April  Two British Classics!! G-BFZL Viscount was on the mid afternoon British Midland (BMA345) Heathrow rotation. This aircraft operated with several airlines through out the UK in the 80s/90s, "BMA, Manx Airlines, British Air Ferries & British World" until being sold to Heli Jet Aviation of South Africa in 1997. Not having much service, it didn't even take up the south African reg of ZS-NNI and was stored at Lanseria!! Eventually being sold to Trans IntAir it was re registerd as 9Q-CGL in 2002, but crashed into trees when trying to take off on three engines from a 900m gravel strip in Congo in 2003! Whilst on the Polar Airways Malaga service today was British Airways Trident 3 G-AWZB. Operating until November, this aircraft was then WFU at Heathrow and broken up in June 1984.

Saturday 14th May.  The Start of the summer season saw Britannia Airways operate to Palma on a Saturday afternoon. G-BADR Boeing 737-200 operated three out of the four Saturday flights in May!! This particular aircraft stayed with Britannia until 1991, when it was sold to Glendale Leasing as CC-CSI, there the aircraft stayed until being broke up August 2006 after operating for LAN Chile, LANexpress and  finally LAN Airlines. On the lighter note!! N5134W Cessna 210 arrived from Reykjavik on 13th May, It departed to Hamburg on delivery to European Aircraft Charter on Monday 16th.

Saturday 21st May. Dan Air BAC 1-11's also operated a Palma Saturday service. Here G-ATPJ is seen entering runway 05 for departure at Teesside. G-ATPJ operated with Dan Air until late 1990 when it was returned to ILFC, It was leased to LADECO and operated with them until 1994 when it was WFU, eventually being preserved in Santiago-Los Cerilos Chile.

Thursday 26th May.  British Air Ferries Viscount G-AOYH arrived from Northolt and departed for the short hop north to Newcastle some 90 minutes later.  A couple of months later, G-AOYH was sold to Canadian operator North Cariboo Air as C-GWPY, it stayed with them until March 1985 where it headed back to the UK and was registerd to Euroair as G-BNAA. Having been on a short term lease to Tunisavia it then returned to British Air Ferries where it seen its days out until being WFU and Broken up at Southend in May 1987.

Saturday 04th June  Orion Airways  with there Boeing 737-200's where regular's in the summer of 83 at Teesside!!  G-BGTY Boeing 737-2Q8 was caught after landing on one of  the Saturday charters!! This particular aircraft was leased out on a number of occasions during the winter months to American West and Midway Airlines, heading back to Orion for the summer season's until 1988. The aircraft was then sold to the Irish leasing Company GPA as EI-BTW and leased to British Airways/GB Airways until March 1990. The Aircraft was then leased to LADECO in Chile as CC-CLD April 1990 and stayed with them until 1996, when it was transferred to LAN Chile until 1999. It was then leased to Air Caribbean as 9Y-TJG for nearly two years to 2001 where it was sold to The FSBU Bank and registered N71PW. After a years storage it headed to the Middle East as EX-006 and operated with several airlines, Global Aviation Services, Aero Asia international, phoenix Aviation and finally AVE.com, In 2006 it was registered as EX-214 to MAXavia then Iraqi Airways eventually being sold to NASAir as E3-NAS where it operates today "2009"

Monday 06th June. 3M Co were frequent visitors at Teesside with their Gulf 2s in the 1980s, Here N43M sits in the evening sun on stand 2 after arriving from Cardiff. It departed to London Heathrow mid afternoon the next day! This aircraft was last reported as WFU in 2010 and cancelled from the American Register as N901WG a shot time later!

Saturday 11th June  Dan Air played a big part at Teesside, being on schedule flights or summer IT charters!!  G-AVOE BAC 1-11 is seen here on one of the Saturday afternoon summer charters in typical North East weather!!! it was leased to Air Manchester! who's basic colours it still wore at the time of the visit!!  It operated with Dan Air until the end of the summer season 1983 then sold via BAe to Britt Airways as N390BA in June1984. After 3 years in America it was sold to Okada Air as 5N-AYS in 1987 and stopped with them until it being WFU and scrapped in 1992.

Wednesday 20th July. Three schedules and an Italian bizjet were the highlight of this afternoons visit! Genair's EMB110 Banderiante G-BHYT did the afternoon Isle of Man service, this aircraft was sold to Skycraft Air Transport in Canada and took up the marks of C-GHOY in Jan 1985, it stayed with them until being WFU in 1995 and remains derelict?. G-ARMX HS 748 operated Dan Air's evening service to Amsterdam, Air BVI leased this aircraft in November of this year and operated it until Dan Air Repossessed it in 1990, It was then WFU on return and donated to Manchester Airport Fire Service, and until recently still remained in the south west corner of the Cheshire airport.  Another dart powered classic! Herald G-ASVO was operating a charter for Guernsey Airlines, this aircraft was leased from British Air Ferries and returned to them later in the year who sold it to Channel Express in march 1992, Channel Express were the last operator of the Herald and this aircraft unfortunately had a short'ish carear with them, hitting a lamppost at Bournemouth Airport April 1997. After being broken up the nose went first to Shoreham Airport then later to Perth Airport in Scotland. As for the Italian Biz! I-CIGB Ce 501 Citation routed from Milan Bergamo and after a nightstop headed to Le Bourget.

Saturday 27th August ((Teesside Airshow))  G-BHWF  Boeing 737-200 operated the Britannia Airways flight to Palma.  In late December 1993 this aircraft was leased to Air New Zealand as ZK-NAL, then in May 2002 sold to ADC Airlines as 5N-BEE and operated with them until being WFU in may 2005 after the airline ceased operations.

Teesside 28th August  The only worthy visitor was Dan Air's BAe 146-100 G-BKHT, and was no doubt on one of the summer charters to the Sun! This aircraft operated with Dan Air until the airline was merged into British Airways July 1992! It was then sold to Paukn Air Sept 1995 as EC-969 firstly,  then to EC-GEO with Pen Air, but unfortunately crashed in Morocco Sept 1998.


Teesside 09th September Executive and Commuters were of interest on tonight's visit! F-GCTP Be 200 Super King Air arrived from Le Bourget on the 8th for a two night stay, heading back there on Saturday. Casair "the locally based Airline" PA31 Navajo G-BASU and Loganair EMB110 Banderiante G-BHHA were both on stands 2! the later arriving from Aberdeen and leaving to Dundee early evening, while OY-BEO RC690 Commander routed from Copenhagen, departing to Roskilde some 50 minutes later.


Teesside 10th September  The usual Saturday Afternoon visitor's today were Dan Air's BAe146-100 G-BKHT and G-BKWA Ce 404 Titan, Which brings in the crew for the outbound Orion Airways flight to Malaga!

Teesside 17th September  Teesside Airport's first taste of a Canadair CL600 Challenger occurred when N600JW arrived from Heathrow for a three day stay, departing back there early morning on the 18th. This particular Aircraft is still operating today (2009) from Ft Lauderdale in America as N601KK.


Teesside 25th September  PH-SAD Fk27 Friendship operated from and two Rotterdam and was parked all weekend! Having spent most of its life in the Netherlands, this aircraft was sold in Argentina as LV-WEB in Nov 1993 to Sudamericana de Aviacion, where it remains today in 2009!.


Teesside 21st October A couple of McAlpine Aviation HS125s were in on this short afternoon visit. G-BEWW & G-BKBA, Both routing from Luton to Edinburgh. Its still operating today (2009) as N440RG in America!!

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