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Teesside Airport Movements in 1984!!

Some visitors to Teesside Airport in 1984 that I've managed to photograph!!

Saturday 28th JanuaryA brief first visit of the year in the snow was rewarded by a Dan Air HS748 G-BEKE & Genair Shorts SH360 G-BKZR. Both parked for the weekend waiting for the Monday morning schedules.


Saturday 4th February G-FCAS Piper Pa27 Aztec arrived for a 2 hour stay routing from and to Tollerton.


Saturday 11th February  Teesside Aviation Society had the AGM meeting today, the highlight being a ramp tour at Teesside and entrance into all the hangers!!  But a surprise 1st type visitor "in for some crew training" was the 3 day old Britannia Airways Boeing 767-204 G-BKVZ!!!. Arriving in the new Britannia scheme from Luton as (BY767A) it hit the circuit for approximately 5 hours before heading to Manchester as (BY766). Others of interest were a couple of Genair EMB110 Bandeirante's G-BGCS & G-RVIP, Cessna 401 G-PEET which arrived from Biggin Hill lastnight, departing back there today! Of the more interesting residents were G-ROUS Piper PA34 Seneca, G-AZVS HS 125-3B "which is stored in Hanger 1 and up for sale" and G-AFGM Piper J-4A Cub, it also wares the registration N26985 and is in here for the winter months!!

Wednesday 29nd February Air UK Heralds were not a common sight at Teesside, so with the afternoon Aberdeen-Norwich (UK205) rotation being operated by them for a month it was the reason behind the visit! G-BAZJ was the aircraft operating the service while Dan Air 's G-ARMW HS748 was operating (DAN816) to Amsterdam!

Tuesday 6th March  One of the highlights of the year for me "being a old prop/jet fan" was  SP-LSD Ilyushin IL18, which routed from and to Warsaw as (LOT3021/3022) with the Warsaw Philomonic Orchestra for the start of their UK tour!

Friday 30th March  Quick early evening visit for the colourful VIP Air Falcon 10 I-CHOC! It arrived from Val Cava & departed to Le Bourget the next morning!

Wednesday 4th April  SE-IAC Piper PA31 Navajo arrived from Edinburgh lastnight, It departed Kungsangen mid afternoon and was the only worthy visitor.

Wednesday 11th April  The annual British Midland Airways Boeing 707 charter to Vienna produced G-BMAZ this year!!  Having missed the outbound charter on the 9th April "and also the bonus of nice weather" i headed up for the evening arrival of the classic jet!! It departed to Edinburgh after just an hour on the ground, whilst also "the now regular" OY-BSD Cessna 414 routed from Esbjerg to Glasgow some 30 minutes later.

Wednesday 18th April  A dull morning visit produced SE-IKD Be90 King Air which arrived from Goteburg/Save yesterday! It departed mid morning to Edinburgh while a couple of Casair's fleet "G-SATO Piper PA27 Aztec & G-WTVB Ce404 Titan" were sat waiting for there next trip! 

Thursday 3rd May  Aviaco with Douglas DC9-30's and Dan Air with Boeing 737-200's started the Alicante/Malaga flights on a Thursday afternoon. Aviaco's EC-CGN was today's visitor.

Friday 04th May The start of Spantax Boeing 737-200s to Palma got off to a good start as most of the flights were to operate under darkness!!  EC-DTR operated (BX767/768) mid afternoon today! while Air UK's FK27-200 Friendship G-BHMZ operated (UK205) Aberdeen-Norwich sector.

Monday 14th May  N289K Gulf 2 arrived from Aberdeen and after a 2 hour visit headed off to Amsterdam.

Tuesday 15th May  Teesside was a busy place in the 1970s-90s for crew training,  Here Dan Air's Boeing 727-100 G-BAFZ was present for 3 days battering the circuit!!!!

Saturday 19th May  Busy Bee FK27-200 Friendship LN-SUF arrived from East Midlands and departed to Bergen as (BS301/2), while arriving on an Mod charter was Boeing 737-200 G-BGNW in the striking new Britannia Airways Scheme.

Monday 4th June  G-WWHL Be200 Super King "operating for Peregrine" routed from and to Aberdeen as (PJ843/842).

