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UK Trips in 2017!!

Interesting aircraft from trips around the UK in 2017!


Leeds Bradford Airport/Coney Heliport Friday 05th May 2017

     Had a nip down to Leeds Bradford Airport with it being nice weather and using runway 14, but mainly to shoot the Jet2 Boeing 737-300s before they all go and the bonus of the based Sunwing Boeing 737-800 C-FWGH that's operating for Thomson Airways.... 

Leeds Bradford Airport 05/05/2017. (15.20pm - 19.05pm)  NetJets Ce560 Citation XLS CS-DXF arrived from Humberside as (NJE525Q), Air Hamburg Ce560XLS D-CXLS arrived from Florence as (AHO672V) for a nightstop, Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-GDFH arrived from Nice as (EXS242), Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-GDFK departed to Malaga as (EXS265), NetJets EMB505 Phenom 300 CS-PHC arrived Catania as (NJE049C), KLM Embraer ERJ190 PH-EZS departed to Amsterdam as (KLM1550), Ce525 Citationjet CJ2 2-GOLF departed to Jersey, Jet2 Boeing 757-200 G-LSAG positioned out to Manchester as (EXS041A), Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELH departed to Dusseldorf as (EXS347), Loganair Saab SF340 G-LGNI arrived from Glasgow as (LOG6984/58JL) and lastly the delayed Sunwing Boeing 737-800 C-FWGH departed to Mahon as (TOM3506).

 Then a pop in to Coney Park Heliport to shoot the resident Bell UH-1H Iroquois N911DN while on the way home.



Guernsey Airport Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st May 2017.

    Had a short weekend in Guernsey for the last flights of the Aurigny BN2.III Trislander with G-BEVT doing the final weekend flights, not all went to plan though with the planned Guernsey scenic flights all being canx due to a Dornier 228 going tech, so had to draft the Trislander in to cover for the sick Dornier.... however the Alderney scenic flights did still go ahead as planned with the Trislander doing the schedualed flights between the two islands while also doing the scenic flights....  

 Saturday 20th May (09.30am - 17.30pm)

     I set off down to London Kings Cross on the last train from the North East of the UK and then jumped onto an Easybus for the hour long journey to London Gatwick, eventually getting to LGW at 3am, once their i chilled in the Airport lounge until my flight was called, which was Aurigny's only Embraer ERJ190 G-NSEY and the first flight out of the capital to Guernsey as (AUR601), lovely smooth and short flight onboard this very smart machine, which had me touching down in Guernsey in a tad over 30 minutes.  Once i passed through the terminal i went straight round to the Guernsey Aero Club where i stayed on the fantastic balcony for most of the day.. later once the weather front went through 'and not much due for a while' i decided to explore the hangers/ramps and with a lot of luck managed to get in most with some nice aircraft going in the box.. 

  Sunday 21st May 08.00am - 11.00am)

    After couple of hours on the balcony in the morning sun i headed to the Search & Rescue hanger where i was escorted in to shoot their BN2 Islander G-BEXJ, and later to the terminal for my flight back to Leeds Bradford onboard G-HUET ATR,42 as (AUR664), first time on an ATR,42, again.... a nice smooth flight and clear for most of the 75 minute flight back to the Yorkshire Airport where on arrival a Canadian Armed Forces C-17 Globemaster was sat, but unfortunately not good for a shot!!  Once through the terminal i got home via Leeds and Middlesbrough bus stations, with what was a most enjoyable weekend, shooting another classic airliner heading for a museum, "hopefully Duxford??"


Doncaster Airport, Hibaldstow and Humberside Airport Sunday 27th May 2017

       Well the beast from the east was back from last year.. Rada Airlines Ilyushin IL62 EW-450TR was departing in daylight hours this time so made the effort to catch this rare machine on the move.... The plan was an early start for the departure of the beast, then onto Hibaldstow and a pop into Humberside and finally dropping into my local DTV with the Skylive Airshow to catch up with the only aircraft of interest to me.. The Falcons Shorts Skyvan..

Doncaster Robin Hood 27/05/2017 (06.30am - 08.30am)  I certainly didn't want to miss another opportunity to shoot this in the daylight hours having missed the two arrivals and one departure of this beast back of this week, anyway EW-450TR Ilyushin IL62MGr arrived from Malta as (RDA1561) early on Friday morning, and was due to spend 24 hours on Doncaster's ramp before returning to Tripoli as (RDA1562), 'what a site and sound of this beast as she headed out with a heavy load onboard'.. Nothing else of real interest other than P4-WIN Hawker 800 on Maintenance and G-FBEM Embraer ERJ190 operating (BEE4443) to Jersey.

 Hibaldstow 27/05/2017 (09.30am - 11.00am)  Skydive has plenty of interesting aircraft here for their very busy parachute club, which included on this day two Cessna 208 Caravans.. N208AF/N105AN, and three Dornier Do28 Skyservants, D-IEDO and two ex Kenyan A/F examples HA-HIB and an unregistered one...

 Humberside 27/05/2017 (11.45am - 14.55pm)  Noteables in Humberside were the stored ex Brindabella Airlines BAe Jetstream 41's VH-XNE/E.. Coastguard/Rescue Sikorsky S92 G-MCGH, G-HUBY Embraer ERJ135 Legacy, which brought in Katy Perry for a concert in the local area, and lastly British Airways/Eastern Saab 2000 G-CDKA.


