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UK Trips in the 1984!!

Some shots of aircraft from trips around the UK in 1984!

(Newcastle/Sunderland 05th February) Several hours spent on Newcastle's terminal roof  before heading home via Sunderland (Usworth) Airfield)

Newcastle Sunday 05th February  Not the best of days at Newcastle,  But on the British Airways Shuttle Services to Heathrow were Trident 3 G-AWZV and later G-AVMO BAC 1-11-500, Air Atlantique C47 Dakota G-AMCA "which was on the mail run all week"& Dan Air BAC 1-11 G-ATPL were both locked up all day while Britannia Airways Ce421 Goldern Eagle G-BRIT arrived with some crew for their next flight!.

Sunderland (Usworth) Sunday 05th February  The German Ce172 was the only worthy visitor, so just had a wonder round & shot some of the residents which included the local Parachute Centres Ce207 Skywaggon G-AYTJ.

(Edinburgh/Glasgow/Prestwick and Carlisle 17-18th March)  My first visit to Edinburgh to co inside with the Five Nations rugby, (Scotland v France), then over to Glasgow later in the day and down to Prestwick for an over night stay and back home via Carlisle the next day)

Edinburgh Saturday 17th March)  An early production Airbus A300, several Caravelle's, numerous biz and not to forget the Edinburgh schedules made the early morning start worth while! Stayed here until the French invasion stopped round 2pm then headed cross country to Glasgow!

Glasgow Saturday 17th March  The light was just started to fade, so we had a quick look around with only Loganair's DHC6 Twin Otter G-BHXG and British Airways HS748 G-BCOE to note of interest!


Prestwick Sunday 18th March   After a much needed lie in we headed down to the Airport where we seen the arrival of an Air Canada Cargo DC8-63! A couple of months later this was converted to a 73! Also N610US Boeing 747-100 of Northwest Airlines was in after another transatlantic crossing.

(Newcastle May & June)  Two visits up to Newcastle but unfortuatly both in bad weather!

Saturday 05th May

The start of the Newcastle summer season on a Saturday brought in two JAT Boeing 727-200s, Iberia A300 Airbus, Aviaco DC9 and Balkan TU154 plus the usual Dan Air, Orion Airways and Britannia Airways etc, Of which G-BKHF Boeing 737-200 was one of a couple on today's visit!

Sunday 10th June  Don't get many Boeing 707s in the north east of the UK,  This Nigeria Airways machine "5N-ABJ" was operating some Relief/Money flight!!

(Southampton & RAF Cosford Airshow 16th June)   My first flight on a Dakota!!!

Southampton Saturday 16th June.  Headed down to Southampton via London on the overnight bus for what would be my first taste of flying on a Dakota! Not much of interest on arrival at Southampton apart from "my lift" Dakota G-AMSV and an Air UK Shorts SH330 G-BKDN.

RAF Cosford Airshow Saturday 16th June.  After an hours flight onboard G-AMSV "and heading rite over Fairford" we landed at RAF Cosford.  The Airshow traffic/display wasn't that appealing to me not a being a military aircraft fan, but getting shots of the Britannia and VC10 in the museum, and a flight on a Dakota was the real reason for visiting Cosford.

(Newcastle 23rd June)

Newcastle Saturday 23rd June  Newcastle had a short series of Aeroflot TU134/TU154s charters brining in Russian miners children for a visit to the North East of the UK! Some fights doubled up with one type of each aircraft visiting, but a sole TU134 CCCP-65717 was on today's flight! There was another soviet type however today in the shape of Balkan Airlines TU154B-2 LZ-BTU on a the weekly summer charter! Others of note were Metropolitan SH330 G-BGNA, Dan Air BAe146-100 G-BKMN & Nissan's Falcon 20 G-BGOP, which was visiting with regards to Nissan buying Sunderland Airfield and building their car plant on it!

(Manchester 4th July)

Manchester Wednesday 4th July A full day at Manchester heading home via Leeds Bradford! Highlight for me was seeing the massive Guppy arrive and depart and Guernsey Airlines Viscount G-AOYG.

(A week trip down the south of the UK, Visiting London Heathrow, Luton, Elstree, Booker, Fairoaks & London Gatwick)

London Heathrow Sunday 12th August.  Several hours were spent at the end of Heathrow's Runways 27L & 27R. Nice to shoot some Tridents! Just wish I'd have taken  more of them!!!!!

Luton Monday 13th August A quick visit round the perimiter at Luton produced the following! most are residents with Nigerian HS 125 in for maintenance?

Elstree Monday 13th August  Ex National Airways BN2-111 Trislander G-BEVU was a surprise aircraft at Elstree, while GA7 Cougar N713G was waiting for the British registration to be painted on!

Booker Tuesday 14th August  The only worthy aircraft of interest was this Robinson R22 SE-HOA which was heading onto the British Register.

Fairoaks Tuesday 14th August. Not the most welcoming of airfields, but some nice inmates never the less!!  Fairoaks is always worth a visit from now on as this was my first visit! G-RIGS Aerostar and Commanders G-IBLL & G-IOOO are residents while N3126W Skyvan was ex Angolan and seemed to be passing through??

London Heathrow Wednesday/Thursday 15th/16th August  Two days at Heathrow spent on the Queens Building, The highlight for me being N790FA Boeing 707-100 and Fords BAC 1-11 G-BEJM  "which i think diverted in from Stansted due to fog?"

London Gatwick Friday 17th August  Not a lot in London Gatwick but N58GG Ce 551 Citation and the ex Philippines Government BAC 1-11 RP-C1 were the highlights along with an Aviogenex Tupolev TU134 YU-AJD.

(Newcastle 2nd September)

Newcastle Sunday 2nd September  Another visit to catch the Aeroflot charters,  CCCP-65652 Tupolev TU134 and CCCP-85491 Tupolev TU154 where joined by a British trijet in the shape of British Airways Trident 2 G-AVFL. Keeping the classic theme going was G-AMPO Dakota "devoid of titles, while N1UL Ce 501 Citation "which was in for a week" and AA's Ce 441 Conquest G-BHLP were the executive aircraft of the day.

(Farnborough SBAC Airshow 8th September)

Farnborough (SBAC) International Airshow Saturday 8th September.  First Visit to the Farnborough Airshow. Another long day but for me worth the effort to see some of the days most modern aircraft in the static or getting thrown around the sky!!

(Newcastle 6th October)

Newcastle Saturday 6th October. The last in a short series of Aeroflot flights resulted in me heading up to Newcastle for Tupolev TU154 CCCP-85397, while G-BGYJ Boeing 737-200 was on another holiday flight for Britannia Airways!

(London Heathrow 1st December)

London Heathrow Saturday 1st December. Last trip of the year saw four of us head down to London Heathrow for the day from the north east of the UK on board the overnight National Express coach!! New British Airways Boeing 737-200 G-BKYA "in experimental colours", LN-FOG Electra of Fred Olsen's & Olympic Boeing 747 SX-OAC were the highlights of otherwise a dull and very long cold day!!! 

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