Wednesday 13th June   A busy evening with several visitors of interest, and all nightstopping!!  OO-JPI Metro routed from at to Brussels, "while two Be90 King Air's" G-BHKS & F-BXSN routed London Heathrow to Liverpool & from and to Le Mans respectively, also "not the best shot" but OH-AYU AA5 Cheetah arrived from Southend on the 12th, departing back there 14th!

Friday 20th June  SE-IIU Be90 King Air arrived from Angelholm, departing back there early the next morning, while in from Birk was very smart BeJ35 Bonanza N8323D. It departed to Prestwick after a 10 day stay!!

Tuesday 26th June  Be200 Super King Air F-BXOL arrived from Rotterdam & departed to Le Bourget the next morning, apparently the paint scheme is meant to represent a whale!!!! "while loosing part of the paint work" G-AYOX Viscount has now had all titles removed but is still stored!

Friday 13th July  (Two Visits) "THE BAD NEWS!" The day started badly with the news that Genair had stopped operations, So Teesside lost several routes but gained another resident in the shape of G-NICE Shorts SH330 which was in Hanger 3 on maintenance at the time! "THE GOOD NEWS" A Dock strike at Teessport resulted in some classic aircraft visiting Teesside over the next several days flying out Rothmans cigarettes to Rotterdam! most doing two return trips during the day! First in was G-APEP Merchantman, but not to be outdone "Another Classic!" was the arrival of our first Convair CV990 on the Spantax (BX767/8) evening flight from and to Palma!

2nd Visit!

Monday 16th July  Another newly painted Britannia Airways Boeing 737-200! G-BAZI operated the weekly midday Palma flight today.

Tuesday 17th July  Another busy day with three classics visiting!! 2 Air Bridge Merchantman's and Heavylifts CL44-0 Conroy. My first visit of the day was  to catch up with G-APEP Merchantman arriving from Belfast departing to Rotterdam & CL44-0 which operated from and to Rotterdam! Then back up on the evening for G-APES Merchantman "which arrived from Rotterdam departing to Belfast some 90 minutes later" and OY-POW Piper PA28 Cherokee routing from Esbjerg for a 5 night stay before heading to Roskilde. 

2nd visit!  

Thursday 19th July I rushed up this evening having got news of a Jetstar N917J being in! Only to see it take off before i got to the airport! "Gutted!!" but what more than made up for it was Jet Cargo Boeing 707 N707ZS arriving from Luton! after a nightstop it headed out to Rotterdam the next morning with another load of cigarettes!

Sunday 22nd July  "The dock strike was over" but not before another Boeing 707 graced the ramp at Teesside!!!!!! TF-VLJ of Eagle Air arrived from Luton to operate to and from Rotterdam for several days shifting the back log of cigarettes.  British Midland's  FK27-200 Friendship G-BMAW was on the weekly Jersey service. G-BHXI BN2 Islander was in for from Dundee, leaving the next morning to North Denes while G-BFJR Cessna 337 routed from Coningsby to Cranfield!  

Sunday 5th August  Another smart new colour scheme at Teesside in 84!! British Air Ferries new livery was seen at Teesside for the first time when Viscount G-AOYR arrived on the 3rd from Aberdeen. Named "Viscount Aberdeen" the aircraft departed back there late evening, While on one of British Midland's Heathrow service was Viscount G-BFZL.

Saturday 15th September  SE-DDW Mu300 Diamond was a first type visit at Teesside! The aircraft routed from Malmo on the 12th, departing back there late afternoon. British Midland's Viscount G-BAPF was on the afternoon's Heathrow service.

Monday 17th September  Not a lot in today so just shot TF-VLJ Boeing 707 "Which has now got Eagle Air titles applied" and the resident Casair Cessna 404 G-PATT.


Monday 8th November  RAF BAe125 ZE395 operated from and to Northolt and was the only worthy visitor on this short mornings visit.

Saturday 15th December  Operating on British Midland' (BMA332/333) Heathrow service was KLM's Douglas DC9-15 PH-DNC.

Friday 28th December   Spacegrand Aviation DHC,6 Twin Otters are becoming a common site on the Belfast service of late! G-BGMD operated today's rotation in the murk!!!!



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