Manchester Airport Saturday 03rd June 2017

  Not been to Manchester for a couple of years now, so thought id head down to shoot some schedules and local outfits with their leased in aircraft in odd ball colours.. 

  Manchester Airport 03rd June 2017 (08.00am - 20.30pm)  Loads of new aircraft and colours kicking about at Manchester since my last visit but the more interesting included a couple of bonus aircraft which were the ALK Air MD80 LZ-DEO and the privilege Boeing 767 EC-LZO which both positioned in from Bristol after dropping passengers off for the Champions league final at Cardiff. OK-PRG Be90 King Air, EC-IDT Boeing 737-800 operating for Jet2 as (EXS...) to ??, OK-PPP Be400 Beechjet. A couple of Jet2 Airbuses, A321 G-POWN and A330-200 G-VYGL which was off to Palma as (EXS...) and lastly later on was the Iraqi Airways Airbus A320 YI-ARA operating (IAW265) from Bagdad via Malmo.


East Midlands Airport Friday 07th July

    Haven't spent any time at EMA for several years now shooting the cargo stuff, so headed straight down after work trying to catch most of the cargo flights with it being light up until 10pm.

  East Midlands 07/07/17 (16.20pm - 22.10pm)  Things got off to a slow start with only West Atlantic Boeing 737-400F G-JMCB arriving from Coventry as (NPT614P), Ce750 Citation 10 D-BUZZ departing to Venice and the day stopping Star Air Boeing 767-200F OY-SRU which arrived early morning from Belfast as (SRR6977), but things then picked up around 19.30pm with a steady stream of arrivals... DHL Boeing 767-300F G-DHLH arrived from Cincinnati as (DHL973), while Airbus A300 D-AEAG departed to Leipzig as (DHL2197). UPS Boeing 767-300F N312UP arrived from Philadelphia as (UPS237), Challenger CL605 C-FNVT arrived from ???  , West Atlantic's Boeing 737-300F G-JMCP arrived from Jersey as (NPT23H), while G-JMCV Boeing 737-400F arrived from Aberdeen as (BCS2877). ASL Airlines Boeing 737-400F EI-STM arrived from Belfast as (TAY014F), West Atlantic Boeing 737-400F G-JMCS departed to Belfast as (NPT01B), Icelandair Cargo Boeing 757-200F arrived from Keflavik as (ICE746), West Atlantic BAe ATP SE-MAO arrived from Guernsey as (SWN022B), Star Air Boeing 767-300F OY-SRU arrived from Edinburgh as (SRR6565), another West Atlantic BAe ATP SE-MHD arrived from Isle of Man as (SWN521), 'not to be outdone by the cargo' Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELY arrived from Malaga as (EXS6MG), ASL Airlines Boeing 737-400F HA-FAU arrived from Shannon as (TAY2939), DHL Boeing 757-200F G-BIKZ arrived from Edinburgh as (BCS2135), EI-STN Boeing 737-400F of ASL Airlines arrived as (TAY2135) from Belfast, and lastly Primera Air/Jet2 Boeing 737-800 OY-PSA arrived from Palma as (EXS604)


Leeds Bradford Saturday 22nd July

    A couple of charters and the Sunwing/Thomson 737-800 change warranted a blast down Leeds Bradford for a few hours on the Saturday afternoon....

  Leeds Bradford 22/07/17 (15.10pm - 20.00pm)  With not much wind at Leeds today arrivals/departures were using both ends of the runway which made things difficult for decent landing shots, so i decided to stay at the mid point until the arrival of the Trade air FK100 later which was on runway 14....  anyway Thomson/TUI changed the Sunwing Boeing 737-800 to C-FEAK which arrived from Palma as (TOM3619), "five from Jet2" Boeing 737-300s first G-GDFH from Naples as (EXS366), G-CELF arrived from Palma as (EXS230), G-CELG arrived from Jersey as (EXS176) and G-CELK departed to Faro as (EXS247) while Boeing 757 G-LSAB arrived from Faro as (EXS252), two Embraer executives in were, D-CASH Phenom 300 which headed to Durham Tees Valley as (AHO297A) and arriving from Kos was Legacy 500 N721EE, Balkan Holidays Airbus A320 LZ-BHG routed from and to Bourgas as (BHH5569/70), and Trade Air Fokker Fk100 9A-BTD arrived from Innsbruck as (TDR103), and lastly in the Ryanair/Dreamliner/Boeing house colours was Boeing 737-800 EI-DCL departing to Dublin as (RYR157)..


Newcastle Sunday 6th August.

   A quick blast up for a couple of interesting movements this afternoon in the dull weather........

    Newcastle 06/08/2017 (14.00pm - 15.15pm) Showing signs of its ex operator Dniproavia, Enhance Aero Group Embraer ERJ145 F-HFKC arrived from Verona yesterday as (SVB480) with Hellas Verona FC who were playing Newcastle United today. BD700 Global 5000 N103ZZ arrived lastnight from Beijing. Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-GDFE arrived from Malaga as (EXS558). Easyjet (Venezia Livery) Airbus A319 G-EZDW arrived from Bristol as (EZY566). Emirates Boeing 777-300 A6-EBH operated the (UAE036) Dubai service and lastly Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELX arrived from Rome as (EXS538).











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